Previews for Episode 12 of Marry Me or Not Deliver Torrents of Danger with a Knight Boyfriend to the Rescue

Episode 11 of Marry Me or Not really got my goat up, but for all the right reasons because it shows how much I love this drama and love my precious OTP of Huan Huan and Justin. There are only four episodes left and the previews for episode 12 look insanely intense, and will likely need some anti-anxiety pills for me to watch if something truly devastating befalls Huan Huan. I hope it’s nothing too extreme, and can’t wait to watch Justin smack some sense and decency into second male lead Qian Yao.

I really wanted him to be a viable option for Sheng Nan but at this late stage he’s shown nothing beyond confirming that Huan Huan’s opinion of him as lower than rat turd is completely justified. Him and his even sleazier older half-brother need to get the *&%# out of Taiwan and scram back to Korea. On one hand I know these recent escalating problems for the OTP will only strengthen their bond with each other, but it’s certainly gutwrenching to watch them suffer in doing the best for each other.

Previews for episode 12:


Previews for Episode 12 of Marry Me or Not Deliver Torrents of Danger with a Knight Boyfriend to the Rescue — 4 Comments

  1. QY – I really don’t like him. He should not be using HH like that. urhg and his brother – even worst. He had better not mess with HH. Yikes to the previews. It’s going to be a rough episode I imagine.

  2. I can stomach rat turdy QY just marginally more than naive/childish SN!
    There may be be some yet-to-be undisclosed bad blood between HH and QY for QY to use her in his way… or maybe HH is just collateral damage in his revenge bid.

    • I doubt HH did anything to set QY off, besides maybe telling him to stay away from her friend or calling him out on being a terrible womanizer. I do agree that I find SN the more aggravating of the two because she is so dense when it comes to QY and HH. Her character has become progressively less compelling as the drama moves forward, though her attempt to protect HH from the arsonist leaves with hope that they’ll bring her character around.

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