Vanness Wu Returns to Dramas in First Period Role in The Princess Weiyoung with Tang Yan and Luo Jin

I’m not holding my breath that this casting triumvirate will work out, but the one outlier piques my interest the most because the other two are so been there done that. Filming has started on period C-drama The Princess Weiyoung (锦绣未央 Jin Xiu Wei Young) based on the C-novel The Bastard Daughter is Poisonous (庶女有毒). The novel is not for the faint of heart since the first half has the Candy-esque illegitimate daughter suffering and the second half has her turning into stone cold vengeance on those who have wronged her.

Starring seemingly ubiquitous C-actress Tang Yan as the titular Weiyoung, her casting got decent feedback because she’s not playing a damsel in distress this time after so many such outings. But I was disappointed to see the leading man role go to C-actor Luo Jin because this will mark his fourth drama pairing with Tang Yan. Luckily TW-actor Vanness Wu is making a huge acting leap by starring in his first period drama and playing the ultimate baddie in the drama. Thanks for shaking up the joint, Vanness, and welcome back after such a long acting hiatus.


Vanness Wu Returns to Dramas in First Period Role in The Princess Weiyoung with Tang Yan and Luo Jin — 7 Comments

  1. Totally agree!!!! I like both Tang Yan and LJ’s pairing….but seriously she just finished her last drama with him. We all could use a break.

  2. I quite like this genre of novels. It sounds silly but it makes for good entertainment. There are tons of books with the exact same synopsis lol.

  3. Oh for heaven’s sake, them again?? Its so tiring to see the same couple over and over again and every time I can’t skip because of one reason or another. Last time it was Rain, now it’s Vanness. Happy anyway that he’s coming back! I’m not sure why he stopped acting after all the success of Autumn’s Concerto. He’s not the best but I have a huge soft spot for him.

    • I know right =). they could have put Vaness as the lead Damn !

      Anyway, I like vaness caharacter here he looks bad ass but deep inside he is a good person.

      Like Wang So on Scarlet heart.

  4. I love that Vanness is back into acting! Seeing him in the episodes of 爸爸去哪儿3 filmed in 横店 just made me crave a period drama with him in it, and now it’s coming true! Seeing him play the antagonist will just be great to watch.

    And although I like Tang Yan, she really is everywhere, and I’m a bit tired of seeing her all the time. She just keeps filming project after project. Does she let herself take any breaks?

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