S.H.E.’s Selena Jen Announces Divorce From Husband of Five Years

It’s with a heavy heart to share the breaking news that Taiwanese singer Selena Jen just announced a divorce from her non-entertainment industry husband of five years. Theirs appeared not a glitzy star coupling but one that seemed aspirational with the way he stood by Selena’s side during the two years intense recovery after her drama set accident where she suffered major and serious burns over half her body. Sadly the love is still there but the romance is all gone, as Selena explained in a sincere long FB post about the divorce.

She explains that the couple just fell out of love over years of not having shared interests and both focused on their jobs. They pledge to still treat each other as family going forward but not as a married couple, explaining that the divorce is mutually agreed upon and both put a lot of discussion and thought into it before making this tough choice. She apologizes for letting down her family, friends, and fans, and asks for privacy during this time. This news is rocking TW-ent as we speak as even close entertainment friends have expressed shock at this news while expressing support for both during this difficult time.


S.H.E.’s Selena Jen Announces Divorce From Husband of Five Years — 7 Comments

  1. i admire her courage to be truthful to herself, partner, marriage, family and friends. her facebook post was full of sincerity, honesty and heartfelt words

  2. It sounded as if he waited for an opportune time to move on without looking like a douche bag….couldn’t have left her earlier without marrying and looking bad.

  3. I got shocked when I saw this news yesterday. As a fan of S.H.E and Selina, I know how tough this must be for her as she has always wanted to build her own family. I felt especially sad because I didn’t bare to see her face another hurdle in her life after just having passed her previous one (the accident) but after reading her message and also after reflecting on how much she has grown over these years I’m sure she will be able to go through this. She still has the love and support from her parents, sister Rong Rong, Hebe, Ella and her fans. Stay strong Selina!

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