Tang Yan Breaks From Candy Roles as Filming Starts on C-drama The Princess Weiyoung


I’m fairly curious about next year period C-drama The Princess Weiyoung (Jin Xiu Wei Yang), based on a non-typical Candy female lead C-novel called The Bastard Daughter is Poisonous. The drama finished casting last week with Tang Yan as the titular female lead, reuniting with multi-drama male lead Luo Jin, but rounding our the cast with fresher faces in Vanness Wu as the second male lead and rising C-actress Mao Xiaotong as the second female lead. I haven’t read the novel so if the typical adaptation tweaks to the story happens I wouldn’t even know, other than the central set up ought to remain the same – the female lead is a bastard daughter who sacrifices and suffers for her family, only to be betrayed by everyone around her including her husband, so she comes back from a near death experience and turns into a total vengeance queen who enacts ice cold revenge on everyone who wronged her. For Tang Yan this is a huge break from her recent years playing sweet Candy characters and that’s a turnaround I’m happy to check out. Continue reading