Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng Pair Up for Sunday Night SETTV Drama Refresh Man

I’m so not into Bromance no matter how many people may love it. I’m fine with Baron Chen but Megan Lai has been rubbing me the wrong way with her acting ever since Miss Rose, the way she reads her lines and often looks slightly concussed when trying to act clueless grates for me. I’m waiting for the drama to end and now the wait feels even more plodding because the next SETTV Sunday night drama is totally on my must check out list. The network has brought together Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng for Refresh Man (Chinese title 後菜鳥的燦爛時代 which means Later Bloomer’s Glorious Era), telling the story of two rivals since childhood who reunite after their fates have switched. Joanne was the successful student in school but finds herself failing at work in the real world, while perennial loser Aaron is now a successful CEO and swans back into Joanne’s life to become her boss. It sounds like a dime a dozen in TW-drama set ups but I love Aaron and Joanne has been awesome in her Marry Me or Not performance even if the character is a total slapworthy wench. Thanks for this one, SETTV, and please make the story and music worth getting these two together for.



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  1. omg! this is exciting! I’ve missed Joanne, sadly her later projects are just not my cup of tea. and Aaron is like bonus lol The plot sounds used but if done well it’s still a treat x)

  2. Aaron Yan was impressive in Just You. But his following drama Fall in love with me wasn’t really good. I hope this time he will have good chemistry with the female lead again…Put this on my to-watch list.

  3. koala I wish you would just watch a few ep of bromance and you will see how much different is baron’s acting from his old days, not to mention the most convincing gender bender guy you are ever going to get portraited by Megan Lai. The whole Taiwan is not crazy and this show couldn’t be number one in the time slot for 15 weeks straight without a good reason. Our bromance fans are still mourning about the inevitability of the ending of the show. Don’t jump to conclusion about Baron, give him a second chance!

  4. Your article is totally insensitive and biased to the ENTIRE TAIWAN PTT DRAMA community. We are all mourning Bromance is about to end (follow by this show). It’s obvious you are biased and close minded about giving Bromance a second chance. It’s the #1 show @ the 10pm Sunday time slot 15 wks in a row (YES same time slot as “marry me or not”). This is your blog and you can say whatever you want, but here’s my comment so your readers need to know Bromance exists and is the BEST drama out there right now. Lastly, obviously, you re wrong about Megan since she got the BEST actress award even before the drama ends. You need to do some objective reporting. This blog used to be interesting, but now you just report subject and bias stale news. Over it!

    • ^ LMAO. What are you, five years old? Can’t accept the fact that someone dislikes your favorite drama?

      Objective reporting. LMAO. Since when are blogs supposed to be objective? Too funny.

      • I’m simpily stating koala’s opinion is not the be all end all. Look at the ratings and reward bromance are getting. This blog fails to mention all the facts which I’m pointing out for bloggers to find out for themselves.
        I don’t know who the 5 years old is consider name calling is not call for. The comment field is here and that’s why I’m using it.

      • Wow some rude bloggers here insulting people….no one cares about what you have to say anymore when you pull the 5 yrs old comments!

    • Nope, you guys still don’t get it. This is a blog for opinions. Yes, she does post news but it’s mostly her OPINIONS. If you guys don’t agree with it, that’s fine but to call her post “insensitive” and “biased?”. As if you are not biased yourself? Look, you clicked on this website yourself and read something that you didn’t agree with. Then you insulted the blogger by telling her she’s “biased” and “close minded” and that she’s obviously wrong. Are you serious? You don’t see what’s wrong with that? You’re basically telling her that her opinions is wrong. You think you’re spouting out facts but you’re just making your entire TAIWAN PTT DRAMA community look bad.
      There are other ways to convince people to watch the drama, but going to other people’s blogs and insulting the owner is the most stupidest way to go.

      • This is a blog for viewer to share their opinions, not just blindly take her words for it. Like I said before, this is her blog, and she can say whatever she wants, but given there’s a comments field for ppl to SHARE, I’m going to use it. Do I have to praise every words she says? Is it the 10 commandments? What sad world would that be! Once again, ratings and awards speak for itself, Those are FACTS. Koala is a big girl, you don’t need to be a minion and stand up for her. Sure she can dislike a drama, but I too have my right to speak up my opinions. It is my opinion Koala’s work has declined in recent years. I have followed her recaps from WAY BACK WHEN. These days this blog just have stale news. It’s MY OPINION to state that. I’m not trying convince anyone to watch bromance, Im just voicing my opinion so other readers know the facts about bromance. Once again, pls stop the name calling tactic. I’m secure enough to know I’m not stupid.

    • Actually, sorry to intrude on this disagreement here, but Bromance’s rating is nothing to be proud of honestly. While it is number 1 for its time slot, they’re not really showing particularly impressive numbers (cf. Fated to Love You, Autumn Concerto, In Time With You, Office Girls – even Miss Rose). Don’t get me wrong, it is really good ratings but it can hardy be considered a mega hit. Also they’re airing on TTV, that’s like the Taiwan equivalent of SBS, and they almost always gets the higher rating for this time slot so like not exactly super impressive too?

      Secondly, the SETTV awards is like the least credible television award show ever if there is one, as there tends to be a bias towards actors who have the audiences’ favour and those who kinda have “long-term-ish” contracts with the network (basically I’m saying that it’s completely rigged to be competely honest cause what credible award show would even let dramas that haven’t even finished airing get nominated?). And while Megan Lai’s acting is amazing as Pi Ya Nuo, there is really hardly any competition for the Best Leading Actress category, especially with the quality of their recent dramas (I know this might offend a lot of people but let’s be real, the Taiwanese television scene has been disappointing in the recent years). So while I love Megan and think she’s a good actress, she needs to nab a Golden Bell first to really solidify her position as a great actress.

      On my completely BIAS opinion, I think Marry Me or Not is a far superior drama in every aspect – the writing, the directing and the acting. For me, Bromance started out pretty strong and had a lot of potential but they’re really dragging it out now (as expected of a SETTV production) and to be honest, I’m only staying on for Qing Yang and Na Na’s love line. I’m totally disappointed in how timid and submissive Pi Ya Nuo has become and they’re scenes are practically just plain fan service at this point. So I respectfully disagree that Bromance is “the BEST drama out there right now”, and while it’s a nice pick-me-up and I recommend it for people who enjoy something light and silly, I suggest you give Marry Me or Not a try (:

      • Nowadays with Internet online streaming no one is stuck in front of tv anymore. In k drama world, a show is considered a success if it is over 10%, remember the good old days of my name is Kim Sam soon that went over 50? It will never happen again. So you can’t compare drama rating from a decade ago like fated to love you rating. Speak of ftly I barely recognize that was Baron Chen as Dylan when I started watching bromance. I watch the show for Megan but fell in love with the otp. Both of them improve in their acting so much. You are right about settv shows and most of the t shows nowadays, not a single memorable show except in time with you and that was a few years back. Bromance’s success is a pleasant surprise. I recommend to anyone who is looking for a romantic love story.

      • Okay you’re right, while you can’t compare with the likes of Fated to Love You which was from 8 years ago, and ratings like 10 will probably never happen again. But In Time With You was in 2011 and its ratings went over 5, Office Girls was in 2012 and it went over 7 and peaked at 8.9, and online streaming was pretty much a thing already at the time. Even Two Fathers which was in 2013 peaked at 4.5. So i won’t consider Bromance a huge success ratings-wise when it’s just averaging around 2 and is pretty much only slightly better than dramas that aired in the same time slot before it like Fall in Love with Me and Someone Like You, which could hardly be counted as great dramas. However it hasn’t finished airing yet so the ratings might take a huge leaps towards the last few episodes, who knows.

        I attribute Bromance’s success mainly and solely to Megan’s convincing cross-dressing and it pretty much stops there, there is nothing in the drama otherwise worth the hype to be honest. Personally, I don’t see the “huge improvements” in Megan’s acting that everyone claims about, maybe cause I do follow her work closely so I don’t see a gap but I find that it’s pretty much there and it’s just that she got a role that suits her tomboyish personality well. I still find her acting shy and timid a bit annoying but I shall gloss over that. On the other hand, I find Baron Chen to only be a serviceable actor, while he has improved from when I last saw him in Because of You (he also worked with Megan here so I recommend you check it out since you love them so much), he still hasn’t impressed me at all and is still only a serviceable actor to me. So Bromance to me is really a meh and its getting really draggy, plus I’m watching it concurrently with MMoN which is so amazingly well paced so I’m not really impressed by Bromance although I can see what the hype is about. At least the OST is really really good so points for them I guess?

      • While I agree Megan carries the show ( in the beginning), starting from ep 6 baron has took over and in command of the drama! His acting has really improved after 5 years in China. There is so much depth in his eyes!! Without doubt there r some really silly plot but it has nothing to do with their acting. Veteran actor like Linda liu blew everyone anyway, showing what a golden horse best actress should be!
        All things aside, in my 10 years of drama watching, bromance has such a refreshing writing. There r no misunderstanding, everything just gets clear up. Not putting down mmon, I couldn’t watch it after the sexual assault in the hotel room! There is so much twist and turn in bromance. It started off as when yn would reveal herself as a woman, to if they will confess they like each other to now the biggest question of if dzf knows yn is a woman!! unlike all the other gender bender drama before bromance, dzf doesn’t care what gender yn is, he only loves yn. Need I say more? Completely trust btw the otp! Dzf is one of the best male character written in books in a very very long time, imo, probably since 費雲帆. Straight forward no bs! He knows what he wants and gets it.
        Last but not least , the bts are epic!! Baron and Megan make me laugh so hard! Those two got more chemistry going on off screen than on screen!

  5. i think you should objectively to review the drama not only based on its actress/actors, you should try to watch it before you judge. Bromance is very popular in taiwan & also outside Taiwan. we love megan&baron chen (DUPI lovers). they have improved lot in acting and having awesome chemistry…

  6. Thanks for your comments! Bromance success is not only due to the incredible chemistry from our otp. The entire cast and kudo to the director that make this drama one of the most memorable drama in drama history. This drama took a risk to explore about love regardless of the gender which is very noble. The survey stat shows the audience from age 35-44 was amongst the most supportive of the show, not just teenager having a crush of a idol show. When was the last time koala you watch a show that makes you feel like falling in love the first time?

  7. aaron is again came to the small screen after 2014:)
    ( in 2015 its just cameo appearance;) )
    Aaron i am waiting for your new drama…
    i am very glad if it will upload on full episodes with english subtitles via youtube….
    and i am also look forward to your chemistry with Joanne Tseng….
    and don’t forget i am your die hard fan:)
    jiya you!!!!!

  8. Missed Aaron & happy that he’ll be back soon on our screens.

    On the other hand, sad that Bromance is ending. It’s the show I most look forward to watching each week. It’s really fun and both Baron and Megan are at their most awesome here. Du Zi Feng is one of the most memorable characters I’ve seen recently, his comic timing is superb, and Megan is superb as the gawky boy, Ya Nuo. My family members actually believed that Ya Nuo is a guy, haha. I’m really enjoying the dialogue and especially loved all the close shaves when Ya Nuo’s real gender almost gets exposed.

    • Didn’t meant to comment, but seeing you mention go princess go, I had to say I enjoyed both. It’s this exaggerated acting and storyline plus amazing chemistry between actors that both shows have and keep audience hooked on.
      Everyone have their preferences and watching sometime silly comedies is really nice. I like to shut off my mind at times and these shows are just perfect for enjoying chemistry between actors and love between characters. Besides it helps that they are all eye candies.
      Anyway, everyone has their opinion and I guess we should accept koalas opinion o n, she pretty stated that she doesn’t like bromance, not like she said the show is really.
      Anyway, back to topic I am ecstatic too for this pairing, liked Aaron ever since just you though I didn’t last till the last episode And I love Joanne ever since that drama with Xiao gui forgot the name. Hope they make the drama memorable since the plot seems to be very cliche.

      • *Anyway, everyone has their opinion and I guess we should accept koalas opinion too, she pretty stated that she doesn’t like bromance, not like she said the show is really bad.

  9. At first I thought wow this is such an unexpected pairing, then I remembered they were initially gonna star together in Love Buffet until the sudden last minute casting change. This is certainly an interesting pair, particularly for me cause they’re two people I basically grew up watching and watched them grow up too x) looking forward! Although I hope SETTV don’t screw this up /cough cough/

    • I almost forgot they came so close to working with each other in Love Buffet! I remembered she and Calvin Chen had a dating scandal together around that time too xD looking forward to this pairing although I’m very skeptical of the premise as well as the production team

  10. The plot does sound pretty interesting and it’s Aaron and Joanne…nothing seems to be going wrong so far. Looking forward to this!

  11. I watched Aaron and the other actress I can’t remember in the Two Aaron Show, I will watch him with Joanne. She is better than her material in Marry Me, I have to agree.
    Please make her funny and not tear soaked.
    I love Aaron on my screen!

  12. What so great about office girl really? Just another rich guy pretends to be poor and fell in love with a poor hardworking candy girl. How many drama is about that plot anway? Cliche all over the place . Meanwhile bromance took a risk and explore homosexuality which might not be suitable to the grand audience but I applaud their effort in trying something different. You were not impressed with Megan and Baron acting which is your opinion. The rest of the cast is amazing.

    • Funny how in 2011, Office Girls was in the same position that Bromance is now, competiting with a 三凤 production that although receives a lot of praises and garners a lot of attention, somehow can never surpass their fellow competition on TTV. And now Alice and Roy are on the other end of the stick now. Oh the irony. The only difference is that I understand the competition between OG and ITWY and they both totally deserve all the praise and attention they got. I can’t say the same about the current.

  13. Miss Koala should check out Back to 1989, it showed lots of potential.

    I’m liking Aaron x Joanne as a pair, they almost collaborated in Love Buffet but I feel their faces changed quite a bit since then (or maybe “mature” is the right word to describe that). I used to like both quite a lot back then, because I grew up with Joanne’s old-school SETTV dramas, haha!

    However, Aaron is a pretty controversial person off-screen, often hitting the headlines for his controversial statements (misinformed remarks about the earthquake in Taiwan, criticizing on Spexial’s rabid fans (where he had more of those type of fans himself), his new year’s lackluster performance, etc) despite having no drama work in Taiwan last year.

    Truthfully, I don’t really like Aaron’s off-screen personality, he speaks “too much” of his mind, a bit of “too loud” and low EQ (emotional quality) in front of the media. But I like him enough as an actor that I tend to ignore his off-screen antics since he didn’t really do any actual harm, aside from making some immature remarks from time to time that ticks me off.

    He’s not all that bad, at times, he also make some good by encouraging his fans to go green, etc.. Since Taiwanese public easily forget negative press as long as there’s good works, I hope this will be a good drama (despite the plot sounds so generic)…

    Speaking of forgetful audience… the reason why I don’t watch MMON is Roy Chiu, before Office Girls, he was notorious for attitude problem and his not-so-good relationship with Rainie Yang (he’s a jerk). But he regained fans through Office Girls and Miss Rose, but then he got into a scandal again by cheating on Tang Yan, and went quiet for some years before coming back through MMON and again, “bleaching” his image. I forgave him after Office Girls but I don’t think I could see him as a swoony romance drama male lead after all these scandals. I can ignore immature remarks but can’t stand cheaters and criminals. As much as how MMON have been getting positive reviews…

    As for Bromance, I watch it and I do like it, but not THAT much, it’s just another SETTV-style drama for me. People who love it are passionate but there’s also a lot of people who find the plot cringe-worthy and ridiculous. Since there’s a rule in Taiwandrama PTT community that you can’t press “dislike”(嘘) unless it’s on HATE post, there’s of course a lot of good reviews about Bromance and the atmosphere over there is not the best place to speak your mind, as long as you’ve opposing remarks, passionate fans will criticize you. But if you go to WomenTalk PTT board or other boards in PTT community, you’ll see lots of people not liking Bromance so I don’t see any wrong about Miss Koala’s remark, it’s her own preference.

    Bromance is doing well ratings wise and online discussion. But strangely, the popularity of Megan and Baron doesn’t match up with the exploding online popularity of the drama, their personal Facebook fanpage didn’t have much increase (100k is not a huge increase for such a popular drama), audience love their drama “roles” over the actress/actor. Only Megan is getting a few CF deals but not Baron, the whole effect doesn’t match up to its massive online following, except for Bii but he was already popular since the beginning.

    To explain my point, I’ll use Roy Chiu as a comparison. Roy Chiu gained 200k fans (2 times more than Baron) in his newly created facebook page even though MMON is not doing as good as Bromance in ratings department. He also became the cover person for several magazines, even on SETTV’s own magazine – Spop even though MMON airs on ETTV, while Baron and Megan only went on Iwalker and Spop.

    Another example will be Jasper Liu.. even though When I See You Again is not that popular online but he gained almost 400k fans during WISYA and got 8-9 CF deals last year, plus he was on the cover of several famous magazines aside from SETTV’s own magazines (Men’s Uno, brand, etc). Even Joanne Tseng did better after Dear Mom, she graces so many magazine covers and gained almost 600k fans on Facebook after Dear Mom.

    I have nothing against Bromance but their fans are getting too defensive and feeling too good about their own drama lately that it’s rubbing me the wrong way. The popularity effect of Bromance has not really went to the leads… This is more of the case where the drama is popular but the leads are so-so. I’ve friends working in SETTV and most of them are actually watching MMON themselves, lol… What an irony.

      • Spop jan issue had 5 different covers as it’s for drama awards so many drama pairings were on the cover (Jasper and Joanne/Melvin Sia was on the cover for 3-4mths too (including february 2015 issue), though not really consecutive). SPOP and Iwalker are not really the best consensus for popularity as they’re owned by SETTV and consider as idol magazines, they’ll promote their own drama pairings. I am talking about other recognized fashion magazines like Marie Claire, Men’s Uno, Brand, Elle, Bella, Vogue, etc.. CFs and fashion magazine covers are definitely the prove of popularity.

    • If I could up vote your comment a million times I would. I have nothing against Bromance, it’s cute, it’s silly, and it’s fun, but their fans are rubbing me the wrong way and SETTV is seriously getting on my nerves. I don’t like how they’re basically trying to monopolise the Taiwanese drama industry by tying down good actors with projects that go awry half way and the way they promote the shows through their own magazines, their own award shows and their own programmes, really makes me cringe. It tends to create the impression that a show is super popular when in reality it’s not so much. They seriously need to get their shit together and start producing some quality television, instead of overloading their shows with sponsorships and product placements (Bromance has been pretty subtle with the PP which I’m thankful for but did you guys see the vacuum in WISYA? It was so much like a commercial I almost died). The way SETTV extends their shows never endingly to drag it out just so they can make some more money out of a popular drama is just so mercinery it gets on my nerves, and people wonder why the Chinese-speaking drama watching community shifts to Kdrama instead.

      • SETTV have actually improved last year, 2013-2014 was the worst year from them as most of their dramas went downhill (to the makjang route), *shivers*. Of course not all, but Aaron’s Fall in Love With Me, Say Yes I Do Again… etc…

        But SETTV is pretty decent last year, When I See You Again, Someone Like You, their Sunday lineup aren’t that bad, both dramas didn’t really went downhill and the plot was in tact with the characters. There’s a resurge in Taiwanese drama popularity last year back in Taiwan too (Korean dramas last year were pretty boring imo, except for a few such as Missing Noir M, Reply 1988, Awl)…

        The worst drama actually come from ETTV (MMON’s channel) – Dearest Intruder, lol… TVBS dramas are a let down too, Youth Power not delivering as much as I want them to. Taste of Love went makjang and ugh.. So SETTV definitely did better than them and they’re not actually as notorious as people make them up to be. Plus, they currently have quality dramas like Back to 1989, Be With Me (cinematography-wise).

        One thing I have to give props to SETTV is that they’re the channel that produce the most Taiwanese original dramas, which is why their “rate of bad dramas” seem higher than other channels, because they produce more… But last year wasn’t a bad year for them and this year, they actually show some promise through Back to 1989. In my opinion, other channels like GTV, TVBS, TTV (eg: The New World…) are not safe from bad/disappointing dramas, unless it’s PTS and Hakka TV.

      • I thought 2015 was a pretty good year for Kdramas, although a lot of the good ones did come out concurrently like Pinnichio, Kill Me Heal Me and Healer. There was also School 2015, Girl Who Sees Smell and Heard It Through the Grapevines. Although there was some pretty disappointing ones too.

        Personally, the only good Taiwanese drama I watched last year was 16個夏天 and that was produced by Ruby Lin’s own studio. I agree with you that SETTV is still one of the more decent channels when it comes to idol drama since the other channels can’t even attract me to watch theirs (Dear Intruder was such a nightmare). My problem with them though is while they always start strong with their dramas have disappointed me endlessly towards the last 4 or 5 episodes where the drama totally loses its direction and they just end up putting in a lot of scene fillers and fan service. I mostly blame the company for trying to ride out the drama’s popularity to gain more ads by pushing it to 20 episodes when it can in fact cleanly end at 16. Just an opinion cause I remember most “idol dramas” being around 13 one and a half hour episodes which for me was a good number. The most dissapointing of the lot being Aaron’s dramas actually since we all know how popular that boy is so the show will definitely still survive even if the entire plot goes off track which it does.

        I agree with you that there is a resurge in Taiwanese dramas last year, and it does seem hopeful that they might be able to regain their viewership. I do hope that they do cause I really do miss the good old days, but another thing is they need to stop the talent drain to China, really miss the old faces like Arial Lin, Rainie Yang and Mike He.

      • I consider Pinnochio and Healer as dramas from late 2014, not really 2015 dramas.

        Kill Me Heal Me was decent but not that passionate about it. School 2015, Girl Who Sees Smell and Heard It Through the Grapevines were dramas I dropped mid way. School 2013 was def a lot better than 2015 (makjang-filled) version, GWSS had an interesting concept but failed to deliver as the cops were too dumb, I find the antagonist much more an interesting character because of NGM’s acting. Even TVN’s My Beautiful Bride was such a let down ever since ep8 onwards…

        It was only till late of 2015 where addictive dramas start to pop out – Awl, Reply1988 or Missing Noir M (but that was in the mid year). Cable channels offer far more interesting stuffs. So yeah, aside from a few, most kdramas last year were boring.

        The Way We Were don’t interest me that much and it’s considered drama of 2014, not 2015. TWWW is great in quality and all but strangely, I just don’t feel the pull towards the story, too much melo in the later half. I dropped it mid way. I acknowledge the quality but I’m not passionate about it.

  14. Um. I like all three. Go princess go, marry me or not and bromance. I don’t mind we got cliche and some greener acting skills. Each show has its strengths; I am not looking for Oscar winning performances. I want some laughter, some fun, some chemistry and some eye candies.

    Like every novel, story or drama; it’s all cliches and rewriting the same with a touch of this and a pinch of that… It’s just drama — we are not going to have the same opinion on it and that’s fine isn’t it?

  15. everyone’ ve their preference and opinion. but in writing opinion we cannot bash other actors/actress as shown in this blog which is make pro&con. the writer must consider other reader’s feeling because it means your blog/web is popular and read by many people. you didn’t write bromance here is up to you because other forums’ve talked a lot about this drama even there lots of international fans but please don’t comment negatively about the other actress/actors. every drama has their own strengths&weaknesses. Bromance’s popularity is very huge is a fact. in my opinion is not only because the story but coordination between all people there is good so that they can bring awesome dialogue and chemistry. And plus they have awesome ost

    • This is the first time I heard about Bromance. Is it really fun to watch? I’ve been so tired of searching for K dramas to watch recently. After watching a few episodes of some popular K dramas, I finally gave up because the plots made me feel so drowsy. I’ve just started to explore C- or T- dramas recently. Do you have any good recommendations? I watched Nirvana in Fire, Bu Bu Jin Xin, the Legend of Lu Zen, Boss and Me, and perhaps one or two more. I like all of them, specifically NiF. Now I’m kinda bored, trying to find a filler before some new C dramas I anticipate to be aired.

      • If you liked NiF, you should try The Disguiser, pretty much the same cast, and the plot is amazing

  16. Am I the only one who finds Joanne Tseng kind of boring as an actress? Maybe it’s just the roles I’ve seen her in that make her seem emotionless.

    As for Bromance I’m one of the people who enjoy seeing it each week, but I can totally understand why someone might not like it. I’m sure many people love Joanne Tseng’s acting, and I’m not going to bash them for it. Everyone has their own taste and reacts to dramas differently.

  17. LOL…I didn’t expect to learn about another T- drama Bromance. Given that some readers raved about the drama, I’ll give this one a shot since I’m really very bored after trying several K dramas but failing to stay hooked.

    • Just started to watch Bromance. LOVE IT! And I fall in love with Megan Lai from the very start. LOL…..Now I can remove Love me or not from my bookmark. This later drama is ridiculously exaggerating, overacting….

  18. I’m trying to watch Marry Me or not but almost can’t get past ep 2. What’s the charm about this silly drama? Why Koala and some ppl are so doped about it?

    • Thanks drama2016! You will appreciate the smoking chemistry from our otp? Last show I really felt that way was coffee prince!

    • Ahhh then we must have different tastes. I didn’t feel Coffee Prince either, specifically the male lead (forgot his name). As to Marry Me or Not, the entire cast appear to be too exaggerating and overacting for me.. Or perhaps that’s the point exactly they tried to to make the rom com that way. I’m just not the one for MMoN. I watched a few episodes of Bromance yesterday and it intrigued me. I think it’s the best gender bender drama of all time, beating popular K dramas You’re Beautiful and To the Beautiful You. Megan Lai is amazing. The two K female leads in the two foregoing dramas looked really awkwardly embarrassing compared with Megan Lai. I actually flinched at their cross dressing.

      • Hey

        As you asked for recommendation, the tw drama i watched and liked are When i see you again, Bromance, Rock n Road, The Pursuit of Happiness, Once More Heartbeat, most of the above are fluffy romantic dramas

  19. Hi Ockoala, I love your blog and your writing. You are among my GREAT bloggers who stand shoulder to shoulder with thunderbird, girlfriday, javabeans and samsooki. So sad you couldn’t get into Bromance because of Megan. But I got into Bromance only after I dropped Marry Me or Not (MMON) – very reluctantly. Why very reluctantly? Well, I was the main editor for Office Girls at WithS2, and I loved that drama, and main couple. But I could not enjoy MMON because of the basis of the love plot. It was insincere and the romantic in me could not accept that. It would have been all right Alice started off to “get him” because of revenge, but I couldn’t accept that he knew, and went along deceptively too. To cut a long story short, I reluctantly abandoned MMON after episode 4, but with Bromance, by the end of ep 4, I was hopelessly in love. Megan Lai I had no partiality but she’s the most credible of all the girl-turned boy actresses. It was Baron and the love story I fell in love with. Baron was someone I didn’t know anything about. He looked very average – average height and average looking. He’s also a bit “mature”compared to male leads. But boy have I been proven wrong. He’s now one of the best looking MAN I can think off (no earrings, no eyeliner, no tattoos, not that I am against them). I will be his fan for life. Bromance gave me the fluffy romantic feeling that MMON couldn’t. Well, to each his own. I hope to chat with you in another drama that we both love. Lastly, I want to thank you for your dedication and contribution towards dramas. I might not agree with you, but I love you anyway.

    • So well said. I agree with you on every point. Now I’m hooked to Bromance. Megan Lai is amazing cross-dressing as a man and the chemistry between her and Baron Chen is incredible. Now I’m on the way to enjoy watching this interesting experience.

  20. Go here for more bromance love: http://bromancefansproject.blogspot.com.au/.
    BROMANCE reminds me of how fanatical I was over Damo. Damo wasn’t the most mainstream loved but those who loved it, lovely it with an intensity rarely found. How I felt about Damo then is how I feel about Bromance now. (It’s the FEEL, not the execution and aesthetics of drama making which Bromance lacks). So much so, we fans over at Soompi have gathered to send Baron, Megan, other cast and crew a Valentine Day message. So far, fans from over 50 countries have responded. If you would also like to to join in, please go to the above link for details.

    • Thanks you Lucy Ng and drama 2016 for your comments! Welcome to the bromance ditch! I have watched it about 20 times already and the show is not even finished and this is the first time in my life I am watching live steaming and bought spop magazine! I didn’t even know who Megan Lai was until I saw her tomboy portrait from the movie cafe waiting love and my girl crush began!

    • @ yvonne.. Hahaha..this was one of the most sweet surprises I’ve ever had by getting on this blog. I was a bit depressed after so many failing attempts to stick with several K dramas. (hahaha…no kidding, I used to be a K drama freak.) Now Bromance is a cure. Some ppl here may compare Bromance to C drama Go Princess Go. But I found them very different. C dramas are sometimes known for their black jokes and dark quips. That’s how I feel about Go Princess Go. GPG is also refreshing in terms of how wacky it is and how much the theme has challenged typical C drama storytelling. But tbh, I didn’t enjoy GPG and the watching experience always made me sad because it’s gonna be a sad ending and it was too dark (hopeless) for me to get relaxed. I’m glad there’s such a T-drama like Bromance that’s based on very touchy issues in the society but it was presented in an intelligent, humorous, and (emotionally) harmless way. That’s the huge difference between GPG and Bromance. I’m not saying this to let down GPG fans. It’s just at the end of the day, I personally can’t really have peace of mind while having heartache over the OTP of GPG. It’s not a pleasant experience for me. I watch dramas to get my overworking brain some rest, not to be bombarded with emotional trauma….LOL

  21. Miss Koala must be so pleased, all the traffic you Bromance fans are bringing to this article about Aaron and Joanne, like how did this even started?

    • LOL…I have no idea…I came here to read about Aaron’s new drama but ended up being a new fan of Bromance. I started to watch Bromance yesterday because fans here raved about it. Then bingo! Here I am to recommend the drama to those who haven’t watched it yet. LOL..I’m too excited since I’d been so bored of finding no interesting K dramas to watch and those C dramas I’m looking forward to are either not aired or subbed yet. Bromance is a sweet surprise to my filler. Thanks to all the Bromance fans for recommending the treat.

      • @ all Bromance fans, after googling news about Bromance, I know there’s huge following of this drama among international viewers. Idk why Bromance isn’t available to the US viewers on Viki. But there are over 1000 comments on the drama page and I know that’s rare for a T-drama. I also read quite a few blogs passionately reviewing and recommending Bromance to international drama fans. I see its popularity. Well, I’m so far on ep8 and have had lots of fun watching the interesting story. Seriously, Megan Lai is amazing and Baron Chen is a badass with such incredible chemistry with his leading man (or lady?). LOL

      • @dupi +CHUUBY and rambutan. Thanks for the information. I’ll check out the sites you recommended. It should be fun to read feedback from drama viewers.

  22. Sheesh. Let’s get back to what’s really important – Aaron is growing up nicely! Yay! I will definitely look for this one!

  23. I was disappointed when Joanne was no longer acting in Love Buffet with Aaron and Calvin! Plus I remembered in an interview, Aaron said that so far in his dramas, Joanne is an actress he has the most chemistry with. So looking forward to this! 🙂

  24. OMG I love Qiao Qiao. I have been a fan of hers since The Magicians of Love. One of my favorite Taiwanese actress. I haven’t watched a Taiwanese drama in A LONG time so I’m happy this would be my first. Aaron is such a cutie. I’ve always wanted to see these two do something together. I think I remember they were originally gonna act in another drama but they both pulled out due to schedule conflicts. I’ve seen the first episode and their chemistry is GREAT. I’ve watched some bts clips and their chemistry off screen is amazing. I can see myself shipping them & I do hope they do more projects together in the future.
    I hope this drama becomes a success even if the storyline is played out.

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