Bolin Chen and Song Ji Hyo Win Audience Hearts in C-version of We Got Married


The celebrity pretend married world got a little less fake this week thanks to the arrival of newest variety show couple Bolin Chen and Song Ji Hyo. The Taiwanese actor and Korean actress have been paired up in the Chinese version of We Got Married called We Are In Love. The WGM world already had Korean and Taiwanese cross-border couples in its international version, with Heechul and Puff Guo as well as Taecyeon with Gui Gui, but those followed the K-format with pretend marriage as the story line.

We Are In Love, as the title suggests, explores the process of falling in love and getting to know each other, and this season the top draws and breakout couple is without a doubt Bolin and Ji Hyo. I’ve always loved him and find her just okay, but this show is amplifying everything awesome about each and together making it double the cuteness. Every scene with Bolin and Ji Hyo is precious and sincere, and the advertisers are lapping them up as well with back-to-back pictorials for Cosmo Bride and Marie Claire Taiwan



Bolin Chen and Song Ji Hyo Win Audience Hearts in C-version of We Got Married — 16 Comments

  1. They were absolutely adorable in it. And I adore the concept of their first meeting. Looking forward to the next episode. And wouldn’t it be way awesome if they star in a drama together afterwards?

  2. Watching Episode 1 (with Eng sub), we were all amazed of their compatibility in spite of language differences. They are amicably friendly, romantically expressive of their emotions and both are attractive & fashionably handsome! Keep it up!

      • 18 minutes is because it’s only their cut. Actually the episode would be longer with the other couples (around 45 minutes, if I’m not wrong).
        The English sub only available for Jihyo-Bolin’s cut.

  3. I just watched ep. 2 with subs, and they are soooo adorable and lovely, looove how they tease eachother, and all the sweet moment and the way they look at eachother

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