Bolin Chen and Song Ji Hyo to Pair Up for Season 2 of Chinese We Got Married

The production team of We Are In Love, the Chinese version of Korean variety show We Got Married, certainly has some casting clout. The first couple confirmed for the second season of the popular show are high profile popular Korean actress Song Ji Hyo with Taiwanese actor Bolin Chen. She’s an uber variety veteran thanks to Running Man while he’s a variety newbie though he was a guest star on an episode of Infinity Challenge in 2015. Bolin is making inroads into Korea by doing cross-border movies with Korean actresses like Son Ye Jin and Ha Ji Won, so his pairing with Song Ji Hyo continues in that direction. This couple will be the only cross-border couple on this second season, just like Korean singer-actor Choi Siwon and Chinese top model Liu Wen were a surprising good match as the cross-border couple from the first season. I’m surprised serious actor Bolin is doing this show but the first season managed to land Ruby Lin so anything is possible these days in the proliferation and expansion of entertainment vehicles for stars.


Bolin Chen and Song Ji Hyo to Pair Up for Season 2 of Chinese We Got Married — 16 Comments

  1. “high profile popular Korean actress Song Ji Hyo with Taiwanese actor Bolin Chen”

    more like the other way around. I love Jihyo, but she is not a high profile actress, whereas Bolin is pretty much Kim Soo Hyung level.

    • I’m not sure about comparison with KSH but the only high profile K-actress that I can think of is JJH, the rest are pale by comparison.
      I got to know SongJi Kyo via running men, the only movie I watched of hers is Frozen flower. That movie is insane…. insane in a good way.

      • “I’m not sure about comparison with KSH” You’re definitely right. ESPECIALLY in terms of acting talent and reputation as a real actor, and not just a pretty face. Acting wise, there’s DEFINITELY no comparison between serious, acclaimed movie actor Bolin Chen and KSH.

      • I feel KSH gets unfairly bashed upon. Yes, his hype is ridiculous BUT he’s clearly NOT just a pretty face also. The guy can act. Please give him some credit.

      • @Stuart

        You’re kidding right? Kim Soo-hyun is a critically acclaimed actor. He’s won numerous Top Excellence Lead Actor/Best Actor awards in his short career, and just recently received a DAESANG from KBS. He’s also won in Baeksang Arts etc. in both drama and movies.

        Chen Bolin is sort of a joke in China. He’s won one Lead Actor drama award in TAIWAN (where drama quality is seriously the pits). He hasn’t had a success in the mainland box office in a long time.

    • Replied only to say you don’t judge an actor by his awards or by one role he did. A truly great actor is one that manages take on a variety of roles and make each role his and still be convincing and connects with the audience.

      Neither which both of these actors are.

      Kim So Hyun and Bolin Chen are they equivalent of each other in acting calibre. They excel in certain roles and mediocre in some.

  2. I’m excited for this. I love Song Ji Hyo and I’ve had a soft spot of Chen Bolin since In Time With You. I just hope that the language barrier doesn’t make things too awkward…

  3. I don’t get how people would think Monday Couple is real. They just seemed too business like in the shows and earlier on, Ji Hyo clearly draw some line and now Gary seems to be doing that too.

    They are quite fun to watch in their ‘fake’ relationship in Running Man while it lasted though.

    The last WGM that i watched properly was the Yongseo couple. Anyways, i hope this doesn’t end up being awkward due to language barrier so i’m curious how they will communicate. Will tune in just because this is weirdly an interesting pairing.

  4. Oh dear why is Bolin Chen doing this??
    Never fancy WGM-style of variety show *rolleyes*
    Give me Running Man anytime or a good drama.

  5. I can’t wait to see my favourite actress SONG JI HYO on WGM I always wished she would appear on the show, and now it’s finally going to happen, the pairing is interesting on so many levels, I don’t know the guy, but as long as Song Ji Hyo is in it, I’m watching for sure, lot’s of love from Denmark, fighting Song Ji Hyo

  6. I like song ji hyo very much but the actor is ugly.Why compare with ksh .kim soo hyun is much much better than him.I will not watch it.Ji hyo eonnie why doing this .Don’t youpity kang gary.

  7. Lol! I really support Song Ji Hyo and Bolin Chen coz they look so cute! Look forward for the eps! Fighting #orangejuicecouple

  8. i always love bolin chen and song jihyo is song jihyo. no need to ask. we all love her. so when i heard about this almost impossible pair i was like “WHAAAAAATTTT????!!!! YEASSSSS!!!”
    I’m so can’t wait to watch this two. anw, since bolin is have quite a lot project with korean entertainment, did he maybe can speak korean?

  9. watch the korean drama monster, he is such a bad actor. eyes popping out when surprised, and lots of eye brow movements. like a bad comedy.

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