TW-ent Abuzz with Breaking Gossip that Ruby Lin and Jerry Yan are Dating

Woah baby, thank you TW-ent for ending 2015 on the juiciest dating rumor from that industry all year. Tabloid King Next Magazine is claiming that top stars Ruby Lin and Jerry Yan are an item! Holy momma whut? The report follows the two at a gathering of many top Taiwan stars earlier this month, where Jerry was being his usual antisocial self at the party until Ruby showed up much later into the evening. She greeted all the elders politely before sitting down next to Jerry and then the two proceeded to get all animated together with all the smiles and toasting and general jovial hanging out, leaving all the guests agape at the surprising behavior. When the night wound down, both walked to a taxi together and got in a taxi together and exited at outside her luxury residence building. If they are indeed a couple then we have a new Taiwanese star power couple by a long shot!

I’m super cool with Ruby and Jerry dating, if they indeed are an item. Taiwanese media remains fixated on Jerry and his ex-girlfriend top model Lin Chi Ling getting back together, despite it being years and years since they dated, and neither has evidenced any interest to be a couple again even if they speak highly and fondly of each other. As for age difference, Ruby is 39 and Jerry 37, so she’s just two years older than him. I’m totally going to keep my eyes peeled for updates on this juicy dating news! I doubt personality wise they are a good match but good for them if they are indeed dating and having a good time.


TW-ent Abuzz with Breaking Gossip that Ruby Lin and Jerry Yan are Dating — 16 Comments

    • Yes, we believe Jerry and Ruby are a good fit for one another. Ruby has a jolly, relaxing attitude which could boost the personality of our quiet Jerry.

  1. Sorry, don’t know both of them, but the guy looks like a homeless in his private attire. To think, that folks always diss SJS wearing casual outfits in his free time. This look here is ridiculous. :/

  2. Isn’t he dating some model though? And his reps denied this rumour, saying he went to visit Vic Zhou&Reen Yu who live in the same building as Ruby Lin.

  3. I agree @newbie lol! I’m an F4 fan though. I’ll always love them! Congrats to both of them if this rumor is true. High time for Jerry to get married.

  4. Thank you so much, dear Koala’s Playground for this sharing . . . Jerry Yan and Ruby Lin are both single, mature and responsible; there is nothing wrong for them to know each other more and to go out together. Both of them are all successful in their career. They shared the same month of birth, Jerry is January 1 (39), Ruby is January 27 (40). For us, the fans of Jerry and Ruby here in Canada and in the USA, we believe that they are a good match and have a perfect chemistry for each other. Both of them shared the same love for acting, singing and charitable works . . . We have been following the career of Jerry and Ruby for sometime now. We wish them well and a healthy relationship . . They are now in their stage of choosing the right person . .

  5. It is indeed one juicy gossip to end the year!! And just like you, I’ll be looking out for updates very closely 😉 I’m so sick of the Jerry-LCL fiasco already so I’m all for this new pairing!

    • Thank you so much, dear Marian for your thoughts on how this news end the year 2015. Our fans group did not know LCL as linked to Jerry. So, like you; we are really excited about Jerry and our dear Ruby! We are only 2 years into Chinese/Taiwanese movies and tv series.
      Have a Happy, Prosperous New Year, Marian. Feliz Ano Nuevo! Muchas gracias to all – who wrote their comments here.

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