Official First Preview for Descendants of the Sun Showcases Action Scenes Aplenty

I see Descendants and I see some sun this time, lol! The first official preview is here for upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama Descendants of the Sun, written by famed screenwriter Kim Eun Seok and starring Song Joong Ki in his first drama since military discharge opposite Song Hye Kyo. The production was financed with tons of investor money and mostly filmed on location overseas in Greece, standing in for a fictional war torn and disaster ridden Eastern European country.

I’m repeating all this to explain how high profile this drama is, and how some are looking for it to fail while others are praying it can live up to the hype. I feel the latter but am girded for the former to occur, since hype is inevitably hard to match and because so far I feel nothing from leading lady Song Hye Kyo in all her scenes when she just looks blank and distant while Song Joong Ki emotes all around her. Even second leads Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won got my interest up more even in their one second glimpse in the preview. At least this time we see explosions, guns, disasters to avert, and medical skills put to the test rather than random flirting scenes.

First preview for Descendants of the Sun:


Official First Preview for Descendants of the Sun Showcases Action Scenes Aplenty — 52 Comments

  1. OK, this looks so disappointing! I can see they’ve tried to make an Hollywood movie, but they’ve failed big times. I dont feel anything from SHK, she looks so bland and dull here. I almost wished Kim Ji Won was the leading lady.

  2. On the other hand, Kim Woo Bin and Suzy their drama looks so much interesting! The first teaser is already out! And they’ve chemistry!

      • + 26456657

        I can already tell that KWB and Suzy fans are going to be really insufferable and annoying about this drama, and it’s not even airing until June.

        It was literally a 10 sec teaser, how can you tell what the quality and chemistry will be like? LOL.

      • @NotThisAgain ,they were already annoying before those two worked together and they’re even more annoying combined.

        I watched the teaser and there’s nothing to boost about ,just have to wait for a better quality one .but I’m guessing it’s going to be

        -high school lovers
        – gets into accident
        -memory most likely going to be lost
        -fast forward years later
        -they meet each other again ,and it’s a love hate relationship
        -they fall in love ,


  3. I didn’t even notice Jin Goo the first time around and all I got from Kim Ji Won is that she’s just like the other 95% of korean actresses that sport perfect heavy makeup even when it’s not appropriate for the character, perfect “baby eyebrows” included, so I fail to see how much more interesting~ they are compared to SHK, at this point I just think it’s a general dislike for her and her previous works. And I, for one, enjoyed the preview.

      • Hmmmm, Are they critiquing her acting skills or her personal life? So far, they’re talking about her low quality or lack there of as far as acting.

    • Me feel the same — for all the main actor and actress in this. Their make up and appearance just too perfect for someone who’s in duty at warzone.

      Can’t the production team put some more natural make up on them? Little dirt and sunburn makeup won’t hurt the already pretty face of them.

  4. This teaser brought my hopes up a lot!! But l guess anything can go up from Heirs with the terrible acting, terrible storyline, and terrible Engrish… The cinematography looks good here with the background music, and I seriously think I can stare at Song Joong Ki doing anything. His eyes, which are always emoting, just seem to draw me in effortlessly.

  5. Okay so first of YAY for finally releasing a proper trailer instead of the boring part of the drama imho. I really don’t care much for the love story. But I saw at least a little bit acting from SHK… it’s mediocre and she has her moments where she can only look pretty but I have hopes. SJK is always intense but I don’t see this drama as a huge challenge as he is playing a soldier. xD

    Anyways… I think it will live up to its hype. Firstly of all it needs to because this drama cost way too much money to fail. And secondly even if it turns out to be a vanilla drama people will say it’s brilliant and perfect. Hyped books aren’t necessarily good books, hyped movies aren’t necessarily good movies and same goes for tv shows aka k-dramas.

    I will definitely check it out but I have no expectations other than KBS playing it save. 🙂

  6. Wow, I can’t believe how ppl were already judging SHK’s acting by this a few seconds trailer. She has never been disappointed to me in any of her dramas or movies. Then I saw the comments here, it makes me wonder, have those ppl actually watched any of her previous works or just decided to blindly agree with Koala?! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At least watch the drama first before you criticize someone’s work. For me, I’m looking forward to this drama to start. It looks great.

  7. i wonder here why a small portion people judge abouy skill acting og shk???did you evet watch all her drama???i doubt!!
    cmon guys, ur watching first and the comment!!
    u must be objective and not just becaouse of envy and jealousy ur not objective *sigh”

    DOTS fighting!!!

    song couple fighting!!!! huhuhuhu

  8. Yeah, looking at the bombastic budget, I really hope this will be a success in term of popularity, regardless of its quality. The result of big budget projects went to hell can be another hell; actors and staffs unpaid, director suicide….

  9. lol the trailer dont excit me at those who watch a lot of action movie or series a lot,when watching these it feels like an action series or movie done wrong.and what they say about shk acting is true it feel like she now new in the acting world which is a shame because she has been in these business for so long.i was surprise by uncontrable fondly tesear it feel way better than i could have thought even with all the k drama tropes we definitely looking forward to this one.the first drama in 2016 that am really looking forward to.

  10. I thought this long trailer might finally do some justice to a very hyped drama but I was wrong. The whole thing looks too sanitized for a depiction of UN peacekeeping troops at the forefront of conflicts. I see that they didn’t learn the lesson from Heirs. They simply swap the lipstick color, Song Joong Ki is wearing a much nicer shade but still too much lipstick. It’s awfully jarring for a man swaggering in military gear.

    Enough said about Song Hye Kyo but now I see that Joong Ki hasn’t gotten his intensity any notches up. Those stare downs at his opponents are so…weak. Why, Joong Ki? I had hopes for you.

    Whether we are fans of this writer, drama or actors, we have interest for it to do well. It might lead to changes of how dramas are produced in Korea and I was hoping that the big budget will allow it to do more. At this point, what I see is just another love story which can take place anywhere and save on those money.

  11. The production quality looks pretty promising…doesn’t it? I am pleased with what I saw for now, even if the plot ends up nowhere it will be a visual treat with the cinematography and Song Joong Ki.

  12. I am surprised with the amount of hatred in your hearts guys and especially you koala for shk and the whole drama …how can you criticize their acting skills even before watching the first episode ..and I doubt anyone of you had seen latest movies/dramas of shk and how her acting skills were perfectly on point and how she got praised … But seems talking toy you will be in vain your heartd seems loaded and blinded with hatred …spread love for the new year and if you don’t like the drama dont watch it but please don’t spread wrong thoughts for the sake of actors and actresses who worked really hard for the past 7 months

    • Mero
      You have a very positive outlook so I am sure you will do well in life.
      Let’s hope the show will turn out well.

  13. I heard English that means my hope for this went down by 50%. Sorry but Korean dramas and the English language are like oil and water. If they are going to speak a lot of English I am not even going to bother checking it out. If for some miracle they only speak 5 lines of English through the whole show I will check it out.

  14. 1. Why is everything/everyone so clean? No medical station in the middle of a war looks like that and the doctors certainly don’t wear clean, white dressing gowns.
    2. Why do they make it seem this drama has only 2 characters? I know dramas are supposed to be about the main characters love and all, but didn’t the say this is some blockbuster production with war and suffering, which brings me to my next point…
    3. What is the conflict? Who creates it? The random voice who speaks in english? How do they try to solve it? Are they trying to fight off rebels or some mafia based on the clean black suits some men whose faces we aren’t allowed to see are wearing or have the men in black returned to catch the aliens who have invaded this fictional east european country?

    Everything is done so they have have enough material to deliver a fantastic trailer and yet instead of enticing the audience it seems this trailer wants to confuse us. Hopefully the next sneak peaks are better.

  15. I’m gonna watch this drama no matter what bcos my man SJK is in and his flirty wooing his target in the trailer killed me. LOL…I’ll reserve my opinion about the female lead. We’d better not judge her performance in the drama before the first episode is even aired. That would just show how narrow minded and biased we’re. Even a certain always-bland-to-watch actress could have a breakout performance in a not-so-fun to watch “Pinocchio”. So to be fair not as a fan, I’ll be neutral about SHG’s acting at this point. Even some of us still find SHG really boring and not entertaining enough when the drama is on air, I’d say that’s all personal preference (just like it’s all my personal taste to dislike Pinocchio’s female lead even she did a good job in that last project…sorry I don’t even remember her name at this moment.)

    I only hope that The Descendants of the Sun will not end up being a huge disappoint like all-the-way-confusing Six Flying Dragons (even my fave Yoo Ah Yin was the male lead.) or crappy Heirs. Again, this is just my personal preference. So fans don’t diss me up bcos I have different opinions than you.

  16. I love how SHK’s fans assume that people only repeat what Koala says. I’m saying: I have watched enough dramas with SHK to come up with an opinion on my own. She isn’t terrible but people – her fans – saying she is really good makes me wonder if they do SHK any favor.

    It could turn out in the end that SHK is good in DotS, yes, I really hope for it. But her past dramas have taught me not to expect much from her. I had high hopes with “That Winter, the Wind blows” and I got disappointed.

    Not hating just saying that I have seen SHK’s dramas, so my opinion on her is my own. 😛 I would be pleasantly surprised if in the end SHK actually shows she can do more than looking pretty.

  17. From the 2 min trailer I saw- greys anatomy , 24, king to hearts, mission impossible and a few more similarities to different tv shows/ movies. That is not a good thing.
    I get the feeling this took a lot of time to edit and they just shot a bunch of scenes. I hope it makes sense when it airs.

  18. Well, I really don’t think Song Hye-kyo is as bland and distant as Koala mentioned. I think this preview is in her pov and she’s the narrator and as a doctor, she can’t get really emotional, right? Let’s wait to see her acting when DotS airs. People are always too quick to judge the actresses and it’s so frustrating.

  19. I’m so waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for this drama. It’s all I wanna see right now. Please don’t compare song hye ko acting to suzy.. She ain’t anywhere near

  20. Actually I don’t know why people are saying She’s bland When, I have read so much write-up for her from previous role where she is being praise. Sadly people are so judgmental.

    • KW, Camry, monette
      Good inputs. I am not a fan of SHK but I don’t wanna diss her.
      Let’s hope she will surprise us with some layers to her acting.

      • Yup! I think personal prejudice against certain actors/actresses oftentimes dominate how much we have interest in watching their new dramas. Take myself for example, I watched all the previous major TV dramas of “Pinocchio” leading lady and considered her one of the most boring and ugliest actresses to watch. Well, I don’t speak for others since obviously she’s extremely popular in Korea and perhaps Ms. koala likes her a lot. But she just bored me to death even I liked those dramas she was cast. Nevertheless, I have to admit she did really a good job in her last project, “Pinocchio.” I watched PNCCH for my fave actor LJS’ sake. Perhaps playing opposite a leading man as talented as LJS just inspired her to step up and break out of her cocoon. Song Joong Ki is my #1 favorite K actor of his generation. He did such an impressive job in Nice Guy and The Werewolf Boy. Had great chemistry with his leading ladies as well as other female counterpart. I hold a hope that he’s also able to inspire his leading lady this time in DotS even she’s been critical of having some weakness. Not to mention Song Hye Kyo, in my opinion, has been a way better actress than Pinocchio’s female lead. OK, now fans don’t mock me or trying to stab me with your stagger mouth. Once again, my opinion is based on my own preference and taste. So peace please.

      • @drama2015 most of her popular drama like Heirs or HS or even You’re beautiful aren’t her best works. They just happened to popular but sadly people judge her on those. FBND and Pinocchio show how she can shin given the good characters. Better costars help since her technique is mostly response to them ( per her words) but the girl can always act even in the worst written role like CES in Heirs.

  21. I think it’s okay for people to say what they think about SHK – even if it’s negative. Just like people who like her are allowed to say so.

    I have seen dramas with SHK before and she never blew me away with her performance. And her fans have to admit she was solely cast in DotS for her popularity. I would be okay though if she surprises me with her acting in DotS but I won’t hope for it. I had hopes for “That Winter, the wind blows” and SHK was outright bad.

    So please stop saying people who don’t love her only repeat what Koala says. There are a lot who have like me actually seen her work.

    • I do agree. Since mostly the commenters are specifically referring to her ability to act or lack there of, she is an actress after all. She never really WOW me in her performances. Yes, I have seen some of her works, she comes off cold and emotionless. But, she may give her all in DOTS. Hopefully.

    • That’s obviously your personal opinion about SHK. I’m not her fan. But in my opinion, she saved The Winter that Wind Blows. I had a high hope for TWTWB bcos one of my faves Jo In Soo was the male lead but he disappointed me. To my surprise, SHK kept me stay with the drama until the end. Well, I can only say that we have different taste about acting.

  22. Wow there a lot of tension here. I gotta say the teaser looks better than I anticipated coming from the writer of Secret Garden and Heirs. Maybe I’m just excited that Song Joong Ki is finally on my screen. Other than the writer ofc my pet peeves that are most likely to be brought up by this show is that it’s gonna be a war/military drama done wrong with some really terrible foreign villains ( that voiceover in English already gives off some corny vibes) and second of all there is a medical element to this that as a doctor I know is going to make me head desk a lot. And yes on top of everything this is has that writer that I detest. But stil, Song Joong Ki!!! Idk why there is so much hatred towards SHK who’ve I’ve always found inoffensive. I also thought she was given a lot of acclaim for her last drama with Jo In Sung and her last move with Kang Dong Won. Also comparing her to Suzy is ridiculous because Suzy is far from a great actress herself (though she has improved). What Suzy has going on for her is that her show is written by my favorite Lee Kyung Hee. Can we please please switch writers for these two shows?!!

  23. I don’t know how to take this seriously at all. It looks excellently filmed but the teaser still feels odd/like a mess like the other ones. Parts of it are intense and then random flirty chunks are thrown in. The English seems better fit for a film. Anyways, I think the teaser is just weirdly compiled but the drama itself should be better.

  24. What’s with these hates toward Song Hye Kyo? She’s much senior than SJK and already had many high profile dramas. Nothing wrong with her expressions. IMO, SJK is overrated.

  25. I think she has emotion in her expression but she just looks like she is blind (at least sometimes)… Anyway this drama is more on the human side, I don’t expect actions scenes or even any twists. Just a love drama with war background. If we all keep our expectations low I am sure we will enjoy it !

  26. I don’t know why people hated the teaser so much. it looks quit solid, SJK delivers, SHK seems ok and finally we had a glimpse of second lead (and i hope they’ll have their own loveline). hope this will be interesting and nothing like the boring heirs.

  27. I love every thing about teaser and think shk is one of kactress who can act ,can’t tell anything about chemistry now…but I like both of them hoping for a good drama.

  28. What the hell is wrong? The trailer is so damn amazing and promising….this is a must watch drama…and those who are saying some things don’t look real so dear guys “its just a drama” so u have to keep in mind that everything can’t be perfect , all the leads’ acting are great!!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!! Seriously the dumb comments spoiled my mood…… Seriously Uncontrolable Fond? How can u relate THAT drama to this??? This drama has unique and decent storyline…. Uncontrolable Fond is just TOoo MAInSTREAM…..!!!!!! DOTS fighting!!!!

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