Divorce Rumors Hit Both Liu Shi Shi and Tang Yan on Heel of C-actress Divorces with Angelababy, Yang Mi, and Zhao Li Ying

Sometimes I feel that relationships can doom itself, if there are just too many naysayers and also a constant stream of feedback from the outside world. It needn’t be only for famous people, even relatives and friends can talk a relationship to a self-fulfilling demise. The recent years’ spate of C-ent divorces has netizens and C-ent paying extra attention to the few that are still married, namely Liu Shi Shi to Nicky Wu and Tang Yan with Luo Jin. Those two actresses are part of the Four Dan (four actresses) including Yang Mi and Zhao Li Ying, and those two got divorced in recent years and were in marriages with similar famous actor husbands. So C-netizens are scouring for signs that the two other marriages may be in danger and last week there was a rumor that Nicky and Shi Shi are planning to divorce next month. His agency threatened legal action for spreading unfounded rumors and both issued a statement this week that their very happy and please stop discussing their private life. As for Tang Yan and Luo Jin, rumors are also there that he’s cheating on her with actress Li Yi Tong after doing a drama together but none of the involved parties have made any statement. I am a firm believer that divorce is okay if a couple are not happy together but otherwise let’s let stars just handle their own marriages privately.

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First Character Posters of Movie Version of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms

The first character posters are out for the C-movie adaption of popular romance novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms. The C-movie has the English title Once Upon a Time while the C-drama which aired early this year … Continue reading

C-stars Out in Glamorous Force at the 2017 Chinese Drama Awards

It’s the annual Chinese Drama Awards in Beijing and this year’s gala including plenty of popular and familiar faces of C-ent. 2016 was a decent year for C-dramas though nothing hooked me quite like Nirvana in Fire did in 2015 … Continue reading

The Princess Weiyoung Costars Tan Yang and Luo Jin Confirm Relationship with Throwback Childhood Picture Together

Happy tidings and well wishes are pouring forth as Chinese entertainment was hit with the soft lob of a love rocket. C-actress Tang Yan and C-actor Luo Jin have confirmed long running suspicion/fanship dream of a romantic relationship, making it Tang … Continue reading

Tang Yan Breaks From Candy Roles as Filming Starts on C-drama The Princess Weiyoung

I’m fairly curious about next year period C-drama The Princess Weiyoung (Jin Xiu Wei Yang), based on a non-typical Candy female lead C-novel called The Bastard Daughter is Poisonous. The drama finished casting last week with Tang Yan as the … Continue reading