Fans Eagerly Anticipating Upcoming C-drama Adaptation of Fantasy Wuxia Zhu Xian with Li Yi Feng, Zhao Li Ying, and Yang Zhi

This is a sure fire mega C-drama hit in the making, considering how much Chinese audiences are slurping up fantasy wuxia dramas like Ancient Sword Legend and Journey of Flower. The casting of uber popular leads in Li Yi Feng, Zhao Li Ying, and Yang Zhi for the upcoming C-drama adaptation of popular fantasy novel Zhu Xian (God of Zhu) certainly doesn’t hurt, especially adding on the presence of all three Chinese teen idols the TF Boys. The drama could encounter some blow backif the current leading lady fan battling doesn’t pipe down, but from the synopsis I read it seems clear that Zhao Li Ying is playing the female lead Bi Yao, Yang Zhi is Lu Xue Qi, and Li Yi Feng is the hero in the making Zhang Xiao Fan. The drama started filming weeks ago but the three leads have only recently arrived on set so there aren’t too many character or set stills yet. As usual I look for hellaciously bad hair styles and cheap outfits, but this one looks pretty visually decent. This is probably one of the most watched C-drama productions due to the casting and popularity of the source novel so I’ll jump on the casual observer wagon for now.


Fans Eagerly Anticipating Upcoming C-drama Adaptation of Fantasy Wuxia Zhu Xian with Li Yi Feng, Zhao Li Ying, and Yang Zhi — 29 Comments

  1. I like The female lead Zhao Li Ying thanks to Shan Shan comes to eat and the Legend of Lu Zen. As to Li Yi Feng, I tried to watch his dramas bcos he’s so popular in C ent and dubbed “the campus prince.” But to my disappoint, none of his dramas I tried to watch explains why he’s so popular or he has the caliber as a first-tier actor. He failed the web adaptation of the epic novel, the Lost Tomb, and was extremely dull to watch except for his flowery looks, just saying. Fans please don’t launch personal irrational attack on me all bcos I don’t have high opinions of your fave. I’m only speaking for myself. OK…..

    Wuxia is usually not my thing. I just can’t take those cheap CGI gimmicks and tacky styles (usually so colorful to the extent to almost blind my eyes) seriously. Even I like to watch Wallace Hou and XLY, Journey of Flower turned me off completely. Will definitely pass this drama. I was told that there’s gonna a sequel to Nirvana in Fire. That’s what I’d look forward to.

      • No idea. Much anticipated. But it was tweeted in the male lead Hu Ge’s (Chinese equivalent) twitter account.

      • Do you remember the Lang Ya Hall list on which Mei Changsu was No.1? Well the sequel will be about the adventures of another name on that list. So probably a new cast.

      • @strider
        Oh wow! That actually sounds interesting and as long as it’s the same production team I’d be down with it and won’t mind a different cast, especially because I can’t see how they could make a sequel the way they ended the drama (unless it was a prequel).

      • How do we know the plot of the sequel? I truly hope it won’t be about the pugilistic world. I doubt Nirvana’s success was due to those elements and that is why the writer removed practically all the non-political intrigue stuff from the final project.

      • @FerG
        I’d love a prequel as well! To see LinShu’s father, Duke Yan & the Emperor working together as a formidable trio. Also the sidestories such as the Hua rebellion & prince Yu’s birth, the Duke Yan-Consert Chen-Emperor love triangle, rescuing a young Consort Jing, so much to tell.

    • I like Li Yi Feng and I agree that his acting skills are subpar. He got famous from his drama with Yang Mi 古剑奇谭, because he looks cute in there. I usually just like watching him on variety shows and when I watched Lost Tomb, I just focused on the extravagant sets and the visuals of him and Yang Yang XD

    • When Hu Ge was asked if the same cast were gonna be in the sequel, he was ambiguous saying perhaps with just smile. Probably the same cast or most the cast will collab again but totally on different stories of different characters. The same writer is said to be working on the sequel.

      • Shanying said the scriptwrier was writing about a new person on the influential list. My assumption is that Since the production house is backing the actress who played Princess Nian Nian (like Wang Kai & Jin Dong) sequel could be set in Southern Chu. Well the Lang Ya list is universal with multiple sections-Top 10 scholar’s (MeiChangsu), martial arts (Da Liang, southern Chu & Da Yu’s commanders are all on this list) & riches. So the writer has a lot to play with.

      • I don’t mind if they switch focus on different characters as long as the sequel is from the same production team, director, and the main cast as NiF. LOL…Is this possible? I seem too greedy given that everyone has different filming schedule. But at least, sequel based on different characters is better than making one of the main leads die or cutting his/her scenes in the prior season in order to get another actor/actress in place in the sequel. I was told this is exactly what they are going to do with Tornado Girl season 2. Also, the Lost Tomb season 2 won’t have the same hot actor playing Zhang Qylin… Crying….

    • oh then, why not be the one to create and direct a movie for them…too much talking is useless.. if you are smart as the director and actors then write a novel or story for them

      • LOL…you sound so bitter, LYF fan! Your point is most invalid as a drama viewer, also the last resort to debating against someone who doesn’t favor your faves. Ppl like you can only say that “why not be the one to do something in their place blah blah blah….” other than giving any valid points. LOL…Remember we’re all customers of ent industry in terms of business reality. Dramas have to sell and have good ratings in order to draw investors and commercial revenues. What’s wrong with us giving our thoughts and feedback as customers about the products that showbiz put out there? You have to change your attitude towards those who voice different opinions than yours. Be more open-minded!

  2. Novel fans have been waiting years for the drama adaptation, I remember back when Yu Zheng supposedly had the rights and was hinting that he wanted Tong Li Ya as the lead.

    I do wonder how the CGI effects are going to turn out because I don’t expect this to be a short series, and there are rumors it’s aiming to air summer 2016. Yikes, that doesn’t leave a lot of time for post production.

  3. Chinese entertainment scene have tons of actors and yet we always see the same group of actors in every other series. I’m kind of sick of seeing Zhao Li Ying and Tiffany Tang in every series. Omg.

    • The amount of chinese dramas are astounding. You can have your pick and ten different sets of actors. Its only because bloggers focuses on certain major productions or famous young idol actors that it seems repetitive.

    • Because they are good and famous, if i am a director of course i will get them rather getting an actors which are not famous.

  4. The english translation for the drama title is weird, 诛仙 should be translated as Punishing Gods or Destroying Gods instead. My translation is just based off from the literal meaning of the words though.

  5. so excited about this news.anything with Li Yi Feng is a must-watch for me.i fell for him after watching legend of ancient,he’s freaking handsome.he looks like lee jong suk.

  6. how I wish that Li Fi Yeng and Zhao Li Ying will be the best partner….i can’t wait to see this drama anthology……. for the first time working together!! I really like Li Fi Yeng and Zhao Li Ying…….the rest Wallace Huo and William Chan..

  7. I am very much looking forward to this drama with the whole casts. I personally am a huge fan of Zhao Liying after watching all her dramas. She did great in her dramas. I am eager to see her collaboration with LYF and also Yang Zi. I heard that YZ is also a great actress so all in all, I am sure it will be one of the most anticipated drama in 2016. What with TFBoys and all those pretty costumes. Not sure I like the ladies hairdo but I like the colourful outfit.

  8. Yay! ZLY and LYF <3 I'm hoping they are the main pair. I been wanting to watch them together for the longest time. It's gonna break my heart if they are T.T Does anyone know?

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