China’s Tightening of Citizenship Starts as HK-actor Nicholas Tse Applied to Relinquish His Dual Citizenship with Canada and Same with Young Actor Chen Fei Yu With His US Citizenship to Continue Working in China

I write about dramas and industry not just in Korea but also covering Taiwan, Japan, and Mainland China so the recent uptick in articles on the latter is solely because so much wild stuff is happening there some of which are just alarming. In addition to the recent 8-points memo from the Chinese broadcasting authorities to reorganize C-ent on television, consumption, and fan culture, the government is also cracking down on foreign citizenship. The Restriction on Citizenship order is reportedly issued and decrees that no foreign citizens can work in C-ent and make money in C-ent. This is intended to curb both foreign stars from coming over but more importantly force C-stars with dual citizenship to pick a side. Immediately came news that HK-star Nicholas Tse, son of HK veteran legend Patrick Tse and of course himself a top star, has filed to relinquish his Canadian citizenship. Also young C-actor Chen Fei Yu who debuted as the lead of period drama Ever Night and is the son of top Chinese director Chen Kaige who directed Farewell My Concubine, has filed to relinquish his US citizenship. The Wu Yi Fan scandal shed light on the dual citizenship of many stars since he was a Canadian citizen so the Chinese government is also trying end that optionality for its stars. Basically if you want to make Chinese money then you’re going to have to pick a side, the China side.

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The Exes Weigh in on the Epic Reunion Romance of Faye Wong and Nic Tse

The confirmed¬†Nicholas Tse–Faye Wong reunion train has left the station and is understandably gaining steam. It seems like everyone whether HK-C-TW entertainers or the public has something to say about it. The yay team think it’s uber-romantic that a pair … Continue reading