Oh Yeon Seo in Arena Magazine and Scene-stealing Please Come Back Ahjusshi


I don’t know if Oh Yeon Seo has always been this good of an actress, or has gotten better now in Please Come Back Ahjusshi, or I was simply too hard on her in the past. She was never an actress that appealed to me on either looks or acting style, but in the last two years she’s made it as a drama lead thanks to the success of Come! Jang Bori which led to getting the prime time sageuk Shine or Go Crazy. I’m now a convert as she’s so unbelievably fantastic in Ahjusshi that she steals everyone’s thunder, maybe with the exception of veteran Kim Soo Ro.

It’s fitting that Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Soo Ro are playing the same character in Ahjusshi, he’s the gangster with a soft heart and she’s the female version of said gangster after getting a second chance at life. It’s physical comedy, voice acting, mannerisms that are exaggerated yet come across so believable. She’s the reason I’m following along with Ahjussi, and for that here’s the most recent fashion pictorial with Oh Yeon Seo in Arena magazine. It’s skewing towards funky bondage with a couture twist, and pretty or not Oh Yeon Seo is nailing the visual in a majorly sexy way.


Oh Yeon Seo in Arena Magazine and Scene-stealing Please Come Back Ahjusshi — 13 Comments

  1. After Shine or Go Crazy, Oh Yeon Seo really caught my attention.
    I thought that she was superb then and even better now!
    This drama is definitely worth watching.

  2. I have no expectation for this drama but after ep 2 , love everything so far. I have never seen any of her past work but she’s doing a great job. Girl crush!!

  3. To be honest, she never be my favorite, because of her role in My Husband Got A Family. But I think she’s cool in Please Comeback Ahjussi

  4. I liked both this actress and Honey Lee (together again) in Shine or Go Crazy so I love seeing them in such different roles in CBA. I really like the entire cast of this drama and think they are doing a great job. I have difficulty with the melos so I have to have a certain amount of comedy to offset the melo and this one does that very well. (Without the scheduler, I wouldn’t have survived 49 Days.) Hope the story continues to be engaging.

  5. I’m really enjoying the drama. It’s just sad it’s going against Dots, otherwise it might have done decent in the ratings side. It is a bit over the top but still has heart to be relatable.

    Although I love Rain, I’m loving her portrayal! And there are so many ships on this show..lol

  6. OYS acting is good in CBA. the downside is she got no romance with BI. that kiss scene was a ittle hurt in the eye. why do they need to put two old man in that scene. it just trun people off.

  7. No, the poor girl had to go into hiding after the ‘drama’ by her ‘dating scandal’ while she was virtually married to LeeJoon on We Got Married. Netzens went crazy over ‘cheating’ on her fake husband. She’s just returning to where she should have been 2 years ago. Ironically with her ‘virtual’ in-law (Rain) as costar.

  8. I have loved her since Unexpected You. I am a sucker for disliked people especially because the craziness was high during her We Got Married scandal but she overcame all of that with the success of her dramas and her performances so I am really happy and proud of her :D.
    She is doing so great in Please Come Back Ahjussi. So sexy and yet so hilarious :P.

  9. She was a bit overshadowed by Leeyuri in Jang Bori but her acting in Shine or Go Crazy was fantastic…
    Then come back ahjussi came, she stole everyone spotlight and i see her as a chameleon actress who is super gorgeous as well.
    She is also the chemistry queen, she literally have sizzling chemistry with everyone.. From the people acting as her mother/daughter/ friend/ maid/woman and so on.

  10. My favorite Korean Actress. Have followed her since MHGAF..thru the abuse by the Korean media 4 a non-dating scandal (she always denied it and said the 1 time 2gether w/ other crew members was greatly exaggerated). Anyway..she’s a brilliant actor and I’ve seen most of her works and can’t wait 2 see her and Joo won paired.

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