Sci-fi Mars J-movie Terraformars Releases Posters and Previews

There are myriad reasons to be interested or disappointed with any upcoming entertainment product due to it’s previews, but the most substantive has got to be the simple reason that it looks awesome or totally stupid. Gotta give famed Japanese director Miike Takashi credit for tackling the live-action adaptation of popular sci-fi shonen manga Terraformars, too bad the first preview is all unintentional hilarity even with such a sprawling telegenic cast. Headlining Hideaki Ito, he is the commanding officer leading youngster cast to terraform Mars consisting of Oguri Shun, Yamashita Tomohisa, Yamada Takayuki, Takei Emi, Kikuchi Rinko, Kato Masaya, and Kosugi Kane. 

In the near future, Earth is being destroyed by overpopulation so scientists send modified algae to Mars along with cockroaches to consume and spread the algae in order to terraform the planet. Hundreds of years pass and when the humans finally land on Mars, they discover the planet is inhabited by evolved now humanoid cockroaches who will fight for their right to the planet. The manga has been accused of being racist but putting that aside, it’s also quite gory and violent, but the movie feels rather antiseptic with the cast in second hand storm trooper uniforms wandering around a spaceship. Here’s to hoping the movie is worth everyone’s while.

Terraformars trailer:


Sci-fi Mars J-movie Terraformars Releases Posters and Previews — 9 Comments

  1. eh…i dont think it will be good. most manga/anime live adaptations dont turn out well.
    plus the manga is too long for a movie to properly give a proper satisfying representation and ending.
    having read the manga, i just wonder why some of these big name stars decided to take the role they took when they will just die.

    • It seems that the movie will only cover Bug 2 mission so they can bring proper ending. They can throw many character’s flashback and detail each fighting instead of just showing death body to fill the story.
      Just hope that they won’t deviate to much, they already change multinational mission to Japan only. But I’ll keep my expectation low, still upset about AoT (so disappointing, even Hasegawa can’t save it! Miura keep adding my ‘do not watch’ list in his resume which already long)

      No big deal with character dying, problem is do they have good story and acting. No doubt for Ogurin and Yamada (and they’ll survive, YAY!), either Kikuchi play Ming Ming or Wood still worth because both are good character which have big part in story. But Takei and Yamapi?! She’ll die early and play crybaby so i’m indifferent with her just don’t give her too many flashback. Yamapi will play Thien right? Can he carry that role? (Btw, is it just me, but I don’t see him in the movie poster)
      And I wonder, Komachi is Nanao’s childhood friend right? Doesn’t Ito look too old for Takei?

      • i laughed at how they showed takei dying in the trailer. well yamapi is not a good actor at all, so i doubt if he will be able to play it. and ya i think ito does look too old for takei, but i think they just had to get someone with a big manly build with the look of a grown man like ito. i dont think theres any young actor that would fit the build of komachi.
        as for takei, i remember reading in majide that the reason she and gouriki star in a drama every season and star in movies and ads is, not because their popular (their not) or good actresses (their not lol), but because they are a lot cheaper to hire than other actresses their age.

        heh i honestly was surprised that people were having good expectations for AoT…its pretty hard to have a realistic fight show with giants, plus when the movie was in production it was already announced that they had altered the ending. i think people were just expecting too much.

      • Well, at least in manga AoT still have good story so they have good materials and they destroy it.
        But this! I agree that current Terraformars story is crap. It’s good only until Bug 2 so they are right by choosing it. I’m conflicted, with Oguri+Yamada+Miike I’m too scare that it turn out dissapointing. Sure, I can stand Arakawa for the duo, but …
        Anyway, why they don’t make live action for Otomo’s Akira and make it epic!

  2. takei emi? ugh! she’s the jin se yeon of japan for me. (although, i think takei can act her characters better than JSY.)

    I tend to watch live-actions, without having to compare with the original source (I only watched the anime.) so, i’ll be watching this once it’s released on dvd.

  3. Its a fact that most manga/anime adaptations will never live up to expectations of the original. So lets cast that aside and watch the movie and judge it on its own. I’ve done that numerous times and have enjoyed adaptations such as ‘Parasyte”Gantz’ and even ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’
    So for now I’ll look forward to the movie, big cast and a director I like.

  4. THE original manga is BAD really really stupid, racist with a very weak plot, it’s one of those things that I will never understand how such a director feels the need to adapt it and how do such good actors accept to be in it, it’s beyond logic

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