Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Seok Offered July KBS Rom-com Incarnation of Jealousy


Now this is a promising rom-com casting I can get behind, and one that seems able to resurrect some of the ratings disaster dramas that this particular network has been slotting in. KBS is in talks with Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Seok for a summertime romance drama called Incarnation of Jealousy. It’s slated for Mon-Tues, which is currently mired in the disaster of production and ratings that is Moorim School with poor wasted Lee Hyun Woo. After Moorim School comes the Park Shin Yang and Kang Sora drama¬†Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho, so this drama is likely after that, or potentially after another yet unannounced drama. I so have a girl crush on the unique and effortless Gong Hyo Jin, and Jo Jung Seok is always a solid drama presence even if he’s inconsistent with some of his movie roles. I didn’t even realize this but both are the same age (dong gap), so this likely won’t be one of those noona-dongsaeng romances like Producer tried to sell.

The drama is set in the world of television news broadcast, with the two leads being coworker news anchors who work at the same network. So far so good KBS, now ink these two on the dotted line and get cracking on delivering a good story worthy of their participation.


Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Seok Offered July KBS Rom-com Incarnation of Jealousy — 8 Comments

  1. Love this combi of GHJ and LJS. Yeah enough of noona and dongsaeng romances.

    Btw what’s this Neighbourhood Lawyer all about Koala?

  2. Lol, what if this ends up a noona-dongsaeng romance anyways? Love Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Suk but Korean rom coms come with too much of an agenda for me to get behind.

  3. Wait! Moorim school has poor ratings? The ratings are about the same as High School Love On or even slightly better. LOL…MS is the only K drama I’m currently watching. hahaha..Just don’t get what’s up with K drama production nowadays. What they consider good bored me to death and what really intrigues me is not doing well. LOL…It seems my taste is drifting further and further away from once-loved K ent… Oh well, I hope this new drama with my #1 K actress and an actor I respect doesn’t end up like Producer or Oh My Ghostess that heavily rely on the main leads but in my opinion the storylines are underwhelming at midway and nothing else much to rave about.

  4. If I read correctly the writer of this new drama is none other than that of Pasta and Miss Korea. If Jo Jung Seok ends up turning this down can they please court Lee Seon-kyun for a GHJ-LSK reunion?

  5. the cast look good on paper but look what happened to oh my Venus, it crashed and burned. poor SJS. anything KBS turned out shitty nowadays and now Jo Jung Seok, one of my favorite actors will face the same fate i believe.

  6. Love Hyo Jin!! She always have a knack of choosing great projects. Although Producer isn’t outstanding, but it still has decent ratings. I hope they both sign. It’s an interesting pairing.

  7. They are amazing actors and i think they would look good together, but i don’t think many people are prepared for the difference of their height. Well they can always do something with the angles and shoes. Please let GHJ be sassy and JJS be sweet and awkward as always.

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