Tang Yan Breaks From Candy Roles as Filming Starts on C-drama The Princess Weiyoung


I’m fairly curious about next year period C-drama The Princess Weiyoung (Jin Xiu Wei Yang), based on a non-typical Candy female lead C-novel called The Bastard Daughter is Poisonous. The drama finished casting last week with Tang Yan as the titular female lead, reuniting with multi-drama male lead Luo Jin, but rounding our the cast with fresher faces in Vanness Wu as the second male lead and rising C-actress Mao Xiaotong as the second female lead. I haven’t read the novel so if the typical adaptation tweaks to the story happens I wouldn’t even know, other than the central set up ought to remain the same – the female lead is a bastard daughter who sacrifices and suffers for her family, only to be betrayed by everyone around her including her husband, so she comes back from a near death experience and turns into a total vengeance queen who enacts ice cold revenge on everyone who wronged her. For Tang Yan this is a huge break from her recent years playing sweet Candy characters and that’s a turnaround I’m happy to check out.


Tang Yan Breaks From Candy Roles as Filming Starts on C-drama The Princess Weiyoung — 4 Comments

  1. I think Chinese period dramas always have nice costumes and accessories. Very modern and stylish but have the ancient vibe to it.

  2. Chinese Period costumes and dress are dope and million times better then korean especially the Joeson era dresscode absolutely suck. I don’t understand how a country can go backyard in dressing from the awesome Goryeo Era dresscodes to Joeson era? what happened? it didn’t made sense to me.

    Goryeo era dresscode was ultra awesome but joeson costumes were disgrace especially these long cowboy hats ruined everything

  3. I read the novel because of tang yan, but i think the drama will be pretty different from the novel, since the main lead in the novel will be with another lead according to baidu… Hiash…

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