Yang Mi and Mark Chao are Stunning in Official Stills from C-drama Version of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms

Now this is what I call looking good for a fantasy wuxia conceptual character posters. The first official goodies are out for the C-drama adaptation of popular fantasy period novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms. This is the C-drama version that is filming at the exact same time as the C-movie version, so don’t get the two mixed up. The C-drama stars Yang Mi and Mark Chao, while the C-movie headlines Crystal Liu and Yang Yang. I like both sets from visuals, Crystal is a no-brainer pick for gorgeous period goddess, and way back when Yang Mi gave off the same vibes and she’s recapturing it here with a fantastic hairstyle and robes as female lead Bai Qian. Yang Yang is more male model than Mark Chao as Ye Hua, but I love Mark’s ability to brood silently and he’s also been solid in period movies so I have no worries, other than the concept look makes Mark look like the Chinese grim reaper in all black.


Yang Mi and Mark Chao are Stunning in Official Stills from C-drama Version of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms — 18 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing.
    I am so excited for this, one of my alltime favorite novel. I like the drama version more since I think a movie won’t make the novel justice, they probably have to cut short a lot. Just like he hi sheng xiao mo, the drama version was way better. Besides I anticipate Mark in drama again. Actually i didn’t expect him to return to the small screen .but I am happy. And I like some of the supporting actors, too, like di li re ba and yu meng long.

    • The movie version will probably cut out the subplot about Bai Qian going to the mortal realm to change Ye Hua’s nephew fate.

  2. Yang Mi’s costume is giving me Xiao Longnu vibes and I’m loving it! I am so ready to see both the movie and drama adaptation!

  3. Mark looks prettier than Yang Mi in a weird way Lol. Not a fan of Yang Mi’s acting but I’ll try it out for Mark and Di Li Re Ba. In my opinion, the other supporting actresses have more “visual” than Yang Mi.

  4. Mark Chao looks great here, I’m digging that long, black and rebonded hair XD I still find it a pity that Liu Yifei went to the movie version instead of this. I’m okay with Yang Mi, but I would still prefer Yifei over her, Yang Mi’s outfit looks slightly off here.

  5. I don’t follow ancient c-dramas most the time but this looks like something to look forward to! I wonder if the drama or the movie will do better. I myself wouldn’t be able to choose between the leads :s

  6. C Wuxia drama has been notorious for tacky styles and cheap CGI making. Examples include popular drama the Legend of Ancient Sword, and the Journey of Flower, etc. C netizens constantly mocked those cheap computerized tricks that make fantasy appear so fake and they dubbed these computer-aided edits as “5-penny tech.” LOL…That’s also one of the reasons why I’m not so much into Wuxia even I read novels while loving so many C historical dramas that equally require much graphic edit nowadyas. As to this novel adaptation, I’m more looking forward to the movie version thanks to the male lead Yang Yang even it’s questionable if a film of mere 2 hours or so can say it all about the story. I gain this confidence in this good looking young actor because of his caliber of interpreting novel adaption. I was so impressed by his precision of reliving two novel characters: one as the male lead in Whirlwind Girl (Tornado Girl), a drama adaptation of popular writer Min Xia Xi’s book of the same name; the other one is the pivotal figure, Zhang Qylin, in the over-hyped web adaptation of a very famous novel, the Lost Tomb. Yang Yang actually started out as a child actor at age of 16 and had taken many minor roles in random projects since then. Some even didn’t make to air. He rose to fame in 2015 thanks to his remaking Zhang Qylin alive in the crappy drama adaptation the Lost Tomb. Tons of novel fans trash talked about this epic fail drama adaptation in all aspects except for this one particular actor, Yang Yang, even with his scenes cut to unreasonably limited screen time for some behind-the-scene dark reasons. Now he’s got a huge rabid fan club following to see his new projects. I’ll be curious how he’s gonna interpret this divine figure Dong Hua, another novel dapataion again. Given his good work ethics in preparing for new dramas, he read all the original novels of the drama adaption of his projects and tried to completely immerse himself in the role while filming. I have high anticipation of the movie version tanks to him. As to the drama version, not a fan of either lead (not impressed by their old dramas in the past after watching them), I may just check it out to see if they can get rid of those tacky CGI editing this time. LOL

  7. From fashion designer perspective, i think Yang Mi’s outfit looks really cheap.. i pity those talented actors n actress to wear such an “unattractive” outfit.. ? *deepsigh

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