C-actress Yang Rong Shows Off an Exquisite Wedding Dress Backside in New Pictorial

It takes a lot to to breakthrough in acting popularity, and that wall is even higher when one is known for playing antagonist characters. That’s the route C-actress Yang Rong has taken but one that has paid off in spades despite playing characters that are totally hateful. It helps that her acting is amazingly nuanced and riveting, managing to infuse her bitchy characters with slivers of sympathy. She’s basically the anti of Tang Yan and Zhao Li Ying , known for playing Candy characters who are syrupy sweet. I’m looking forward to Yang Rong taking the reins as the female lead in her own right, because her looks aren’t the typical sleek or cute pretty that popular C-actresses coast on. Her latest wedding dress pictorial is a lovely chance to gaze upon her unique beauty in wedding dress with an exquisitely designed back. Kinda like Yang Rong, the beauty doesn’t jump out directly but is to be savored from a different angle.


C-actress Yang Rong Shows Off an Exquisite Wedding Dress Backside in New Pictorial — 8 Comments

  1. I am a huge fan of hers after seeing has as the female lead of love for three lifetimes. She is a great actor and look frwd to seeing more of her.

  2. It’s not that she carved out a path for herself doing antagonistic roles, but because she has the support of Yu Zheng. I mean, it’s like how Yuan Shanshan gets all her lead roles. That’s not saying that she’s a bad actress, but it’s useful having someone who’s got your back. Her transition to THE female lead becomes a lot easier because of this.

  3. I’ve always liked her acting and wondered why it took her so long to get the lead role. She seems to be a tougher version of Jiang Xin (Concubine Hua from Zhen Huan), and i definitely prefer them over Zhao Li Ying.

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