Jang Geun Seok Looks Calm and Collected in New Star1 Pictorial

Jang Geun Seok with not as much excitement as he used to elicit but certainly still equipped with the acting talent to merit checking out. The Royal Gambler (Daebak or Jackpot) premieres in less than two weeks and is marketed less Jang Geun Seok centric (as it should be) and more geared for the sageuk aficionado. I think he’s been looking very energized recently, not just with filming the drama but also doing the MC gig on hit reality music show Produce 101. There’s a new profile on him for Star1 looking very relaxed and quietly confident, which I take as continued good signs that he’s close to fully resuming his entertainment career in Korea and getting it back on track with the domestic audience.


Jang Geun Seok Looks Calm and Collected in New Star1 Pictorial — 16 Comments

    • If your gayradar is on while checking out news on international entertainment business , then you won’t be able to relax even for a second, dear.
      Entertainment has the highest percentage of gay people all over the world -and that’s a fact as old as Shakespeare. We don’t need to explain the reasons, do we?
      PS Nothing to do with this particular post though. The man is gorgeous and has a very intense face too.

    • Amy, who is JKS to you? I am his fan, that’s y I read all articles about him. Even though I have been an eel for 6 years, I never comment in those article, and that doesn’t lessen my admiration towards him. Then I notice that in all of those articles about him, you will appear and gave negative comments. In this article, you even be the first to comment. That’s amazing. I know it’s your right to comment in anywhere, but I am just curious that you dislike JKS so much but you care to follow all his news and even waste your precious time to cooment in it. An eel like me is not as committed as you to constantly comment in his news. LOL

    • Sorry, you should try it on another place.
      Here you have someone who is a public figure from many years and who has chameleon visuals.
      Check in Google and then speak.

  1. He suddenly looks so young! Some vulnerable and others fierce. I love it!! Hopefully he will get his groove back as well the Knetz and ahjumma’s heart. He has the talent that’s for sure.

  2. Jang geun seuk’s girly features has always been his strongest asset….that’s why i think he’s so popular in Japan…as well as in Korea…so i think this pictorial is trying to capitalize on that again…I just hope that his superb acting abilities will be showcased as well when this drama is released….it would be a shame and a waste if it doesnt. Sigh….

  3. I know he could be a great actor, the problem is that he needs to focus. Hopefully this drama, the actors with him and the Knetizen disliking him would make him work hard and focus. It sucks to see such great potential going to waste.

    • Don’t worry. Song Hye Kyo and Lee Byung Hun is the real example as long as the story is good and knetz like it, they’ll get success again and forgetting their scandal. I don’t even think what he did is that bad.

      • If Lee Byung Hun can make people “forget” about what he did, what JGS did is nearly nothing in my opinion.

  4. I saw JGS first on Hong Gil Dong, and you all know how mighty fine he was in that – a prince with a pretty face and a very masculine voice, wow! Then You’re Beautiful, Marry me Mary, Love Rain, he capitalized on that pretty face and the long hair but his music, the movie My Pet just got a little weird for me like it was confusing coz maybe I it was all too much for me then “Pretty Man” just didn’t cut it. ‘guess we are tired of the same I’m Pretty route so it was good that he went on a hiatus for awhile then his comeback would hv been on three meals with PD Na but that tax brouhaha surfaced which I think was something concocted by someone who hates him, that would hv been a really great show.
    But the eels and the rest of us who believes in his talent no matter what coz I think he is a good person just based on interviews I’ve seen of him, he speaks what’s on his mind, unlike the others who are very reserved.
    So I am just happy that he chose a sageuk this time sort of an reintroduction of JGS version 2.0. Let’s hope it is a good story to match the topnotch acting he will bring here coz JGS is still one of the best from his generation.

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