Uncontrollably Fond with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy Sets Premiere Date of June 29th

Details are coming together for my next most anticipated K-drama now that Descendants of the Sun has premiered. That would be Uncontrollably Fond, or Arbitrarily Fond as I’ve been calling it before but now will switch to Uncontrollably Fond as that’s the official English title KBS is going with. The drama is still filming with the main cast of Kim Woo Bin, Suzy, Im Joo Hwan, and Im Joo Eun, but judging from the confirmed premiere date of June 29th the production should be wrapping up soon so that the drama can be submitted to Chinese authorities for airing approval.

Uncontrollably Fond will follow the DotS pre-produced and simulcast in China format, though iQiyi bought the rights to DotS while UF will be aired on streaming portal Youku. While I love this cast to pieces it’s actually melodrama queen screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee who is the primarily reason I’m so excited, she writes melo like no other, or I’m simply putty in the hands of her style of romantic angst. Suzy and Kim Woo Bin are both very popular stars in Korea so there have been many fan snapped pictures of the cast filming so check it out below.


Uncontrollably Fond with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy Sets Premiere Date of June 29th — 40 Comments

  1. Oooooh Woobie and Im Joo Hwan! As for Suzy – I can’t hope for too much but maybe this time she’s improved? It’s been a while since I’ve watched a good melo and maybe this might be it.

  2. Suzy fan base is no joke and korean people just love her. why people here are so unfair let her give a chance the way people gave chance to person who spend more than decade in acting and was not able to do a fine job in kissing scene until in last drama.

    • That shade but when does kissing equal acting?
      Oh wait, it’s the only way you can put her down to defend your bias.
      That girl won her 1st award at age 13 so try again.

    • LOL, that actress was fine with kissing YSY in FBND. Let’s just say it’s your bias real-time boyfriend that was unable to communicate properly with his co-star to do a kissing scene.

    • Don’t worry ! Suzy is very much loved in korea and internationally for her acting ! Those people here shading her are just a bunch of jealous and delusional sucker for attention ! They’re just like little sand on Suzy shoes !

    • I don’t want to start fan war or make comporation but I can’t hold my thoughts any more, so many sz fans, throw psh nama even it’s nothing to do with psh. @Blah, shame on you, very sneaky, throw psh name under the bus. Why sz fans always throw psh name even this article nothing to do with psh.fyi, kissing in heirs not her fault ( lmh n pd fault) n I am lmh fans, she doesn’t know about that’s scene and if you want her to respond that’s kiss like your bias maybe they already have kids, lol. Just focus your idol n let’s see how this drama go. And for fans base, don’t you worry girl, psh fans base all over the world, look her weibo account 10 million plus n still counting ( what’s number is sz? ) psh in korea famous n have a lot a fans. If you want to see fans account how he describe psh in person (look shoompi minshin forums) he is minoz husband. He doesn’t know who’s psh n after the crew in restaurant tell him that’s psh. Don’t judge people before you see the fact.

      • First of all MINSHINER need to stop calling them Minoz they are shipper only being a LMH fan from so long we minoz fed up with all ship rubbish. These shipper need to stop attaching any tom dick and hery with lmh. LMH see psh always as her sister and we always want psh fans to respect it but crazy shipper just way to much they need to stop using lmh name to promote their bias (as use lhm tags in psh pics in ig which have nothing to do with lmh) and stop degrading lmh acting just to safe your bias ( everyone know how good kisser lmh and how is psh in kissing)i have nothing against psh but i cant take this shipper labeling themselves minoz and using lmh to safe their bias and accusing lmh for nothing. we minoz are really upset with this type of attitude of psh fans.

      • @kinglover, first of all,I am LMH fans n be come to fan of psh after watch the heirs n I search about her and I am not a shipper, I like them individually, I don’t care about their personal life, I care about their job. Do I say something about shipper, nope.sorry not sorry. And what’s I said about psh mention in minshin shipper because her husband(minoz) saw psh in life. And I want to give a fact to sz fans about psh, n btw is sz fans always dragging psh, we know for sure psh don’t like her name tag with lmh or sz. Don’t judge psh fans n blame on her fans. And I believe psh fans not a shipper too. They like her about her personality, her job n humble she is. In here I state about how sz fans always dragging psh name and I want to give them a proof.

      • As i stated earlier in my comment i have nothing against psh as person but being minoz its frustrating how her fandom or her shipper fandom using LMH name to cover their bais. As you stated you are not shipper but you drag LMH name and in this article no one else drag lmh name yet in the article, i am not saying sz fans not using lmh name but so are psh fans. Till now in this article i didn’t see any sz fan used Lmh name. Its you being called yourself minoz dragging lmh name to protect your other bias psh. so kindly if you like psh you can but don’t bring lmh name with her to protect her. Being minoz you should be more aware how frustrating it to see people dragging lmh name in other people post and you should also stop this.

      • @kinglover, I’m understand what’s you saying but you have to understand me too, is sz fans throw psh under the bus n this articel nothing to do with psh and why I have to bring lmh name, because she/he complain about psh kissing scene before pinnochio, and everybody know it’s for heirs kissing. And we know psh doesn’t know about that. Like I said, I don’t want to fight, and for minoz husband saw psh in manila, I just want to give them a proof (sz fans), who is psh in real life not as actress. And for minshin shipper at soompi, they’re very nice n support lmh n psh individually, they don’t bash psh or lmh. You can see your self. Peace.

      • Being only a minoz we have nothing to do with these cat fights (psh vs sz/sz vs psh) their fandom do whatever they want to each other.I am not saying you have no right to protect your bias psh do that as you please just next time don’t drag LMH in it peace.

  3. I can’t wait ! The popular comeback of Korea favorite actress Suzy ! For sure it will be big success ! Suzy great acting skills and emotions will draw viewers in , not this lacking writer but Suzy and Woobin ! She’s lucky that the Great Actress Bae Suzy agreed to work with her , to upgrade her normally lazy writing ! Suzy gives perfect life to every roles she has done ! Her talent will shine in UF !

    • @Joola with all due respect can you please let me know what is that you are on, because I want some of whatever it is. It most be nice if it makes you see what 90% of us can’t.

      • Honey ! With all my respect you are a part of 1% of delusional people ! Well what can i do ?! I have eyes for talents ! Its rare ! And i’m quite RARE myself !

  4. How does that effect us if her fanbase is no joke in korea?we want a better actress who can act not some1 with huge fanbase with no acting skills.I heard she’s been taking acting lessons.hope she has improved.
    Btw,kim woo bin looks like an actopus next to Im joo hwan in that last pic.he’s freaking handsome.hope he doesn’t outshine woobs.

  5. Neither one of the OTP is my fave. I actually don’t like KWB’s looks very much and had never been impressed by his acting either in School 2013 or Heirs. Suzy was bland in Family Gu Book and was said to be lacking in acting as well. But just bcos the pre production, I’m gonna check it out and see if there’s really difference in production value or DotS’ huge success is mostly likely attributed to screenplay and star power, specifically Song Joong Ki.


    • @BINSU I can agree with you on 2 things about Suzy-ssi

      A) That she is pretty.
      B) That she has a beautiful voice and she sings well.

      Other than that let’s just agree to disagree and I find your internet etiquette very immature, rude and disrespectful no need for the shouting capitals to make your point.

  7. LOL That “goodboy” must be having a big fart in the eyes ! That joo hwan looks like an old hag next to kim woo bin ! He has no presence , no acting skills to save his bland face and failing career ! Like in the technicians on big screen in 2014 , he will crushed alive !

  8. Well alrighty then…

    This comment section is Exhibit A in why I won’t be watching this drama.

    But have fun ya’ll.

  9. The comments lmao. Calm down fanbots.
    I don’t know if KWB and Suzy have the acting to back a melo by such a good writer but who knows I’ve been proved wrong many times!
    I’ll for sure be checking it out just because the plot does intrigue me

  10. I love this writer. Her characters stick to you to the core. If the actors can deliver, I can consider them legit. A good collaboration can make artists, A-list or not showcase what they are really made of.

  11. I have mixed feeling about this screen writer. I love her drama Thank You with two of my top faves, Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo-jin. The rest of the cast also did fabulous jobs. But I really cringed at the plot of Nice Guy although NG solidified Song Joong Ki as my #1 K actor of his generation after his impressive work in Deep Rooted Tree. His costars, Moon Chae-won and Park Si-yeon were also appropriate cast for their roles in NG. So I don’t know if her dramas are good thanks to her screenplay or her cast. Did she never have any failing dramas? I’ll still check out this new drama bcos it’s pre produced. I’ve been had very fun experience watching quite a few C dramas while I was so disappointed at inconsistent production qualities of K dramas. Those C dramas such as Nirvana in Fire are pretty good and even better than average K dramas. I think it’s all thanks to pre production.

    • “Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School”, “I’m sorry I love you”, ” A Love to kill”, “Thank you” and “Will it snow for Christmas?” are some of her other works. She is often coined as the Queen of Melo, as her dramas tend to be/deal with heavy themes and in some cases tragedy, not all her dramas are my cup of tea but she certainly has a knack for interesting stories and charismatic leads. As for her success rate, all her dramas have been huge hits (mainly her earlier works) or moderate successful, with “Will it Snow for Christmas?” as her (only flop) least successful drama, peaking at 16% but with an average rating of 11% and those numbers weren’t exactly good for the time but not terrible either, not to mention she is critically well received. So she has a pretty consistent record so far (both commercially and critically), and is much beloved in Korea, but none of her dramas seemed to attract much love from overseas viewers.

      • I didn’t watch many of her dramas. But I consider Thank You pretty well scripted. As to Nice Guy, the storyline is pathetic. If her dramas like Nice Guy are much beloved by Koreans but not international viewers, then it may be a culture thingy that I don’t get to appreciate Nice Guy. Perhaps because the plot of Nice Guy is so heart-rending and poignant, it gave Song Joong Ki a lot of room to exploit his talents for portraying a very complex character. But my viewing experience of Nice Guy was a plain torture that I won’t have any desire to watch that drama again. If it had not been for SJK’s amazing acting, I wouldn’t have stuck to NG till the end.

  12. Let’s just hope that whether you like an actor/actress or not, they do a good job in this drama. That way both sides can be happy with their choices.

    Note that these actresses/actors couldn’t care less about what you think.

    Might I add that ageism is stereotyping and discriminating and says more about the individual expressing it than the person it is aimed at.

    • PSH has nothing to do with this. Leave her alone. F.* LMH for put her in this situation. Even though I still cheer up for his career, because he is a hard worker.But Shin Hye does not deserve this S*. Good luck to KWB and his costar. I believe in their work. They will do well.

      • F* u and ur bias,who r u to say such about LMH, he give a damn about ppl like u. LMH did nothing why blaming him and he does not need pathetic ppl like u who cruse him. Leave LMH alone.

    • Don’t drag park shin hye name here suzy fans don’t bark like a dogs throwing names in comments sections and asking us to be silent .

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