Please Come Back Ahjusshi Releases Hilarious Teaser While K-news Reports Cast Bickering Over Credit Order


I was all set to root for the various drama setups in upcoming SBS drama Please Come Back Ahjusshi that are outside the norm of typical K-drama tropes. There was going to be co-leads Rain and Oh Yeon Seo, each acting as their own characters and when the souls of veterans Kim In Kwon and Kim Soo Ro are inhabiting their bodies. They aren’t supposed to have a love line, which seemed to be with Rain and Lee Min Jung, but after one hilarious preview I’m so onboard with the Rain and Oh Yeon Seo chemistry. She looks drop dead gorgeous and super game acting out Kim Soo Ro’s interior macho guy soul, while Rain is back looking comfortable in his own character skin playing a character much more suited for his age and range.

Despite the funny previews, the behind the scenes shenanigans already making the K-news casts a pall over the proceedings that are concerning – reportedly there were complains among certain cast members to the original listing of actor names in the credits “Rain, Oh Yeon Seo, Kim Soo Ro, Lee Min Jung, Honey Lee, Choi Won Young”, so now it’s been changed to listing it by order of age going like this “Park In Hwan, Kim Soo Ro, Choi Won Young, Kim In Kwon, Rain, Lee Min Jung, Honey Lee, Oh Yeon Seo”. Dang, way to sound petty whoever made a fuss in the first place.


Previews for Please Come Back Ahjusshi:


Please Come Back Ahjusshi Releases Hilarious Teaser While K-news Reports Cast Bickering Over Credit Order — 46 Comments

  1. That’s so petty and tbh, as much as I hate the crap LMJ gets because of her personal life, I think it’s likely her causing the fuss. I mean Rain is in the safe being the obvious guy lead. And the female lead is said to be OYS despite her not having a love line with Rain. But I suppose LMJ doesn’t find that acceptable considering she’s headlined her own dramas in the past.

    Tbh, if you don’t like being second billed, then fine by all means just reject the role. But if you’re going to accept it and then cause a fuss then that’s just lame and loser-ish. I hope it will still be good despite the crap.

    • Your assuming its her b/c she was a first lead lady before being forced to be a second lead due to her husband scandal. GET A LIFE and stop making up “oh I THINK its her BLAH BLAH BLAH…” sshshh…Koala didn’t even mention who was making the ruckus about the name order. So stop assuming b/c your just making an ass of yourself. And about the CREDIT thing, it might not be important to those outside of the movie or entertainment industry or professional industry. For example, if you contributed 70% to a project and to have your name listed last on the contribution; while someone got listed first for contributing 1%, how would you feel??? It implies the same for those in a professional industry, if I contributed more, my name better be the first name on the paper or project. SO I do understand why the credit has to be fair. Might seems like nothing to some people, but it is important to others.

      • Nope. I’m not even going to argue with you because you’ve just made an ass of yourself and your comment is enough to prove my point. 70% vs 1%. Da fuq u on about person?

    • You can’t argue b/c you can’t. Your assumption that this credit bicker started b/c of targeting LMJ is based on nothing. There is no news publicizing its LMJ who started it. So your the one making an ass out of yourself. READ your own comment. “BUT I suppose ….” Come one, once anyone says that they are making up shit.

      • Sure babe, whatever floats your fragile little boat. I don’t want you drowning in your ocean of anger, that would be unfortunate if only because I’ll lose some entertainment around here 😉

      • You’re very welcome. Glad I could be of your assistance considering how much you’d need it. Cheers! XD

  2. LMJ needs to chill. Like she must know that OYS is a better actress who more well relieved by the audience. Her family just got over a scandal which affected. She made the choice that was best for her but she is not her husband. LBH is a good actor, he miraculously knows how to shake off a scandal a he’s a guy (double standards) he can easily get love back. She was petty and immature.

    Unrelated but…. ((Hypocrisy of oscars not giving Leo an Oscar all these years for his promiscuity but inviting LBH to be the first K-actor to be a presenter kills me.))

    • They (meaning the k-netizens) did it through process of elimination. meaning, they “analyzed” the possible complainant. Can’t be Honey Lee, cause she’s already had second-billing to OYS in Shine or Go Crazy. Can’t be Rain, cause yeah obviously he’s the main lead guy. Can’t be Kim Sooro, cause well… they feel he’s not petty. Would Park In Hwan demand something like that? Even Choi Won Young and Kim In Kwon had played secondary characters. So that leaves us with… Lee Min Jung.

      That’s my theory as to knetz’ theory. Also, it might not even be LMJ, but her agency who complained about it.

  3. Can’t it also be assumed that one of the older people, as in one of the veteran male actors, said something instead if LMJ since it’s now by age? Why is there so much negativity towards her? She was great in Cunning Single Lady.

  4. it’s funny when you guys hate LMJ, not LBH over the past scandal. He was the one who cheated on his wife, she’s just a victim.

  5. I don’t care about the fuss. It will be much competition between Descendant of the Sun, Comeback Ahjussi and Goodbye Mr. Black. I wonder who will win. And my feeling said Comeback Ahjussi will get more spot just simply reason Oh Yeon Seo gives lucky vibes with her acting projects. Very silly indeed lol……..

  6. facepalming at the people asummin LMJ was the one who did the fuss over the names , if that was the case she would have never even accepted the role in the first place ( and why ppl asumme this is a problem with the female cast when there are several male leads on the story as well ughhhh ) … it’s hilarious how far can people go in order to spread hate .

    try harder next time, haters 🙂

  7. Most people in the K-Entertainment industries know how LMJ got her awards, projects, CFs-because of her Santa Lee. Korean talking about her actually.

    • LOL nope , she became a household name in Korea 3 years after she broke up with him …. she suffered so much during her early days as actress and even her agency at the time went bankrup ( she became close friends with Joo Sang Wook – her co star in Cunning Single Lady – back then since both were in the same agency and both were left behind by their former CEO) so she was about to give up on acting when the true responsible of her success appeared , Kim Min Sook , the CEO of Barunson Entertainment( now MS Team , famous for lauching the careers of Bae Doo Na and Son Ye Jin ) , who is still like a 2nd mother to Min Jung …. she was the one who scored bigger roles for her ( like BOF ) till Smile You appeared .

      Lee Byung Hun didn’t appear in her life again till 2011 / 2012 …. haters just love to fabricate lies while ignoring facts .

    • Korean talking about it does not mean its a true story unless it is backed by facts.I’m not even LMJ’fan but women accusing other women for some hearsays is a sad reality, she had suffered enough.

  8. Perhaps the veterans Park In Hwan, Kim Soo Ro etc are really the leads of this drama and the younger “stars” are supporting the senior cast so ahem at the back of the list. Dang!Bickering even before the drama premieres.

    Interesting to see how they line up for press conference.

  9. This looks fun!!!
    Please no lee min jung. Her acting is pure crap
    I would rather have oh yeon seo and honey lee as the lead.
    Please give ran mi ran a lot of scenes too. She is wonderful!

  10. I’m super satisfied with the teaser so far. It’s just upsetting that anyone among the casts would be causing such fights for petty matter.
    It’s not always the actors themselves,maybe it’s their agency who want their actor/ actress to be the main lead.
    I just hope they focus on writing good scripts instead of getting swayed. This is a comeback for Rain and Oh Yeon Seo so i really hope they gain lots of successes

  11. Well, it’s not the first time this kind of petty things has happened (and not only in South Korea), so I don’t really care about it. I don’t think the responsible for that mess won’t emerge from that with greater prestige anyway…
    Honestly, I’m sadder about the fact that there won’t be any love line (is it sure?) between both leads, Rain and Oh Yeon Seo…

  12. LMJ must be crying to lee santa. so she can get the lead role. poor OYS
    she was thinking she going to get the lead role. only to see lee santa wife get it. lee santa must pay the pd lot of money for them to switch female lead . rain/LMJ bith suck at acting so it another reason for me to drop this drama.

  13. OYS shouldn’t have accepted the drama if she is going to be treated this way. If it’s true than i have zero respect for LMJ.
    Shouldn’t she be practicing her acting instead of whining? There’s reason why people don’t want her to be the lead
    Kang sora dodged a bullet

  14. acting is subjective so i can’t judge about that but why are people and k-netz so sure of LMJ making the fuss?
    Her husband is shit but she seems like a sweetheart

  15. good thing kang sora drop this mess up drama. if the pd change the title. then we know it LMJ that cry to her husband. so she can get the lead role. feel so bad for OYS. her acting is better then both RAIN&LMJ.yet she have to take back sit to these two that get by cuz of their look.

      • Well…Lee Honey and Oh Yeon Seo 10000x more beautiful than Lee Min Jeong Should have cast other actress with better image, Lee Min Jeong is giving the drama quite a negative image.
        I used to like her but she needs to take slow
        steps before jumping in to big casts like this and making a fuss for nothing

  16. The amount of stupid, hateful and spiteful people on the internet never cease to amaze me. And I’m not talking about Korean netizens! Knowing all that hierarchy in K-society, probably one of the older males caused the fuss. I’m suspecting Kim Soo-ro.

    • Nah kim soo-ro was already placed third after the two leads since Kang Sora was still announced as the lead. I think knetz made the most possible assumption since LMJ used to play leads.

  17. ever since LMJ married LEE SANTA. she start to piss lot of people off.
    she should never married that pimp LEE SANTA in the first place.

  18. ASS-U-ME
    That’s what happens to the people that assume and to the ones that argue with them.

    I’m confused is it a Movie or Drama!? It looks funny

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