Nirvana in Fire’s Adorable Bromance of Hu Ge and Wu Lei Goes Modern for Elle China February Edition

Hit period C-drama Nirvana in Fire (Lang Ya Bang) was many things, and one of them was the epic bromances all around. It wasn’t just one, or even two, but three and beyond, that’s some crazy tight characterization storytelling to showcase compelling friendships that aren’t one-dimensionally drawn. I could never decide which ones I liked best – childhood best friends Lin Shu and Prince of Jing, parental figure Mei Chang Su and little wuxia wunderkind Fei Liu, or consigliere extraordinaire Su Zhe and brawny loyal Meng Zhi.

Those who watched the drama will know that Lin Shu/Mei Chang Su/Su Zhe are one the same character played by Hu Ge in a career elevating performance, and if there is one soft spot to tilt the bromance needle towards teenage Fei Liu it would be that C-audiences love “little fresh meat” (小鲜肉), the slang for young flower boys. Growing up young actor Wu Lei is as scene stealing as Yoo Seung Ho was during his formative years (no joke) and is a genuine find for the C-acting scene. Hu Ge and Wu Lei are in the cover and pages of the February 2016 issue of Elle China, a bit late since Nirvana finished airing last year in 2015, but it’s never too late IMO for a revisit to the cutest big brother and little puppy onscreen relationship in ages.


Nirvana in Fire’s Adorable Bromance of Hu Ge and Wu Lei Goes Modern for Elle China February Edition — 15 Comments

  1. I’ve been thinking of watching Nirvana in Fire, but are there any female characters, or is it just bromance? The bromance is really all I’ve seen people bring up when they recommend it.

    • There are actually many female characters in the drama. From the female lead Nihuang, to the side character Xia Dong, each female character was well written and memorable in my opinion. If you’re referring to any romantic relationships, then there is one between the lead male and female characters, and it’s just as poignant. However, it is the bromance that really stands out in the drama. Nonetheless, I really recommend for you to watch Nirvana in Fire! I loved all the characters, even the villains!

      • Thanks! I’m fine with not having a strong romantic plotline, I’d just rather not watch something where all the female characters are sidelined. But if the women are well-written then I think I’ll check it out.

    • Watch it watch it watch it. The female characters are amazing, even the villains. It’s the first time I met such a great/strong princess in any historical drama. That was both strong, loving and smart. Also the whole show in general is a very smart well written show with many memorable characters. Also the bromance doesn’t hurt sense there are so many characters that just work together.

    • They are fearless, brilliant and intelligent woman written in this drama..Loved it can’t expressed by words.

    • Tbh, I never like it when people talk about the bromance like it’s the only thing worth watching.

      Anyway, a possible reason as to why people kept bringing it up is because there’s this group of girls called “fu nv” who are basically teens who love watching male-to-male interactions in a drama and fantasize about them being together (conveniently mentioning stuff like “you don’t need the female lead” or “you guys should get together”). Not unlike how may K-drama fans are like nowadays though.

  2. I’m surprised he’s considered a serious rising actor when I thought his performance was rather weak and cringe worthy (YSH always gave solid performances, for example), his character and his portrayal also brought an all around cheesiness that the drama could very well do without. I understand if people think he’s cute and would like to see more of him, but that’s different from thinking he’s anywhere near a good actor.

    • Despite loving Wu Lei, I agree that his performance in Nirvana in Fire was rather weak and not the best, and I can see why you might not consider him as a serious rising actor based on that performance. However, I have seen him in The Legend of Qin, and I thought his performance there was rather brilliant and strong. He had to act as the son of a prince who wanted to take revenge for his father, and I believe that gave him more room to showcase his serious acting.

      • I was under the impression that NiF was his only “lead role” and his hype came from just that, so maybe I was being too harsh to write him off like that, I’d be sure to check out “Legends of the Qin” when I have the time. And after all most actors have one or two weak projects I should be aware of that by now, just recently I watched an early 00’s drama with Kang Dong Won on it (one of his first works) and I was appalled to even think it was the same actor from “Kundo”, his was the type of performance that would get a young actor bashed and blacklisted today, you gotta start somewhere I guess.

      • Fei Liu is a pretty good character to portray. Wu Lei seems like a nice enough kid, but he may just be a bit too young to be a great actor. At least in his case. Probably still not that comfortable with the camera yet. I didn’t see Lu Yi’s work as a child actor, but he’s quite good as an adult actor. Bai Baihe is pretty good since early in her career as well. As is Hu Ge. The lead actors in the 2016 web- series, “Addiction”, are pretty good, despite having nearly zero experience. They seem better than Wu Lei. As a bonus, Huang Jingyu (lead actor in Addiction) is also better looking than Wu Lei.

    • Before watching the drama Nirvana in Fire, I read the novel first. Although I love Wu Lei, I also agree that his performance as Fei Liu was rather weak. In the novel, Fei Liu is described as being a teenager who has a mental disability. He is quiet, cold, and distant. However, his childlike qualities are that he enjoys playing with toys, gets angry when he can’t beat Meng Zhi, and loves and relies on his Su-gege. Yes, Fei Liu does give off cute vibes at times in the novel, but not all the time. I feel that the drama tried to capitalize on the cuteness.

  3. NIF was such an awesome drama! Fei Liu was so cute and gave us many lighter moments. Lin Shu Ge Ge to Princess Ni Huang, Lin Shu to Prince Jing, Shu Zhe to General Meng Zhi and Mei Chang Shu to Master Lin (Lang Ya Chief), Hu Ge put in any excellent performance in this drama!

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