First Official Stills of Lee Jin Wook and Rival Kim Kang Woo in Goodbye Mr. Black

The men folk of upcoming MBC drama Goodbye Mr. Black are the first to meet the audiences, with male lead Lee Jin Wook¬†(above) and his onscreen nemesis Kim Kang Woo (below) looking intense and showcasing a propensity for guns. On the gun side Kim Kang Woo gets the win with a sharpshooter rifle over Lee Jin Woo’s pistol, not to mention in a revenge drama like this Kim Kang Woo’s baddie will clearly get the upper hand first in order to create the scenario that leads to Lee Jin Wook angling for vengeance.

This drama gets less attention than same time slot rivals Descendants of the Sun and Please Come Back Ahjusshi mostly for the slight delay in airing, it’s not arriving until March 16th, a full three weeks after DotS and Ahjusshi duke it out in direct competition. I’m pretty stoked for Mr. Black since the original manhwa was based on one of my favorite classic novels The Count of Monte Cristo, not to mention a revenge thriller is nicely complementary programming alongside a disaster war zone medical romance and a soul-swapping second chances humanistic drama. Doesn’t hurt that both Black male leads look mmmm-mmmm delicious in these first drama stills.

Moon Chae Won is also looking super adorable in this new bob as she’s seen in a fan snapped picture from the filming of Mr. Black.


First Official Stills of Lee Jin Wook and Rival Kim Kang Woo in Goodbye Mr. Black — 13 Comments

  1. Kim Kang Woo is so ridiculously hot, like omgggggg!!

    Looking forward to the drama simply for his sexy bad guy. Hope the story delivers.

  2. I prefer Kim Kang Woo more than Lee Jin Wook XD. It will be big competition among three actress Song Hye Kyo, Oh Yeon Seo and Moon Chae Won.

    • Definitely mine too! I mean, I’ll check out the other two, but only because Song Joong Ki is gorgeous and there may be some laughs with Come Back, Ajusshi. But The Count of Monte Cristo is just about my favorite book of all time and this cast is spot on perfect IMO so I have been counting down the days until its premier!

  3. KKW all the way. they just have to make moon look ugly with that short hair. so she will look ok with LJW. just know all their scene going be boring. hope the writer give moon/KKW screen time too.

  4. If I watch one of the three upcomers, it’ll be this one. i have a weakness for both guys. KKW will always be the BEST bad guy ever from Story of a Man.

  5. I love MCW, she is my favorite actress, and about LJW, for me he is a great actor, I loved so much Nine, it’s the most wonderful drama about time travels. He isn’t too much handsome but he’s so sexy. And finally I don’t know too much about the villain except by Haeundae Lovers and It wasn’t too good for me.

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