MBC 50-episode Mon-Tues Drama Monster Courting Hwang Jung Eum and Seo Kang Joon


For those who love Hwang Jung Eum this will be great casting news while those less disposed towards her brand of acting will likely continue to feel like she’s everywhere in K-drama land these days. Fresh off two successive buzzed about MBC dramas in She Was Pretty and Kill Me Heal Me, Hwang Jung Eum is getting married next month in February and in talks for the female lead of MBC’s upcoming 50-episode long drama Monster (Korean title is the more descriptive Tyrant).

The drama is about the leading man’s fight against the rich and powerful, which isn’t terribly descriptive since there are tons of dramas along those lines already, and in fast the screenwriter of Monster did three dramas similar to it in Giant, History of the Salaryman, and Incarnation of Money. He clearly must love Hwang Jung Eum since she was in two of those dramas so courting her for Monster makes sense, but for a bit of Hwang Jung Eum fatigue setting in. I actually liked her a lot in KMHM, less so in SWP, but am not so enamored of her that I want to see her in drama after drama.

On the other hand, I am interested in hearing that Seo Kang Joon has been offered a male lead role in Monster, likely the second male lead since he’s nowhere near a big enough name to headline a 50 episode prime time drama. I’m loving him in Cheese in the Trap, both the character and performance, and it feels like a relief to finally have him deliver beyond looking like a flower boy mannequin onscreen. Appreciating his good looks only goes so far, and some limited acting skills in the past have deservingly saddled him with the reputation of all looks and no heft. Hopefully Cheese is a turning point and if he accepts Monster that will put him with a talented screenwriter with the reputation of crafting meaty characters that help pull out gravitas from the acting talent. Monster is slated to air in April following Glamorous Temptation on Mon-Tues.


MBC 50-episode Mon-Tues Drama Monster Courting Hwang Jung Eum and Seo Kang Joon — 13 Comments

  1. I don’t know. Giant was great but it was 60 eps long and I don’t think I want another 50 eps about practically the same thing. The writers’ probably gonna deliver like always, but I think I had my share, no need for a second. Anyway, Koala, you aren’t doing any year-end review?

  2. Are actor’s and actresses allowed to choose witch drama they want to be in ? Because he himself said that he prefers characters like inho from cheese in the trap,so I don’t understand if he prefers those why a melodrama ???

  3. With still another 20 to go on Glamorous Temptation, news of another 50 episode dram feels like WWI trench warfare. A lot of pain and agony but no movement.

    I must admit I feel like giving up and shooting myself in the head.

  4. Eh, last time the writer wrote a 50 episoder drama for the public broadcast, the so-called second lead stole all the thunder… SKJ is so great in Cheese, happy to see him building his resume with solid dramas.

  5. There were rumors swirling of him being courted as a lead vs.a second lead.

    Which if it were true I don’t know how I would feel given to me he’s not nowhere near lead material yet.

  6. I don’t think SKJ will be the lead. His agency is powerless, even when Kim So Eun was there, she only casted as a pathetic less screen time character in Scholar Who Walks The Night

  7. She’s one of those actress whose face really really rubs me the wrong way. There’s just something really off about her her, so every drama that she’s in, I try my hardest to stay with it but end up stopping cause she makes me wanna punch my TV. I just wish that she wont ever be paired with my favorite actors again.

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