Kim Soo Hyun and Go Doo Shim Split the Daesang at the 2015 KBS Drama Awards

Just because KBS is the ratings pits all year doesn’t mean it can’t throw a fun awards party and reward the acting talent that has attempted to infuse some excitement and life into the network’s drama. Things were going swimmingly at the 2015 KBS Drama Awards until the biggest award of the night, whereby KBS manage to split the baby and piss off K-netizens who love seniority respect and dislike overly awarding someone. The Daesang went to both veteran actress Go Doo Shim (for two dramas on KBS) and Kim Soo Hyun for Producer (in which he was but one lead among four co-leads).

It’s probably not as absurd as when MBC split the Daesang between Kim Myung Min and Song Seung Heon way back when (still a riot whenever I think about it), but ultimately Kim Soo Hyun’s wonderfully sincere and solid performance in Producer was simply not Daesang worthy however one slices it. Oh well, at least there was more fun fashion to gaze upon, and seeing Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun win one of the Best Couple Awards of the night and flirting with each other. It could have been worse, right?


Jo Soo Hyang

Han Chae Ah

Kim So Hyun, Park Bo Gum

Yook Sung Jae

Jang Hyuk

Kim Seul Gi

Kim Soo Hyun

Uhm Hyun Kyung

Jo Boa

Kim Hye Eun

Kim Ji Suk

Nam Joo Hyuk

Kim Min Jung

Chae Si Ra

Oh Min Seok

Kim Seo Hyung

Lee Won Geun

Kang Byul


So Ji Sub and Shin Mina

Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun

Winner’s List:

Daesang: Kim Soo Hyun (Producer), Go Doo Shim (I Ask of You, Mom; Eccentric Daughter-in-law)
PD Award: Kim Hye Ja (Unkind Women)
Best Screenwriter: Kim In Young (Unkind Women)
Top Excellence Actor: So Ji Sub (Oh My Venus)
Top Excellence Actress: Chae Si Ra (Unkind Women)
Excellence Actor in a miniseries: Cha Tae Hyun (Producer)
Excellence Actress in a miniseries: Shin Mina (Oh My Venus)
Excellence Actor in a special drama: Jang Hyuk (The Merchant: Gaekju 2015)
Excellence Actress in a special drama: Kim Min Jung (The Merchant: Gaekju 2015)
Excellence Actor in a long drama: Kim Tae Woo (Jingbirok), Kim Gab Soo (All About My Mom)
Excellence Actress in a long drama: Eugene (All About My Mom)
Excellence Actor in a daily: Im Ho (The Stars Are Shining),  Kwak Si Yang (All Is Well)
Excellence Actress in a daily: Han Chae Ah (You’re The Only One), Kang Byul (Protect The Family)
Best Supporting Actress: Kim Seo Hyung (Assembly), Uhm Hyun Kyung (Bluebird’s House)
Best Supporting Actor: Park Bo Gum (I Remember You),  Kim Gyu Chul (The Merchant: Gaekju & Jingbirok)
Popular Actor: Nam Joo Hyuk, Park Bo Gum
Popular Actress: Seolhyun, Jo Bo Ah
Rookie Awards: Yeo Jin Goo (Orange Marmalade), Choi Soo Bin (Sassy Go Go), Kim So Hyun (School 2015)
Best Child Actor: Choi Kwon Soo
Best Child Actress: Kim Hyang Gi
Best Couples: Kim Soo Hyun & Cha Tae Hyun (Producer); Yook Sung Jae & Kim So Hyun (School 2015); So Ji Sub & Shin Mina (Oh My Venus); Jang Hyuk & Han Chae Ah (The Merchant: Gaekju 2015)


Kim Soo Hyun and Go Doo Shim Split the Daesang at the 2015 KBS Drama Awards — 30 Comments

  1. LOL KSH trying to act like he doesn’t like the faux bro-kiss.

    The split Daesang is just a big flaming bag of no, I’m not even going to comment further about it.

    Did you watch Splish Splash Love Miss Koala? It was phenomenal 2 episode drama and the chemistry between Kim Seul Gi and Doo Joon was perfectly out of this world. It’s hands down my favorite rom-com of the year. Anyway KSG LOOKS SOO GOOD! I love her so much 🙂

    Good Lord, I want to be like Chae Si Ra when I grow up. She is SLAYING from head to toe and knows it. They were really trying to be like MBC with PSJ and Ji Sung.

    Lee Won Geun looks dressed up to get married….to me 😀

    This is a very refreshing look for a korean awards show:

    I’m glad Sassy Go Go and I Remember You got some nods. I’m surprised Producers didn’t get a ton more awards but whatever.

    • Splish Splash Love is adorable, it convinced me that Yoon Doojoon and Kim Seul Gi need to get more lead roles, NOW. And work together again. That chemistry is amazing.

  2. Seems like KBS new year resolution was to piss off fans 😛 Literally from past few years Korean channel awards shows are joke only few deserving get award…

  3. it’s really not about seniority at all though?
    The majority opinion is that Kim Soo Hyun would’ve deserved it last year with Love From a Star, and that split award between Jun Jin Hyun and him would’ve been much more understandable than this – he wasn’t bad in Producer but it wasn’t his best work and it certainly wasn’t at the level of acting with Go Doo Shim.
    If they had to insist on splitting Daesang, it should’ve been between Kim Hye Ja and Go Doo Shim.

    • Frankly, Kim Soo Hyun’s YFAS performance was good but not even close to as iconic as Jun Ji Hyun’s. Chun Song Yi was the character who made that drama what it was, without JJH the whole thing would have collapsed like a bad souffle.

      She deserved that Daesang all to herself, and YFAS was from SBS anyway, not KBS. KBS doesn’t have to compensate him with a Daesang for what SBS didn’t give him.

      • That’s not what i’m saying though, my point is that if Kim Soo Hyun ever had to receive a split Daesang it would have made more sense if it occurred last year at SBS with Jun Ji Hyun than this year at KBS with Go Doo Shim. We’re comparing his performance from two works.

  4. To be honest, I always think that Jung Jae Young (Assembly) would be the daesang winner for his perfect acting as Jin Sang Pil. But we muat look into damn thing called rating…

    • It’s an insult indeed. Although KBS lured JJY to a drama for the first time in his career, they decided to completely ignore him at their awards. I know for a fact that ratings rule over everything and everyone, however dramas like IRY (despite the fact that I really, really liked it) didn’t do noticeably any better than Assembly, in terms of ratings. I’m sure that we will never ever see JJY (nor other film actors for that matter) on the small screen again for a very, VERY long time, especially after this. Too bad…for us!

  5. I’ve never taken knetz reaction for award winners seriously. They’ve always been fickle in this regard and will forget the complaints in a few days tops. As soon as KSH (or JW, in fact) gets in the news for one of their projects/CFs or whatnot, they’ll be back to praising the guys. I’ve always just laughed at I-fans who think a few Korean internet folk’s word is the be all, end all. Boy I’d like to be one of them considering some people put them at such a high pedestal LOL.

    Co-Daesang should be banned. Ugh, KBS is shit when they do things like that. I wish Gong Hyo Jin won something, it’s like she got snubbed for not attending (which she obv did). And Shin Mina should’ve also won a bigger award. After all the efforts to bring her back to dramas…. I hope it’s good enough for her to keep coming back. Arggg KBS!!

    • Gong Hyo Jin’s performance in Producers was pretty forgettable. She didn’t attend because she knew she wasn’t getting an award.

      • Gong Hyo Jin put in a solid performance in Producers, it was on par with Kim Soo Hyun’s.

        But the unspoken rule is that no attendance = no award. It’s daft to think KBS wouldn’t have given her one if she had attended.

  6. How come Yook Sung Jae present and performing in both SBS and KBS Drama Awards. He also have performance in MBC Music Festival. All in one night.

  7. LOL at yook sung jae and kim so hyun winning the best couple award even though they didnt end up together (justice is finally served, kind of…)

    • +1

      My thoughts exactly! that goes to show what the k-netizens and practiaclly all the world knew had to your face writernim

  8. Was watching live and thought that Doo Shim was gonna win Daesang cos she didnt all the prev awards. And then when they called ber name, i was like they better not call KSH as well for a double Daesang and shit happened. Wth! His role in Producer didnt warrant any award at all. DS on the other hand plays sucha awesome role as a mum in the current family drama.

  9. Shin min ah should’ve win a bigger award but yeah whatever. I just love her and her chemistry with so ji sub in oh my venus.

    Gong hyo jin is amazing but her performance and character in the producers is so forgettable

  10. Gong Hyo Jin is a fantastic actress love her in all her dramas its a pity her talent is not recognised. she was one of the main reasons i watched Producer.

  11. Yay for Sung Jae and So Hyun! I guess KBS did sense their chemistry(or the raging fans lol). Bromantic couples take the spotlight in the award shows haha.

    I can’t believe Song Seung Heon shared a daesang with Kim Myung Min. That made my day. And I still don’t get the hype over Soo Hyun. He’s good. He’s handsome. But I don’t think he’s award-winning. Producers wasn’t that great(I like it tho). And I don’t think it had great ratings either.

    • Oh but Producer definitely had the all important ratings on its side. Last episode got 17.7% and over 20% in Seoul. That’s kick-ass numbers; highest for KBS minidramas and 3rd highest overall only behind Yongpal and SWP.

  12. Lol just last night I commented that it was good luck KSH wasn’t in an MBC drama or Ji Sung’s Daesung would’ve been split and this happened…

    I’m super relieved Yook Sung Jae-Kim So Hyun won! I’m still surprised Nam Joo Hyuk won an award for that drama, I really was in the minority at how bland he was in that drama.

  13. For me Kim Soo Hyun is the Korean Jennifer Lawrence. Both can act but they get credit and awards for stuff that’s not award-worthy. Too much hype doesn’t do them any good on the long term. :/

  14. sorry but Kim so hyun performance in producer is not Daesang worthy at all plus the drama itself was boring as shit. I feel bad for Go do shim, she had to split her daesang with a hallyu star just for his popularity pfff

  15. congrats for SJS and SMA they really are the grace of OMV.. without them this drama will be boring and bland. their chemistry is everything! i even ship them together..sorry KWB lol
    glad KSH and YSJ got couple award since its obvious who was the real couple in school 2015. happy that PBG got awards for IRY. as i said before he stole the show (tho it could have been nice SIG could get something). also chae soo bin got some award representation for SGG so it is something. too bad LWG and JEJ didn’t get couple award. they were so adorkable together.
    got nothing to say on KSH winning since everybody here said it so well. what i did love was his couple award with CTH..i think i may finish producer for them haha.
    congrats also to JH and HCA. i still consider to watch the merchant cause the reviews are not good and not bad.

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