Answer Me 1988’s Ryu Jun Yeol is Hwang Jung Eum’s Leading Man in MBC Drama Lucky Romance

For those of you still crying over Ryu Jun Yeol‘s character getting shafted in Answer Me 1988, it’s time to dry those tears and move on because something bigger and better is coming his way. Ryu Jun Yeol’s rising star status took a giant leap forward today as he’s just been announced as the leading man in upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs rom-com Lucky Romance opposite Hwang Jung Eum. This means he’ll be a leading man in a prime time drama before the other AM1988 lead Park Bo Gum who is signed up for sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds scheduled for later in the year.

I confess to liking his talent in AM1988 but I had only eyes for my bae Park Bo Gum in that drama so never quite fell into his charms fully. Thinking about him opposite Hwang Jung Eum in a rom-com feels weird to me at first blush, but then again stranger things have worked. The drama is slated after Goodbye Mr. Black but likely won’t be facing killer competition what with Entertainer on SBS and Master: God of Noodles on KBS. I’m super curious to see him tackle a traditional K-drama rom-com, and judging by this new 1st Look pictorial he’s certainly got brooding down right so might as well try something new.




Answer Me 1988’s Ryu Jun Yeol is Hwang Jung Eum’s Leading Man in MBC Drama Lucky Romance — 20 Comments

  1. Isn’t it confirmed that DotS will be followed by suzy’s drama? So master of noodle is delayed & this drama should compete with Uncontrollably Fond!

      • Thank u for ur info. I’ve just read somewhere kbs has confirmed some changes in their airing schedual but it seems it wasn’t a reliable news!

  2. @marry, no, that’ll air from june 29th and follow the noodles drama.

    yayayayayay for rjy! Though i don’t like HJE much :/

    • I know! But i would say it all depends on the script, to me it sounds like this has a much more appealing plot than Entertainer, plus Ryu Jun Yeol. I’m excited to see his chemistry with HJE, I think he’s perfect for the role.

      But yes – Ji Sung. And if Hyeri and Min-Hyun can sell the cute (which I think they can) and they also have the luxury of airing first before Lucky Romance.

  3. i love him and am happy for him but i cant picture him as a couple with HJE? Maybe its because their acting styles are so different, or at least from what i saw in Reply 1988 ,he seems to have a much more subdued aura while HJE tends to over react. They are both inherently good actors though so i’m looking forward to see how their chemistry is.

  4. I really pray that this will work out. I thought at first that this pairing was weird but then it hit me that RJY and HJE actually only have one year age difference that could help break the awkwardness and in building chemistry plus RJY is good so I’m giving this a chance!

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