Lace Doilies Turn into Kang Dong Won’s Latest Fashion Creation at Movie Premiere

I know Kang Dong Won is a box office winner and critically acclaimed A-list movie star in Korea, but can he never stop entertaining me with his fashion choices. I’ve now crossed that line between mildly aghast and supremely impressed, which was a big canyon divide to be honest but with Kang Dong Won at the helm not hard to vault over. He showed up at the movie premiere with A Violent Prosecutor wearing what is best described as a Victorian era throwback suit, except I don’t even think any gentlemen in that two hundred years ago era wore anything quite like this. His shirt, tie, and jacket are all variations on lace doilies, the kind grandma might knit in her spare time, and in this case if the outfit ended up on Kang Dong Won’s body then I’m fairly confident this getup wasn’t produced by any grandma and instead by the mad fashion scientist mind of a couture house. It’s so visually ridiculous I love it! Please never stop dressing like you’re picking out a costume party outfit, Kang Dong Won, this has the potential to be an ongoing meme and inside joke.


Lace Doilies Turn into Kang Dong Won’s Latest Fashion Creation at Movie Premiere — 21 Comments

  1. My grandma is calling, she wants her tablecloth back.

    If he is not KDW, I bet he would be bash. But hey, this style is making a come back, and maybe crossing over as a new material for men’s clothing.

  2. Not sure I’m liking this one. It looks a little like a very fancy lab coat. We had doiles all over the place when I was a kid. That’s all I think of when I see this. ??????????

  3. I just want to know which brand has this clothes. He’s been sporting so many outlandish outfits. Has anyone in Seoul asked him why?

  4. I heard that he wants to make drama comeback. some can go both ways from drama to movies and back and forth while others can’t and his one of these. there is to much risk in dramaland for him and his bubble can get burst pretty quickly with a flop cuz the exposure is big especially on National broadcasting channels

  5. When you’re that pretty you can make others stop and consider a doily coat for a second before they realize it’s not for mere mortals, really.

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