New Couple Alert as C-actress Ni Ni Confirms Relationship with C-actor Jing Bo Ran

New couple alert, and this one hits the double effect of being a huge shocker but making nearly all fans happy. C-actress Ni Ni, who is in the news a lot last month thanks to her ex-boyfriend Feng Shao Feng confirming a new relationship with the leading actress Jelly Lin of the movie The Mermaid which is breaking C-box office records by leaps and bounds, has just confirmed that she’s dating popular C-actor Jing Bo Ran. In a funny coincidence, Jing Bo Ran starred in last summer’s fantasy C-movie Monster Hunt which was the all-time Chinese movie box office champion until The Mermaid came along. There isn’t a big age gap like Ni Ni and Feng Shao Feng, she’s 27 years old and Jing Bo Ran is 26, whereas Feng Shao Feng went the opposite direction and expanded the age gap as his girlfriend Jelly is just 19 years old. Ni Ni and Jing Bo Ran have worked on two movies together as the OTP and known each other for a few years, but this relationship is very recent and started around lunar new year. Congrats to the pretty high powered new couple!


New Couple Alert as C-actress Ni Ni Confirms Relationship with C-actor Jing Bo Ran — 7 Comments

  1. I was really taken a back by the news.. Boran my love if you’re happy i’m happy too… CONGRATS for the new couple.. Pretty and Handsome, they’re match together..

  2. I think Jing Boran and Nini are perfect,We should all be happy for him nini is a pretty girl let hope they will have a good long relationship and best wishes for them.

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