Drama Posters for One More Happy Ending Bursting with Cheerful Optimism

What a visually promising start to the 2016 drama year, what with both of the January dramas I’m looking forward to delivering on the promos, and making it easy to like them both since they air on different time slots. I’m talking about jTBC‘s Madame Antoine which airs on Fri-Sat, which went early with poster releases two weeks ago, and now with MBC‘s Wed-Thurs drama One More Happy Ending dropping totally adorable drama posters that echo the drama title and fully capture the joyful and hopeful spirit of the drama subject matter.

One More Happy Ending is about divorcees finding a second chance at love, and even a few never been marrieds getting a shot finally to tie the knot. Starring Jang Nara, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo In Na, Kwon Yul, Yoo Da In, Kim Tae Hoon, and Seo In Young, the drama posters show the main leads in bright colorful backgrounds and/or outfits and rocking various animated expressions or poses. Please let the drama itself be this smile-inducing, seeing these posters just lit up my morning, no joke. Totally gives me hope that I’ll get my own One More Happy Ending, heh.


Drama Posters for One More Happy Ending Bursting with Cheerful Optimism — 8 Comments

  1. This looks totally cute! I hope it delivers.

    And I’m rooting for your happy ending too. You deserve all the happiness. 🙂

  2. I wish this one will be good, since I know Madame Antoine will flop. Dramafever didn’t take this drama yet, right? Then it will be good drama. SWP was great when DF aired it 2 weeks later, and Sweet Savage Family was so bad when DF take it exclusively.

  3. The posters looks so cute!!! I’m so looking forward to this now. My confidence in the drama skyrocketed after I found out Jung Kyung Ho was the lead.The guy is a GREAT actor and tends to pick out good dramas.

    Hopefully this drama bring you back to recapping Miss Koala!

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