Entertainer with Ji Sung and Hyeri Release Script Reading Stills and Starts Filming


It’s a bit of a late start to filming for upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Entertainer, but as a modern piece it likely needs less prep work. Starring Ji Sung, Hyeri of Girl’s Day, CNBLUE‘s Kang Min Hyuk, and Chae Jung Ahn, the music industry drama genre isn’t new to SBS as the network attempted it in the summer of ’14 with My Lovely Girl which was a hot mess so hopefully this one is better thought out.

The age gap between leads Ji Sung and Hyeri is about on par with MLG leads Rain and Krystal, and throwing in a younger idol hottie like Kang Min Hyuk is similar to the role that L played in MLG not to mention Chae Jung Ahn in the older woman second female lead role that Cha Ye Ryun had. I was frustrated with MLG but it had enough to keep me hooked, which is to say Entertainer needs only not be dull as beans and I’ll likely watch for the songs and typical fast-paced story line of these types of dramas.

Directing is PD Hong of Glorious Day and The King of Dramas while the screenwriter of Pretty Boy (Bel Ami) takes a crack at breaking the curse of low ratings for music industry themed dramas. Ji Sung looks fantastic in the first fan snapped filming stills, and basically he’s worth watching just sitting there reading a newspaper.


Entertainer with Ji Sung and Hyeri Release Script Reading Stills and Starts Filming — 19 Comments

  1. Awww i actually like everyone in the cast when compared to MLG – and i definetly prefer ji sung over rain! I just hope that the romance is not ji sung – hyeri but more like ji-sung-chae jung ahn, hyeri-kang min hyuk or have no romance (i dont think i would mind too much)

    There is also a teaser out and it looks promising!

    • I think romance which is more age-compatible will be easier to root for. What I hope for is a loveline between the young’uns and a hint of a romance between JS and CJA.

  2. I think it works better than Rain/Krystal for some reason. The age gap is actually much larger between Ji Sung and Hyeri, but I think Ji Sung is more believable playing younger and is more youthful.

    And the romance is Ji Sung and Hyeri. Min Hyuk has a crush and other female actress likes Ji Sung.

    • @mel agree with u. Ji sung is very youthful looking and a fun personality and i had my doubt but watching teaser, they may work well.

  3. The first teaser is out and Ji Sung and Hyeri look surprisingly adorable together. Looks like the era of Older men- younger women pairings are back with UEE LSJ, Hyeri Ji Sung, PSH KRW, JSY Goo Soo, MCW LJW, KWB Suzy

  4. The only K musical drama I consider a success so far is Monstar. I found whoever plays the role of a music star must be convincing in exuding his/her music talents. The male lead of Monstar, Beast Junhyung, is a talented and prolific composer/song writer/music producer himself in real life. One reason for the failure of My Lovely Girl is that Krystal is talentless in real life in music industry except for dancing. She looked so bland and out of touch in MLG when she played instruments. She looked particularly laughable when she pretended to play keyboard, not to mention she was supposed to be a “talented” composer.

    So how’s Hyeri’s true music talent as an idol? Unless she has acting talent as great as Yoo Ah In who could nailed the role of a piano genius in Secret Love. Otherwise, the writer and the PD may as well not show any music scenes in the drama.

  5. “He’s basically worth watching just sitting there reading a newspaper” yes!! this is absolutely true haha. I would tune in based just on how ji sung acts the heck out of any role he plays

  6. In MLG, I don’t think it was only the age gap the problem but the story of the characters. She was the younger sister to his big love and it was weird.

    For this one, I’m curious because of Minhyuk πŸ˜€ But I’m little scared about Hyeri. I hope she’s not like Eun Ji who is great for extrovert character but not for subtle…

  7. That is one cute teaser! I really liked Hyeri in Reply 1988…did not in J&H….really looking forward to this.
    JiSung….is just…..yeah….so cool. How could a younger girl NOT fall for him?!!!

  8. “Ji Sung looks fantastic in the first fan snapped filming stills, and basically he’s worth watching just sitting there reading a newspaper.” I can”t agrea more!!! πŸ˜€

  9. Big fan of ji sung from India… He is a power house performer… I have just watched “secret” and “protect the boss” … His eyes speaks a lot and no words are required… All the very best wishes sir…. Have a great year ahead…

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