Lee Jong Seok Considers MBC Drama W and is Featured in February Edition of High Cut Magazine

Lee Jong Seok is currently in China filming period C-drama Emerald Jade Lover with C-actress Zheng Shuang, but he’s considering military enlistment by year end as well so best to strike while the iron’s hot. That’s why I’m not surprised to hear that he’s been offered the role and is seriously considering upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama W. It’s from a solid production team, with the PD of She Was Pretty partnering with the screenwriter of Queen In Hyun’s Man and Nine: Nine Times Time Travels. The drama is described as a fantasy romance and MBC is eyeing it for either the July or September 2016 time slot. Lee Jong Seok’s agency was quick to confirm that he’s reviewing the offer but is just one of the many projects he’s considering. Lee Jong Seok recently made me chuckle with his Madame Tussaud’s wax replica so it’s nice to see him looking much more vibrant and alive in the recent pages of High Cut magazine February edition. I love the juxtaposition between the playful color stills with the intense black and white snaps.


Lee Jong Seok Considers MBC Drama W and is Featured in February Edition of High Cut Magazine — 22 Comments

      • No, she edited the post. ‘Considering’ was not there before because the quote in my comment was copy-paste. And he’s not even considering it, where did she even hear that. His diehard fans haven’t even heard it lol.

    • They are 3 years apart so I think he has 3 more years!
      As for his comeback, I’m really excited but is there any more info on the plot? I think his acting is really good in melodramas, I hope it will be a melo!

  1. He isn’t enlisting anytime soon though, where are you getting your info from koala?

    But I hope he will accept W, he needs to come back to the korean industry with a good project and with a good writer.

    Also he looked so good in that photoshoot!

  2. LJS still doesn’t have an agency. I think he just hired someone for the time being to help manage his schedule and projects. here’s hoping he ends up at a really good one. as for military enlistment, I concur with previous commentors.

    Lastly, this High Cut has a really good interview, giving insights to how he views himself as an actor. he also stated that he’s planning to pursue more projects this year, since his 2015 was practically empty.

    • OMG! It’s really the opposite of what k-netizens wants, I believe her acting is really good, but the reality is that the majority wants lee jongsuk to avoid this project…
      BTW what is important for me is that both of them are really good at acting and have a good chemistry with each other.

  3. @Girlicious lower herself?? lolll are u kidding me ?knetizens are asking jongsuk to avoid this drama if she ll be in it

    nothing against HHJ ..i actually don’t mind her.. but please some fans should stop saying nonsense

    • I said what I said and meant every word ,there is no need to lower herself and work with this attention seeker,always throwing a fit because he ain’t get what he wants.

  4. @Girlicious wth are you talking about ??? who is the attention seeker??? Jongsuk?? loool he refused to appear in tons of varieties and talk shows cause he has like attention phobia nd get nervous in places that have many people watching.. his speeches on stage are the shortest ever… are you freaking kidding me?? .. like seriously dunno how ignorant people like you make such judgment on someone that they dunno anything about …so stupid

  5. K nitizens really are funny I don’t mind HHJ acting with him cos she too is my favorite actress!!!!fighting!!

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