Press Conference for Descendants of the Sun Premiering this Wed February 24th


I put the best picture first from the press conference for KBS drama Descendants of the Sun, because laughing Song Joong Ki makes everything better and it’s rare to see Song Hye Kyo so openly exuberant in place of her usual calm contentment. Sadly for the most part the entire press conference come off like a faculty luncheon introducing new tenured professors, briskly professional but devoid of much energy or chemistry. At this point I’m just going to say a Hail Mary and keep my fingers crossed, not much else left to do in wanting to see more from DotS promos and routinely underwhelmed. Second leads Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo are also evidencing the same collegiate safe space aura with each other, leaving only supporting actor Onew to be the life of this party and show off a frisson of liveliness. Writer Kim Eun Sook looks adorably happy so I’ll toss my lot with her, if she seems this excited about the show then maybe it’s really going to deliver, and by deliver I just need it to tell a story with sincerity acted out by a cast that sparks onscreen in whatever interaction is narratively needed.


Press Conference for Descendants of the Sun Premiering this Wed February 24th — 33 Comments

  1. I didn’t know SHK was so short, I always imagined her to be on the taller side. Anyway, I’m exited for both this and “Come back, Mister” so I for sure will be checking both dramas! <3

  2. I’m shocked you were able to find as many good pictures as you did from this press conference. I watched a few clips of the cast together at the press conference and I can’t remember seeing a cast look that uncomfortable with each other. No chemistry between the leads. I’m trying to remain upbeat about this drama but the more I see the less hope I have that it is going to be good.

  3. Song joong ki looks so hot in that suit! Everyone else is ok-ish, but i agree that they look uncomfortable together. Will have to see how the first episodes fare before committing to it..

  4. It’s good that we all set low expectation for this series. I rather have low expectation to enjoy the drama than high expectation to be disappointed. It’s all about expectation so good job guys.

  5. I hope they intentionally made it this awkward to cover up that SJK and SHK are dating (my own Delulu hopes) because if this the chemistry we will be seeing in the drama then I may start considering focusing more on rain’s drama

  6. They look uncomfortable with each other.. weird. They spent lots of time filming together and are like that? 😮 I mean I understand when they are starting to film, but here…

  7. It’s good that we all set low expectation for this series. I rather have low expectation to enjoy the drama than high expectation to be disappointed. It’s all about expectation so good job guy

  8. I’m scratching my head, puzzled. How did you tell there wasn’t chemistry by just looking at press pictures? I can’t really tell from static pics. Unless you’ve already had that bias in your head. In psychology, there’s certain mentality that causes you to see things you expect to see. LOL.

    • Lmfaoooo, I mostly see people who have a strong bias against the leading man ,and not very fond of the female lead ,ALWAYS say they don’t have chemistry, or that they look like brother and sister ?

  9. Lol like people say if there is no chemistry off screen then the chemistry will be sizzling on screen… There will def chwmistry btw them in the drama

  10. Song Hye Kyo and SOng Jong Ki didn’t show any chemistry in the press conference. But who knows in the drama. Song Hye Kyo still big name in Korea. I guess they will do okay in terms of rating.

  11. SHK is a 4 year older then SJK. they both do not match cuz of his baby face. whilE BI is 5 year older then OYS. he too will not match OYS. he never have chemistry with his actress. guess that have to do with his bad acting.

  12. It means little whether they showed chemistry during the press con or not. They are professional actors so what is more important is that they show chemistry in the drama. My guess is that Song Joong Ki is being his usual playful, cheery self and from what I read about her, I gather Song Hye Kyo is shy and reserved. Some may like to camp it up for the cameras and media, some may not. It didn’t help that SHK’s styling make her looked like a strict governess and Joong Ki her cheeky charge. They looked much more compatible in the teasers.

    I am amazed at the buzz surrounding this press con or should I? I think it is going to be another success for Kim Eun Sook. While I dislike all her dramas except City Hall and the way she writes her male and female leads, the Korean viewers obviously love her work. Am I right to assume most of these viewers are female? If so, what is it about the female psyche that loves those KES male jerk characters?

    I read somewhere that KES said DotS is the best fantasy romance she has ever written. I do not know how actors like Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho and Song Joong Ki were cast in her dramas but I do wonder if she’s like their fangirl. So could it be that her dramas succeed because female viewers who watch them get to fantasize themselves as the female lead and the object of pursuit and love by their dream guy despite all odds?

  13. SHK and SJK look so much alike. I am sure drama will be successful regardless of all the hate on SHK. She isnt my favourite but enjoy her in her all dramas.

  14. As a big BiKyo and ChaeKi fan, this post just made me realize that those two pairs will actually compete now in ratings! Woah! How so coincidental. I wanted them both to reunite in a drama but now they are all coming back in dramas in the same timeslot and day~

    The Kim Eun Sook penned drama will prevail anyway no matter if it’s a good or badly written though, I guess.

    Let’s just not talk about the chemistry but Joong Ki look so fine. I’m a big fan of SHK’s beauty (she looks like Hyo Hyeon of SNSD with that smile) but sadly, yes…wrong choice of dress. She should have just opted for a stunning black dress as well like Kim Ji Won.

  15. Not favor SHK’s dress and hair style but she’s beautiful, ok! Wait a minute…….SHK’s dress’s….matching with Song Joong Ki’s suit, style and color. They look beautiful!

  16. Congratulation to DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN, D-Day! Everything look great! Not favor writer Kim ES, HEIRS(lead actress’s acting) but supporting DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN because TOP casts and good acting!

  17. Must be my smart phone. SHK looks taLl and slender on my android. LOL..Also if you adjust pixels of your screen resolution…. Hahaha. Now I am wondering if she is really short or not. They say you cannot trust visual effects on online since they could be easily manipulated. LOL.

  18. LOL @ some comments above given now DotS has wrapped up and the chemistry of Song Song couple is the main reason for this runaway success of the drama.

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