Go Ara Contrasts Spring Bloom with Edgy Monochrome for Ceci Magazine

Color or black and white? If it’s Go Ara, the answer is both, and even a rucksack will work in showcasing her incredible feminine beauty. Movie promotion time is usually when the stars are all over the print media and Go Ara is currently shilling for her sageuk female lead role opposite Yoo Seung Ho in The Joseon Magician. This marks Go Ara’s first sageuk role, and a big one at that with it being on the big screen. She’s already broken through the flower vase reputation thanks to Answer Me 1994, but I thought she took a step backwards by choosing unwisely with a terrible and annoyingly written role in You’re All Surrounded, I want to like her acting as much as I admire her beauty, and hopefully Joseon Magician will be yet another step in the right direction. Her latest pictorial for Ceci Magazine certainly hits all the right notes.


Go Ara Contrasts Spring Bloom with Edgy Monochrome for Ceci Magazine — 3 Comments

  1. Go Ara is seriouslt another level of beauty, but why doesn’t she look as good when I see her random pics?

    How is JM doing? I hope it works out for her, I miss her in a good drama with some hot baes <3

    YAAS or shall-not-be-summoned was one heck of a waste of great cast. The writer should be banned from writing (well, never seen anything else from her to really judge), they should just make all dramas pre-produced and let us enjoy high quality scripts.

    • Totally agree with you, everyone was anticipating the show for the cast and the screenwriter totally ruined it (for interest, she did also write surgeon bong dal hee and ojakgyo brothers which i quite enjoyed).

      Go Ara looks gorgeous (as always) and i am awaiting her drama comeback. Anyone know if she accepted Hwarang opposite Park Hyung Sik and Park Seo Joon (who are also still considering i think)?

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