Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng Pair Up for C-variety Show but Sadly Not the Third It Started With a Kiss

It appears variety shows in China have truly crossed the line to mainstream and star-studded. Fans of TW-drama It Started with a Kiss (and maybe of the sequel They Kiss Again) were reawakened last week from years of slumber waiting for a third go around between leads Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng. Pictures of Joe and Ariel together started making the rounds and of course the first inclination is to assume they are doing a drama together, and ISWAK shippers who have kept the faith immediately postulated it was the third Itazura na Kiss story.

Sadly it’s not the third ISWAK but happily Ariel and Joe are working together again, this time not for a drama or movie but instead on a variety show. The c-version of We Got Married is filming already (with Bolin Chen as one of the grooms and paired with Song Ji Hyo) so it’s not that, instead Ariel and Joe are part of a large cast of big name stars going an celebrity Amazing Race type of show, with the pairings to be switched up as the show progresses. The drama gods are giving the ISWAK fans one happy break as Joe picked Ariel out of a blind draw as his partner during the initial partner selection process. The two jetted off last weekend so hopefully their real life friendship chemistry will jazz up this show.

Of course, long time fans of Ariel will know both of her most famous onscreen hubbies – Joe Cheng from ISWAK and TKA and Hu Ge from Legend of the Condor Heroes and The Little Fairy. Joe and Hu Ge were recently snapped hanging out in Taiwan at a company party for production house Tangren so fans joked that Ariel’s two drama husbands have decided to get together since Ariel is married in real life, lol.


Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng Pair Up for C-variety Show but Sadly Not the Third It Started With a Kiss — 24 Comments

  1. Fangirl wishes. I need them to have a
    ISWAK 3, it doesn’t even have to be a full season, just give me a special. I just need it…

    On another note, Joe is looking fabulous!

  2. Perfect timing! I am watching ISWAK for the nth time and enjoying it so much. I don’t know why but the new dramas this year (either tw or k) have not caught my attention let alone my heart so I had to go back to one of the best dramas! This OTP just give me the feels <3

  3. So excited about this show. They also have river Chen from bromance and the crown prince from go princess go. They are in LA right now as their second stop. Can’t wait!

    • I know right! It’s such a shame that subtitles are so hard to find for C-variety shows. River Chen has my heart and it’s so unfortunate that I can’t understand a word he says xD

      • Boo. Come to think of it. That is true. Hopefully there will be enough interest for folks to sub it. I am just really happy that in one show there will be quite a few of my favorites.

  4. Ariel and Joe look amazing in that pic 🙂 Great to see them collaborating again! Lol, love the photo of Joe and Hu Ge together; both tall, handsome guys who have great chemistry onscreen with Ariel.

  5. ISWAK 3 plssss even if still not possible im still hoping that Ariel and Joe will be paired in drama ?? Plsssss
    Fans from Philippines ?

  6. Please we want the 3rd season of Ariel&Joe’s Iswak. We want to know the ending of their hanging situation last time. We want it so bad plssssssss

  7. Many fans really fantasize a real life of “couple-ness” for their favorite stars, but that’s not always possible. Seldom do they get married with screen sweethearts. For me, That’s good because the other one is non-showbiz, as a general observation when both are drama stars especially lead stars, the marriage may not last long or hits the rocks. Of course there are exceptions to the rule especially when one of them gives up showbiz. So we should bless Ariel’s marriage to Charles, and hope that Joe Cheng finds his true love soon.

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