Faye Wong and Li Ya Peng’s Daughter Li Yan Makes Public Debut on Instyle China Giving Thanks

It’s a beautiful and proud moment to see a young girl, in the limelight from the moment she was born due to the fame of her parents, step forward on her own accord and with such confidence. 12-year old Li Yan is most famous for being the daughter of HK superstar songstress Faye Wong and her now ex-husband C-actor Li Ya Peng, and also for being born with a very severe congenital cleft lip that the tabloids covered extensively. She’s received multiple corrective surgeries, the most recent this year, and her parents are involved in the cleft lip charitable foundation to fund surgeries for impoverished children around the world. Not everyone can have the full range of medical treatment like Li Yan so it’s great to see her confident in being in the limelight despite her condition. Last year she walked the cat walk in Paris for a kids brand fashion show and is reportedly quite the fashionista like her mom, and has inherited her mom’s lithe willowy frame and long limbs. She makes her China debut on the cover of Instyle China in a spread titled Thanks All Giving, so it’s apropos that she gets a post here to remind us all to be thankful for everything we have rather than what we lack. Continue reading

The Exes Weigh in on the Epic Reunion Romance of Faye Wong and Nic Tse

The confirmed¬†Nicholas Tse–Faye Wong reunion train has left the station and is understandably gaining steam. It seems like everyone whether HK-C-TW entertainers or the public has something to say about it. The yay team think it’s uber-romantic that a pair … Continue reading