Cheese in the Trap Finale: Now Everyone Really is Pissed Off Including Viewers, Actor, PD, Staff, and Author

So do we all get a badge now, one that says “I survived live-watching Cheese in the Trap and lived to tell the tale”. If the only entertaining thing to come out of this drama’s epic meltdown is spurring on the creativity of angry audiences to come up with ways to torture the PD and production, then that’s the vengeful silver lining after getting narrative bitch slapped by the ending of CitT. I would take a piano falling on Seol and Yoo Jung from the sky over this ending, or non-ending, or whatever the f*%# the PD is calling it.

If you haven’t watched the drama or the ending, go ahead and read up on it before coming back here to vent a bit. I think it’s important to spread the word on CitT as a warning to future generations to avoid with a capital A and an exclamation mark! It’s with a sense of relief that the cast and viewers have been set free now, free to move on to better things though not necessarily bigger things since one hopes no other K-dramas have such a wild trajectory of a second half fail. My take on the ending of CitT was just one big fat UGH. Imagine In Ha’s sneering face and there you have it.


Cheese in the Trap Finale: Now Everyone Really is Pissed Off Including Viewers, Actor, PD, Staff, and Author — 41 Comments

  1. It had so much potential…oh, what it could have been…so much regrets…

    To be honest, I loved every single character in the story, all I hated was the story…

    • all i hate is the last 4 episodes!!!! sigh. PD nim’s obsession over inho or 2nd lead, sigh.

      not gonna re-watch.. never!

  2. I am strangely sad for CITT. I must have loved it more than I realised. I can accept an ending where they aren’t together ( although I would have preferred them together) but the story did not develop that ending in a way that was convincing. I feel strangely cheated and sad for seol.

  3. Personaly I liked it.

    The last episodes were a little bit rush. I never liked the character of the sister, so the crazy part was boring. But an opened end doesn’t bother me. I can imagine what I want. At least nobody dies like in Fashion King…

  4. I like about this drama the most is our Seol, Kim Go Eun. She acted like a pro. I’ve never been her before. Now, I will follow her future works.
    I was upset, how they end like this. #Ending such a mess

  5. It’s like “mi rae choice” all over again.

    And also what is all the fascination with seo kang joon. He is not that good looking and all the shows I have seen him in he is 2nd lead and I don’t feel sorry for him when we were supposed to in those shows.

    This was the first kdrama in a long time that I have watched from beginning to end in a long time and now I don’t think I will bother as all dramas appear to be the same just differen faces, names and lengths. As they all have 1st & 2nd leads with the 2nds most of the time wish long that the 1sts would look their way, oh and don’t get me started on all the drink throwing, hair pulling, parents threatening etc I could go on its like the writers over there have lost their imaginations.

    Everything is the same

    Though the only way is up for park hae Jin and kim go eun

    • LOL,I’ve for a long time fed up with all these K drama cliches you mentioned. That’s why I find C or T dramas fresh to watch.

  6. LOL The rage that this show gave the audience is quite funny. I think the last time I really felt that way was during Lost series finale. I was so mad I couldn’t sleep lol

    • Loool this!!! Ugh!! lost series finale made me so mad. that was the first time i had been truly mad at a tv show. i’d think about the finale and get angry all over again.

    • Multi-season shows consume a great deal of our lives, hence the viewers have every right to be upset and angry when those shows go sower. Nothing like a 16-ep or 20-ep series which usually reminds me of a very long movie. I agree the rage is disproportional but not that funny because some people (the PD, the rest of the crew and/or the actors) may suffer a big blow in their careers. Whether they deserve it or not is yet to be determined; meanwhile, netizens are out for blood again.

  7. The open ending was fine for me due to the high rating initially, they had potential to produce season 2 with a big Wow. Now if is nothing. The writer for the webtoon will never work with this network and not to even mention the PD…

  8. I stopped watching this mid way ,not because I wanted to nut dramafever but it to only people with a membership can watch it ,but it seems like it was the right decision loool, I hope the downfall of this drama doesn’t affect the actors and actresses ,they did what they were told to ,and had no idea scenes were going to be cut and changed .

    I read somewhere that in the original Manga, inho and seol have no romance between them ,and they remain friends, ? If thats True, the pd / writer shouldn’t have changed that and none of this would have happened.

  9. After watching that ending I felt such rage and frustration. We were backstabbed by the PD!

    The worst part is that I watched the “Special Episode” where supposedly we were getting Jung’s cut scenes and… there was nothing. Only boring behind-the-scenes with a narration saying how they worked SO VERY HARD to do a good drama.

    If that really is the promised Special then I’m going to be extra angry.

  10. Such a disappointing ending really. It really seemed to be going somewhere in the beginning too, which makes it all the worse. But like someone else mentioned earlier, I got a newfound appreciation for Park HaeJin and Kim GoEun.

  11. Anyone else thought that CitT was really boring? I dropped it after Episode 6 and thus (fortunately) am not affected by this whole brouhaha around Yoo Jung’s diminished role in the drama.

    • +1. Me. I also quit around episode 6 and have never felt a loss of my couch potato time. Really sorry for those who had high expectation and invested much time on this boring drama.

    • I felt the same, I stopped around 7-8. It was cute in the beginning and then it just felt like it wasn’t going anywhere and the hero was yet another misunderstood jerk. Yawn.

  12. The one thing the PD (and screenwriter) could have done to slap a band-aid on this mess is give us a decent ending. Instead, those of us who stuck it out were “rewarded” with this major fail/WTF. I want my 16 hours back.

  13. well, at least Kim Go Eun got a lot of love and praise.

    But this drama turned out to be such a major fail, and that associate PD mouthing off at viewers on instagram needed the dragging he got. It’s like he forgot tvN is a pay channel, not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds.

  14. the ending was a disappointment. i wish i read korean so i could hear all the gossip. i loved heart to heart by that same pd, so she knows a good ending. it would seem she would have been perfect for CITT, but i guess something went wrong. but i don’t understand even when they were making it, shouldn’t someone have said something, like this ending is crazy? she rushed the material, shouldve made the tv show up to season 2 or three, not try to complete the webtoon. but she rushed from one stalker to another stalker to another stalker before episode ten, then she had nothing else narrative to go on. that is why she shifted and made in ho the lead. in ho was not as great a person in the webtoon, but he was presented as really warm in the drama. i have to say even though he apologized for the hurt to yoo jung from childhood, he did not apologize for allt he pain of interfering with his relationship with seol hong. i could write for days, and still would not get clarity about this drama.

  15. so disappointed!!!!!! I’m really speechlees right now, don’t know how to react or respond with out getting mad about it. What a waste !!!!!

  16. It began so good, and with that flashback how Jung fell for Seol with all that hot chemistry between them. And then things started to get uber boring when they introduced that copy paste girl who imitated Seol. They dragged that bit out, and then the gem this drama would have become, was just lost.

    But holy moly shit, couldnt they at least give us a proper ending? Like how the freaking way could stalker Jung walk next to Seol and not recognize her? Stupid idiotic ending. I bet lost of people will also drop the webtoon.

    Thank goodness I have my descendants of the sun to cure me from this sting.

  17. Need a season 2 to complete or fix this hot mess. Although, if we do have another season it would be all about BIH and his piano relationship. The horror.

  18. When Jung has to be sent away to be “reformed” but Baek Inha gets a happy ending and Seols family accepts Inho with open arms even though his sister tried to murder their kid.


    • I will patiently wait for all the backstage drama to trickle out?
      Does SKJ have a backer?
      When did the PD fall in love with him? was it love at first sight? was it love the moment SKJ’s fingers brushed the piano keys?

      Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Jin should form a support group
      If this PD was the PD of Empress Ki JJM wouldnt have even lasted till episode 15.

  19. Just watched the last episode ……I don’t get all the kerfuffle about this ending, we see what happened to the other characters and the main ones were open ended. I like endings like that instead of “they all live happily ever after”. The main guy had a personality disorder who had to learn to overcome that ,not in an instant but just like in real life, it took awhile. In the end , it showed how much he really cared and loved her after all , it’s been 3 years. Finally reading her e-mails showed that he is ready to be in a healthy relationship……frankly, he was destructively obsessive. On another note….was he directed to have that flat affect? When she had that accident, his expression was so deadpan…..the thing about the other guy is his facial expression showed what he is feeling. In my honest opinion, he out acted the main lead.

    • My thoughts exactly! I think the ending suited the whole plot/story very realistically. The way he realized his mistakes of judging people and in the process hurting them was poignant as the person he came to love the most suffered from it. I understand how it could take 3 years to fix what’s wrong with him because he did so many wrongs to others for most of his life. I think Seol practically saved him. She loved him so much she was ready to forgive him because she finally understood him. It was a good decision on Jung’s part to end the pattern though. Like he knew how unhealthy it would be for their relationship. So I wasn’t terribly disappointed with the drama. I like open endings just as much as happy endingd now. After years of watching the same cliches and plots, CITT was a breath of fresh air. I’m proud to say that my favorite dramas in the sea of bad ratings the last few years are Naeil’s Cantabile, I Remember You, and Cheese in the Trap. =)

  20. CIIT indeed was a huge disappoinment after eps 12. Let’s move on to the better things. Park Hae Jin’s Chinese drama “Far Away Love” is currently airing in LeTV and YouKu, and is looking very promising. ?

  21. im glad i skipped out on the ending and waited to read on what happened instead. the sad thing is i loved all the characters so any joy i got seeing inha and inho get a p decent ending, and bora and euntaek being happy 2gether….watching what happened with jung and seol, ruined it entirely. they didnt HAVE to end up together. but Seol’s personal coming of age story/growth was gutted entirely. like she wasnt allowed to truly change or grow or succeed. there’s an open ending and then there’s a completely BS ending!
    she also wasnt allowed to decide if SHE wanted to break up or wait or even get back together after the THREE years of her messages being ignored. like he rly had no interest in how she was doing or what she was up to just cause they broke up and he needed therapy or w/e? like the big open ending couldnt be smiling at a photo of her while he was in wherever or actually ANSWERING an email after reading but not replying all this time for w/e reason? and omg his growth happening off screen! OFF SCREEN!
    just absolutely spiteful ending. narrative punch in the face. does anyone think the PD had a grudge at PHJ or smth? like whaaat happened? and I LOVED Heart to Heart, i cant believe this is the same PD! Honestly I just want to know who the f**k is responsible for this. the masses deserve to know!
    I feel so bad for everyone who was involved in this project, viewers, the script writer, the actors and even the webtoon writer. what a mess.

  22. that cult of a pd ruin the drama by having her giglo having too many unnecessary scene in the drama. that why she taking him to vacation in she can get it on with him more.

  23. I’m one of the very who liked the ending. It may not be what everyone wanted (and demanded) *coughfanservicecough*, but it was something I expected not only because the webtoon’s still ongoing but because I thought it was the right ending for the characters.

    Granted, I wanted another 2 or 4 more episodes, a tv movie, and a season 2 as well to show a fanservice happy ever after, but I’d take that “read” email sign and that “Seol-ah!” at the end with gladness. It was more subtle than I was used to, but it was hopeful and it made me happy. As someone said in the db finale recap thread, it was “poetic”.

    That doesn’t mean of course that I’ve absolved the PD for her decisions and CJ E&M/tvN for not managing the production that would have resulted in satisfying everyone involved.

    Since the PD hasn’t spoken up about it, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt. She’s on my probation list though.

    The actors (main & second leads) are all good and I have no complaints, even Seo Kang Joon who I think shouldn’t get any backlash from the controversy. I liked his take on the character and didn’t mind that he supposedly didn’t read the webtoon. I adore Park Hae-jin and I wish him well. I think he was professional throughout the show’s run and until now when he’s promoting the show abroad. I love love love Kim Go-eun. She’s my new favorite actress and hope to see more of her in my small screen.

    My second favorite thing about this drama aside from Jung and Seol is the OST. I can’t stop playing the songs because they’re all awesome. The last time I liked a drama’s soundtrack this much was during Master’s Sun, and even then, I skipped songs which I thought weren’t good.

    It’s still my #1 this year and Top 5 favorite of all time. It got me trapped and it’s only once a year that a show would make me laugh and cry and excited all at the same time.

    I understand the complaints and the cursing, but for me it’s not something to be sad, angry, or bitter about unlike some other drama *coughAM1988cough*. 😉

    • i agree,, while they could have given more time to Park hae Jin on his self-discovery and healing,,, I liked the ending. He needed that time to see the world and learn to love selflessly, not just to Seol but everyone else. An open-ending is also good, as you do not ever get happy ending, there are issues even after the wedding. They as a couple have a lot to figure out moving forward. Yes, I was disappointed for not giving PHJ enough time, and show the character growth naturally but, I guess they didn’t exactly know how,,, hence, goes away for 3 years… part. It;s a cop out on drama writer’s part,,,

  24. I never read the webtoon but this is the problem for those who don’t get why ppl are upset. The purpose of this drama is to draw out how the two main leads’ journey of growth and developent while falling in love (which is pretty much the basis of all dramas). But what we got for an ending is a heroine who is bitter or had practically no character growth at the end and a male lead who went off screen to find himself. What happened to the 16 episodes that could have shown how the male lead could have found himself instead? What happened to the last half of the 16 episodes for the female lead to have character growth bc Seol really was learning how to deal with life and then it ends with her be “everything is the same as it was in college only different ppl” …. Wtf

  25. Obviously it is a bit dissapointing but… Not everything is so horrible. Maybe i am delusional, but it felt like a happy ending for me. In ha got with someone nice, in ho is playing piano again… It was just sad for seol as it feels she is stuck in a boring life :/ but still is thinking about jung. The last minutes show that jung finally read her last email – so I am assumimg they will get back together and figure things out 🙂

  26. I has no issue with the way it ended. I have not read the webtoon but in the drama, I found the male lead bit scary. The things he does to just protect the girl he likes was scary…what about their feelings that gets hurts. I was thinking that the seal should not be with him if he keeps doing the things he does. I am also glad she does not end up with in ho. But the one character that grows was defiantly in ho.

  27. This drama was so interesting until the last 4 episodes…its still interesting to just watch seol and yoojung part..and skipped all inho’s piano playing….sigh….the fail of the second part really is a shame on PD nim….the whole cast could have won some drama awards….

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