Fans Eagerly Anticipating Upcoming C-drama Adaptation of Fantasy Wuxia Zhu Xian with Li Yi Feng, Zhao Li Ying, and Yang Zhi

This is a sure fire mega C-drama hit in the making, considering how much Chinese audiences are slurping up fantasy wuxia dramas like Ancient Sword Legend and Journey of Flower. The casting of uber popular leads in Li Yi Feng, Zhao Li Ying, and Yang Zhi for the upcoming C-drama adaptation of popular fantasy novel Zhu Xian (God of Zhu) certainly doesn’t hurt, especially adding on the presence of all three Chinese teen idols the TF Boys. The drama could encounter some blow backif the current leading lady fan battling doesn’t pipe down, but from the synopsis I read it seems clear that Zhao Li Ying is playing the female lead Bi Yao, Yang Zhi is Lu Xue Qi, and Li Yi Feng is the hero in the making Zhang Xiao Fan. The drama started filming weeks ago but the three leads have only recently arrived on set so there aren’t too many character or set stills yet. As usual I look for hellaciously bad hair styles and cheap outfits, but this one looks pretty visually decent. This is probably one of the most watched C-drama productions due to the casting and popularity of the source novel so I’ll jump on the casual observer wagon for now. Continue reading