Episode 9 of Marry Me or Not Throws the OTP into Danger and Out Comes the Romantic Breakthrough

At a scheduled 15 episodes, and all pre-filmed in advance, TW-drama Marry Me or Not has the best pacing of any drama I’ve watched all year. There is no lagging or flagging as the story goes from a stroll to a brisk walk in a natural pace that has the events and emotions building fluidly. Episode 9 continued with the great reveals, including finding out what Huan Huan has been keeping from former bestie Sheng Nan regarding high school crush Jiang Qian Yao.

I really want to root more for the secondary romance but he’s not making it easy to like him, even for someone as shrieky and emotionally immature as Sheng Nan. Luckily the OTP had a major breakthrough, spurred on by wholly fictional danger, but it’s believable that Huan Huan and Justin will finally see the forest beyond the trees and admit their feelings for each other. It’s time for a reset and I can’t wait for episode 10 to dial their romance back up to combustible.

Preview for episode 10:


Episode 9 of Marry Me or Not Throws the OTP into Danger and Out Comes the Romantic Breakthrough — 10 Comments

  1. Just watched episode 9. I am loving the romance so far, but the siblings are completely stealing the show imo. They are so in sync that they are hilarious to watch, that scene when they were tailing Huan Huan was so funny!

    Also, I am glad they Huan Huan and Justin finally let go of their pride to confess to each other, especially since Huan Huan did so first. Love her growth throughout the show. I see hurdles for them in the preview, his mum and that new girl but they should be able to tackle them.

    Thanks Ms Koala for the preview, your site is the only place i can talk about this show..

    • TECHNICALLY< *Justin* confessed first, just barely. She said "Would a friend do all those thing? why is it so hard for you to admit you like me", etc., and he ran after her and said "I admit everything you just said". I count that as a tie, but he was the first to admit the obvious.

      • I actually thought Justin already confessed an episode or two ago when he tried to win her back after everything was exposed.

    • True but the reason i discounted that was because he then messed it up by saying that he hated feeling that way *major facepalm*…whereas she sincerely confessed when she was wrapping up his hand (and watch) after he got injured. But yeah i am just happy they are becoming more sincere with each other.

  2. Just watching the preview makes me happy! These two just have so much chemistry together, they make u feel giddy when they are just talking!

  3. Great drama! loved ep 9 but i feel now the shit is going to hit the house with his mum esp..i had a feeling HH and SN won’t reconcile right away but i think shenj nan will be suspicous of qian yue.

    I agree, it’s hard to root for the secondary couple since he is so shady, it looks like he likes SN but on the other hand he uses HH for his purposes..

  4. I’ve never been engrossed in TW dramas as I’m used to watching Kdramas and Americans series more but this show has really caught my attention. I just accidentally came across of a short clip of the ‘hot spring’ scene on Viki. I thought it was really interesting based on their facial reactions so I gave it a try. I was on a long vacay too so, no biggie. But, I ended up disappointed because I didn’t know that it’s currently airing so I had to endure the agony of waiting for the next episode. It was the most excruciating feeling for me. I fell in love with the lead characters. They had so much chemistry on-screen. Roy Qui is the handsomest man in my eyes right now. He’s drop-dead gorgeous!!!

    Good thing, Office Girls saved me from the emotional burden brought by MMON. When I figured out they acted on another drama before this, I never hesitated to watch it even if it was the longest asian drama series I’ve seen ever! There were like 40 episodes equivalent to 2 KDRAMAS already. And YES I finished it in just 2 days. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen. I only stopped when my eyes would give up on me.

    It was actually a cliche lovestory between two people from different worlds who fall in love with each other but I don’t care. They’re really good at it and the actors have given justice to their roles. I enjoyed every bit of it. I cried, laughed, and gushed over their oozing tandem. I’m a fan now of Roy and Alice. I hope they’ll date for real.

    I’m really excited for the upcoming episodes of Marry Me or No although, Alice plays a complete opposite role from her previous drama. As for Roy, he looks even hotter LOL

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