First Teaser for Madame Antoine Shows Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul Facing Off


The end of the year is here and that means the January K-dramas are just around the corner. jTBC‘s upcoming romance drama Madame Antoine doesn’t premiere until towards the end of January on the 22nd, but the drama has been doing a swell job of releasing posters and pictures, and this week dropped the first teaser preview. Starring Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon, the drama tackles fortune telling crossed with psychology, which makes sense since the former really plugs into the latter in divining the future less as a supernatural ability and more the intuitive ability to read a person. The teaser presents the OTP set up and gives a glimpse of the chemistry between the leads, which looks potentially electric based on the high level of smug and self-assured smirking from both.

Teaser for Madame Antoine:


First Teaser for Madame Antoine Shows Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul Facing Off — 8 Comments

  1. Sung Joon has certainly come a long way from Lie to Me!!!! This looks so deliciously fun, getting a quirky and cute, bickering romance vibe! Can’t wait for its release!

  2. Hope this won’t be like High society. SJ had a visible chemistry with UEE in the teasers but we saw nothing of it in the actual drama /:
    well HYS is more likeable so maybe it will work, rather than that i think he has more chemistry with older actresses, like KSY in INR3 and JYM in discovery of love.

  3. Im still half-half on checking this drama out. The mess that is High Society is seriously leaving me with a sour taste for the leads. Including Sung Joon, i never really got his hype but i do understand it for a certain extent and HS totally make me got an allergy. lol. Didnt like the second female lead (too squeaky for some reason), my normal and likable tolerance with even UEE (due to Hogu Love + OB) almost faded off too. I always keep in mind that the writing is the main problem though, that’s why it’s quite stand off-ish at the first place.

    I will wait for at least 10 episodes and see the review before checking it out.

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