Kim Sae Ron, Yoon Si Yoon, and Kwak Shi Young Up for Sageuk Drama Mirror of the Witch

I feel really conflicted about Kim Sae Ron‘s casting choices, not because I think she’s choosing poorly but more that gray line between acting and real life. She basically an undisputed child actress prodigy, but with it comes the desire to see her get any role that will showcase her talent yet worried that she’s getting leading roles much too young. KBS drama Hi! School: Love On managed to toe that line by making her both an angel and a young high school student, but even then she had a love line with Woohyun.

Compared to Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung, I feel like there is rush to headline Kim Sae Ron but it’s not always the best decision. With that said, I’m intrigued by the news that she’s been offered the leading lady role in upcoming cable sageuk drama Mirror of the Witch starring Yoon Si Yoon. It’s a fantasy take on the life of famed physician Heo Jun, with Yoon Si Yoon playing Heo Jun, and Kim Sae Rom is playing the female lead who will be a tragic Joseon princess. Woohyun was ten years older than Sae Ron in Hi! School, but Yoon Si Yoon is already 30 years old in Korean years, so if the drama wants to see me a love line can I please sit this one out.


In addition to Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Sae Ron, young actor Kwak Si Yang (currently on We Got Married with Kim So Yeon) has been offered a supporting cast role in Mirror of the Witch, with the drama slated for a May airing after Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi.


Kim Sae Ron, Yoon Si Yoon, and Kwak Shi Young Up for Sageuk Drama Mirror of the Witch — 31 Comments

  1. I was under the impression that Lee Yoo Young was going to be the lead and was happy because she’s an appropriate age (as in there wouldn’t be comments about how much younger or older she is than YSY which seems to plague casting decisions these days) and also has awards, not that KSR doesn’t. Is there any news about her?

    • Yeah, except in the end they replaced Kim Yoo Jung with an older actress.. And I heard that the loveline there didn’t exactly happen anyways LOL!

  2. This would be such a travesty (eg Secret Door). I mean she is a great actress, but YSY is known for his chemistry and awesome kissing and if she is cast it will kill all of that and make a disaster out of this drama. Do not do that to my Si Yoon, dramaland! ARGH!!!!!!

  3. This is such a bad casting decision. I like Kim Sae Ron, but she should play age-appropriate roles.

    They should cast Park Eun Bi instead. She’s super talented and still young (23) but old enough to look good with Yoon Shi Yoon.

  4. Euh, for some reason I dont like this actress. She has that bad-girl vibe, and isnt down to earth like Kim Yoo Jung.

    I hope they will cast someone else, unless she plays the role of his daughter.

    • Excuse me??!! Fine. i’ll respect your opinion on Kim Sae Ron, but please watch your words!! Sae ron and Yoo Jung has different acting skills..and in fact for us, Kim sae ron is someone that we teenagers like her should be admired of…because at her young age! she has accomplished many awards as a rookie! try watching one of her Kdrama’s..Then You’ll Know!

    • And what is ur basis for saying kim sae ron is not down to earth? Saying bad things about other actresses will not make ur bias yoo jung look any better.

  5. I’ve waited for YSY in drama for such a long while!! Please, do not do this dramaland!! I am really hoping YSY will drop out of this or else, a new female lead that suits YSY!

  6. I agree with @Shade. If there is no love line with the YSY, fine but in what world does k-drama land think this will work? Even in dramas with actresses in their 20s, if the guy is 7 to 10 years older, there are people who think it doesn’t work or they water down the kissing scenes to avoid backlash. I love fusion historical dramas so I hope they don’t go this route.

  7. It’s not even borderline (like 18/19), she’s 15! She is very talented and definitely doesn’t need to rush for lead roles like this.. If no romance is involved (which is rare), everything is fine. But if not, I don’t think it will work.

  8. I really hope they don’t go with this casting. I’ve been anticipating YSY’s next drama, but watching him romance a minor would just be too squicky.

  9. Agree with those who say it’s fine as long as there’s no love line between them. But could it be? :-/

    I’d rather wait a little longer for YSY’s comeback project than see him having a love line with a kid. Sorry, it’s not that I dislike her, but IMO, they should cast an actress whose age is at least 20 years old.

  10. I like her in High School Love On. But she looks like 25 yrs old , not 15 in the pic. Lost innocence….As a minor, she should not be considered to be cast for any drama with sex tention implicated in the storyline.

    • YSY first drama back is with a 15 year old girl? KSR sure not looking like 15 in those picture. she look like she in her 20s.

  11. Omg i love sae ron i love her soooo pls not again. Why is she being paired with an older guy again? she was paired with nam woo hyun (at hslo) who is a lot older than her (9years age gap) i didnt like it at first but i accepted that because she is just too cute and i cant resist her at hslo and NMH looks young even though hes 9 yrs older than her… but this time i think i would have to disagree with this pairing, the age gap is just toooo huge. I know age doesnt matter like, its just acting and they are professionals but lets be honest here its just not right. Pls pair her with boys her age cmon. I know shes a very versatile actress and she can pull every roles given to her regardless of who she is paired with but pls just pls pair her guys her age or at least with close age gap for ashdjfldldnjrbfb sake!

  12. Am I the only person who thinks of Saoirse Ronan (Atonement, Brooklyn) every time I see pictures of Kim Sae Ron? Both child actress prodigies, they have resemblance to each other and even their names sound a bit similar.

  13. We all have waited for YSY comeback drama for such a long time,maybe this drama is a good idea though.Age is not a problem if the actor and actress experienced enough to overcome the hurdles. Kids nowadays aged more than their age.Even Miley was only 14 when she started out in Hannah Montana.So chill out gal,sit back and lets trust YSY and KSR.

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