Ji Sung Wins the Daesang at the 2015 MBC Year End Drama Awards

 saaA big thanks to MBC for starting off the year end drama awards procession off right. The network was first of the big three to hold it’s drama awards and this year managed to not screw things up or piss audiences off. Ji Sung walked home with the Daesang (Grand Prize), capping off on a high note what has been a disappointing year of getting shafted at various awards for his incredible performance in Kill Me Heal Me. His costar Hwang Jung Eum was the other big winner of the night, taking home Top Excellence, Director’s Award, and Popularity.

The network passed around awards like candy all night, with most of the big stars who did a moderate to successful drama this year winning some sort of kudos, and even a catchall category called 10 Stars awards for ten well-known actors and actresses. Sadly the fashion was so uninspiring, with nearly all the ladies in solid colors of red, white, or black, with zero patterns or risk taking to be seen. The ceremony had tons of laughter (such as win Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon won best couple for KMHM) and tears (when Ji Sung won the Daesang). Check out the full list of winners below along with the safe fashion parade.

Kim Jung Eun

Park Seo Joon

Kim Sung Ryung

Park Yoo Hwan

Yoo Yeon Seok

Do Sang Woo

Lee Soo Hyuk

Lee Yoo Bi

Oh Hyun Kyung

KIm Yoo Jung

Kang Sora

Im Shi Wan

Han Sunhwa

Ji Soo

Park Hana and Kim Eun Tak

Yoon Hyun Min

Song Chang Ui

Park Se Young

Hwang Jung Eum

Jung Jin Young

Baek Jin Hee

Lee Sung Kyung and Shin Dong Yub

Yoon Park


Jung Hye Sung

Go Sung Hee

Winners List:

Daesang: Ji Sung (Kill Me, Heal Me)
Drama of the Year: Kill Me, Heal Me
Top Excellence Actor (Miniseries): Ji Sung (Kill Me, Heal Me)
Top Excellence Actress (Miniseries): Hwang Jung Eum (Kill Me, Heal Me)
Top Excellence Actor (Long Drama): Song Chang Eui (Make a Woman Cry)
Top Excellence Actress (Long Drama): Kim Jung Eun (Make a Woman Cry)
Top Excellence Actor (Special Drama): Jung Jin Young (Glamorous Temptation)
Top Excellence Actress (Special Drama): Jun In Hwa (Legendary Witch/My Daughter Geum Sa Wol)
Excellence Actor (Miniseries): Park Seo Joon (Kill Me, Heal Me/She Was Pretty)
Excellence Actress (Miniseries): Kang So Ra (Warm and Cozy)
Excellence Actor (Long Drama): Park Young Gyu (Mom)
Excellence Actress (Long Drama): Choi Hwa Yun (Mom)
Excellence Actor (Special Drama): Sohn Chang Min (My Daughter Geum Sa Wol)
Excellence Actress (Special Drama): Oh Hyun Kyung (Legendary Witch)
Best Supporting Actress (Miniseries): Hwang Suk Jung (She Was Pretty)
Best Supporting Actor (Miniseries): Kim Hee Won (Angry Mom)
Best Supporting Actor (Special Drama): Kim Ho Jin (Glamorous Temptation)
Best Supporting Actress(Special Drama): Kim Soo Mi (Legendary Witch)
Best Supporting Actor( Long Drama): Lee Moon Shik (Mom)
Best Supporting Actress (Long Drama): Lee Bo Hee (Apgujeong Midnight)
Best Couple: Ji Sung/Park Seo Joon (Kill Me, Heal Me)
Popularity Male: Park Seo Joon
Popularity Female: Hwang Jung Eum
Director’s Award: Hwang Jung Eum
Best Screenwriter: Jo Sung Hee (She Was Pretty), Ha Chung Wook (Make a Woman Cry)
Best Child Actor: Kim Ji Young, Yoon Chan Young
Best New Actor (Long Drama): Kang Eun Tak (Apgujeong Midnight)
Best New Actress (Long Drama): Park Hana (Apgujeong Midnight)
Best New Actor (Special Drama): Yoon Hyun Min (My Daughter Geum Sa Wol)
Best New Actress (Special Drama): Lee Sung Kyung (Flower of the Queen)
Best New Actor (Miniseries): Lee Soo Hyuk (Scholar Who Walks the Night)
Best New Actress (Miniseries): Lee Yoo Bi (Scholar Who Walks the Night)

10 Stars Award
Kim Sung Ryung
Cha Seung Won
Lee Jun Ki
Park Seo Joon
Hwang Jung Eum
Ji Sung
Kim Hee Sun
Kim Yoo Jung
Yoo Yeon Seok
Baek Jin Hee


Ji Sung Wins the Daesang at the 2015 MBC Year End Drama Awards — 42 Comments

    • I was streaming on MBC Drama Awards and was wondering for awhile why some people are saying Ninja Sooyoung is delivering an award. It turns out she attends KBS Gayo at the same time. I like her dress in KBS Gayo too~


  2. Kim Jung Eun was so bad in “Make a Woman Cry,” I can hardly imagine less deserving award winner. (actually there was another one undeserving – Kim Tae-Hee for Yong Pal.) The two have something in common. They are both wooden in their so called acting.

    Congratulations to all the winners, esp. those who deserve the awards.

  3. Wow!This is the AWARD that have deserving and truly outstanding winners. Congrats to Ji Sung and KMHM team. 101% satisfaction:) Thank you very much, MBC!

  4. This award ceremony was all about Ji Sung! Because he won, we’re all happy fangirls who can yawn at SBS/MBC drama awards. Thank you MBC for blessing me with Ji Sung/Park Seo Joon best couple, best ship ever. Congrats to Hwang Jeum Eum as well, she deserves her awards no matter how some people claim she sucks. Taste differs, but I can’t with some people turning to acting experts and “everyone is not that great”. She’s good.

  5. Finally!!! Thank you, MBC for the Best (and perhaps the most peculiar)Couple Award in the history of TV shows. Ji Sung was the man with 7 different faces and he was surely worth the Daesang 🙂
    2015 is almost over and yet we’re still amazed by Ahn Yo-na’s naughty smile beside “her” beloved oppa. The perfect scene by far! 🙂

  6. Watched it live and was so happy to see him win. Seems like many who didnt win anything didnt turn up. Dont tell me it’s the same case as music awards whr stars dont turn up if they didnt win anything. Yest’s awards seemed less star studded tbh.

  7. Oh my…. I’m so happy for Ji Sung. He really deserved it. I was so sad he didn’t get loves from other awards ceremony but that’s okay since he got so much loves in MBC drama awards. Congrats for Kill Me Heal Me and team. They got so much big win.

    MBC drama year awards is better than MBC entertainment awards few days ago where for one category they gave for 4 or more person just to divide all the awards to whole casts in their programs XD.

  8. Congratulation for Ji Sung! You deserved to won daesang.
    But is sad when only Jun Jing Yung whos come to this ceremony. No one from Monday-Tuesday drama attend this award. Maybe they dissapointed with MBC. How come they give 10 star for Cha Seung Won for his great acting in Hwajung? And why give 10 Star to actor and actress whos already won in another chategory. If this award gift, it s too much. Why dont they give that star to Ji Soo or Yoon Park who didnt get any awards?

  9. Such a deserving win for Jisung, who worked through even losing his voice during this drama. I cried when Hwang Jungeum started crying during Jisung’s speech. Though a huge amount of work went into bringing KMHM onscreen, what we saw onscreen was sheer, awe-inspiring teamwork and enjoyment. I’ve never seen an actor and actress build off each other so well. There’s usually one who’s slightly better than the other, but Hwang Jungeum has more than proven that she can hold her own. Her and Ji Sung deserve every accolade they’ve received.


  11. Yay!!!! I knew the kill me, heal me series was great! Ji sung’s acting in it was so incredible. I have re watched that series 4 times already. I was so happy to see it sweep away so many awards. Congratulations to the actors, very well deserved!!!!

  12. YES, FINALLY!! (Thankfully, Kim Soo Hyun didn’t have an MBC drama.. or did he?)

    Even if the awards were distributed like candies, I’m just happy to see that Ji Sung got some deserved recognition. Although almost all award ceremonies more or less has their own agendas, nothing beats winning in one haha

  13. Baek Jin Hee in a sea of unflattering cuts that age people, bad colors and whites; your white, cut, styling, and everything is gorgeous. She looks like a really beautiful bride.

    Congrats to Ji Sung and others put what’s the point of an award(s) when everyone gets something for any old effort. It feels like every year more and more categories are being added so no one goes home empty handed. Doesn’t that kind of take from the awarding?

  14. At last our lovely ji sung got what he deserves! his performance in KMHM was top notch! i was so glad when i read he won the daesung and was very amused by his couple award with PSJ lol. they were so funny at the speech..happy for HJE too, she was great in both her dramas in my opinion, same with PSJ. KMHM indeed deserves many awards since i can say now it was the best MBC drama in 2015.

    Glad for kang sora for her award. at least she got somethhing from the warm and cozy mess. too bad YYS didn’t get anything.

    I knew that SWWTN won’t get some serious awards but at least LYB and LSH got something..

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