Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won Confirmed as Neurosurgeons for SBS Mon-Tues Drama Doctors

For those waiting for Park Shin Hye‘s return to drama land, the wait is over as the pretty and talented young actress is confirmed for upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Doctors (formerly known as Female Gangster Hye Jung). The good casting news comes in doubles today as rumored male lead Kim Rae Won has also confirmed, making this an early head start for the drama to start prepping for a June premiere after Daebak (The Royal Gambler or Jackpot) with Jang Geun Seok and Yeo Jin Gu.

While I hate the generic drama title of Doctors (try googling that when searching for information), I do love that it’s going to be a medical drama set in a hospital when there hasn’t been one in awhile, and no Blood in early 2015 doesn’t count. It’s also promising for Park Shin Hye’s career to keep taking on capable professional roles, and here she plays neurosurgery resident Hye Jung who comes from a dark past but has a outgoing personality and is known to resort to smack downs when needed. Kim Rae Won’s her chief of neurosurgery and is described as smart and friendly with a practical outlook. 

While leads Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won are confirmed, the second leads remain to be locked down but offers have gone out to Cheese in the Trap‘s Lee Sung Kyung as well as SBS regular Yoon Kyun Sang who just wrapped Six Flying Dragons and has costarred with Park Shin Hye before in Pinocchio. Doctors comes from the production team behind One Warm Word and High Society. I’m totally cool with this full cast if it happens, but just having Park Shin Hye back is worth checking out to see if she continues to improve from a career breakthrough of sorts in Pinocchio.


Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won Confirmed as Neurosurgeons for SBS Mon-Tues Drama Doctors — 105 Comments

    • We don’t know that KRW’s acceptance Hye Jung’s character will be affected adversely in any way. Infact, two strong protagonists when written well can make up for a good watch-worthy drama. Yes, let’s hope it turns out well for Shinhye and the drama too.

      • I don’t think that’s a legit argument considering Suzy and Jin Se Yeon should’ve been ‘thrown’ forever ago if it only came up to talent.

        That said, PSH isn’t the worse out there. She isn’t who I’d call talented though because that’s a word I reserve for actresses who truly deliver in every role.

    • @Hmmm
      that’s your opinion on “talent”. PSH got her 1st acting award at the age 13 and have been able to transformation to a real actress and a very successful one at that. She can sing, dance, play music instruments and basically everything. If that’s not talent I don’t know what is.

      She might not the best actress and she herself say it many times but she has deserves every role given to her… She has work her way up from the bottom for over 10 years and wasn’t given easily like Suzy or SJY so don’t even compare them.

      • Yeah, Please watch Tree of Heaven. Suzy and SJY cant play like PSH even now where she was teenager yet drama is a heavy melodrama.

      • Yeah because you dislike her…
        You are just as good as this troll.
        But your fave can’t even act with her even if he wants to.

      • I’m honored to be a troll here and love to troll PSH’s rabid fans. LMAO…Buhahahahahahahahaha

        My fave Song Joong Ki? You’re comical. He may not want to co star with your bias who doesn’t have talents. This guy has been smart enough since Deep Rooted Tree to know how to pick his next projects with right screenplay and right cast to continue boosting his career.. LOL again.

  1. Given the generic title of Doctors, it may no longer be centered around PSH character of a gangster becoming a neurosurgeon. Hope the script may not divert so much from the original story. Both are talented. I am glad PSH gets to act with a brilliant actor like Kim Rae Won. She can learn from it and further improve her craft. Looking forward to the drama. Praying for high ratings. ???

  2. Yeah Park Shin Hye is back!!! Looking forward to this drama.
    I don’t like the generic title too and really frustrated that the drama won’t be centered around the female lead anymore.
    Well, hope the drama and this pairing will turns out well.

      • Also, I believe this is a first drama for the director too. He was assistant director before this….I think I read it somewhere…I hope writer-director deliver or at least enough for the cast to overcome the short-comings if any.

      • Yes….Female Gangster Hye Jung …aka..,,Doctors ( hoping it’s a working title) by Ha Myung Hee won the Best Drama Script award in 2010 in a contest held by Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation …..

  3. I really love Kim Rae Won! He’s always been one of my favorite actors and he delivers his craft time and time again! Loved him to pieces in Punch! As for Park Shin Hye, I’ve watched her grow up onscreen since Stairway to Heaven! I can’t believe she is 25 years old already! Makes me feel old. She’s grown into a wonderful actress. These two together will be dynamite. I can’t wait!

  4. Park Shin Hye and Kim Zrae Won have yet to accept the drama…..I believe that both still in discussion . That’s the buzz…

      • High probability!…..since in final negotiations.

        With KRW as co-star ….there is bound to be two strong protagonists since The character profile offered to Shinhye looks to be a complex one where she should have a chance of showing her versatility as an actress. They are both good at emoting through their eyes. I am just praying for a good cohesive plot with well thrashed characters….

        Also wishing that the director’s lives up to expectations in this debut one. This being the first one where he is not assisting, I believe ….

        May I also express my excitement at seeing Yoon Kyun Sang offered 2nd lead….he has been amazing in both Pinocchio as and in 6FD as Moo Hyul
        Have not seen the second female lead but have heard good things about her
        Kim YoungAe as Hye Jung’s grandmother rounds up a strong supporting cast for the drama…

        So since nearly all the cards are now on the table……we should stop sweating for stuff that hopefully will remain small……and….start looking forward to the drama that I am wishing is still with a working title…:)

  5. auww will watch for KRW ❤ I know there will be no way KRW to accept a female centric drama, and I am glad the way it turned out. Otherwise why should he waste his time.

    In anyway, PSH is lucky to act with him, and hopefully her role will be different & refreshing. I am not particularly like or dislike PSH’ acting.

  6. This will be a well acted drama for sure I can already feel the intensity just looking at the two main leads…can’t wait …fighting!!!

  7. Such a double standard Park shin hye fans. previously same fans when this casting was rumor they were like we do not want PSH to do this drama and now same fans saying wow happy so eager for this drama. They can change color with blink of eyes it seems.

    • I don’t think that there are any double standards anywhere. Some concerns that were before this news of her probable acceptance of “Doctors” are still there. That does not mean in any way that we don’t stand behind her decisions to go for a certain project.

      She is the only one to have all the data in front of her. She as an actress has to want to do a certain project for it to turn out well. We as her admirers will alway wish for her success in any endeavours she undertakes irrespective of our personal opinions.

      As for being happy at the news…..yes, definitely…we are delighted! Why wouldn’t we be? It’s very natural…..We have been waiting for nearly 1 1/2 years to see her in a drama.

    • Double standard who are they ???
      Every one has his /her opinion me I wished the rumour come true .
      There some are worried about her role and writer please read their reasons before accusing them as if you know the whole fandom .

    • Not sure who you see? But PSH fans have waited for a year and half.
      There was a point that they were like just pick anything as long as she comes back

      But no matter what she chose, her fans will always support her even if they might not like the idea in the beginning.

  8. Very very happy Park Shin Hye will have the chance to act opposite Kim Rae Won. I think fans should be open-minded about this pairing. Just like ‘Marriage Contract’ LSJ and Uee pairing, I was sceptical about it but on-screen it produces a different dynamic. PSH has worked enough with flower boys, she needs to broaden her horizon.

  9. I was impressed with her partner in Don’t Worry I’m a Ghost….older and NOT a flower boy at all! their chemistry was on point, a much recent pairing too! She even acted in a MV with the muscular guy from Running Man when she was much much younger and Shin Hye did a banged up job! It seems like a lot of naysayer comments have only really seen her later acting jobs? For me, she is an actress I find very charming, and she does crying scenes beautifully ??.

    • I’m sure she would slay anything in your head but Korea doesn’t think so nor she has the power to get the role on her own.
      This is PSH’s article. Learn to respect!

      • So I cant mention another actress who I think would also do a good job with this role? I dont have anything against PSH I just thought that it would be nice to see JSM play a role like this

  10. PSH is back yay, this is a must watch for me, i will watch psh in anything, miss her so much, and i love kim rae won, so double yes from me

  11. Yeah! Let the talent of Kim Rae Won save Park Shin Hye. She used to be mehhhh all the way until Pinocchio. She may surprise me with a breakout performance this time. Who knows? But with the writer of High Society? The plot of Doctors may bore me again. Good luck PSH and wish you the best.

    • oh you again? why would he need to save her?
      She has been survived and stayed in the TOP until now without anyone saving her.
      Please back off and go comment at your boy’s articles.

      • I honestly I don’t really care about her being good or bad. I’m here bcos of Kim Rae Won. Yeah, he’s one of my men. LOL

      • @Drama 2016 You wrote that you don’t care about her then why are offending and putting her down as if she took something from you …
        Save her ….seriously as she need that she is already famous talented may be not the best yet but she is growing and improving gradually .
        And I noticed that you are jumping in every article related to her make me confused about your real intentions .

      • Jumping in every article related to her. LOL..It’s happening she’s lucky enough to costar most of my favorite K actors. And that’s why you read my comments. hahaha..Don’t get me wrong as most of you do. I don’t hate on her bcos she was said to be a nice and decent person. I just have to be honest she’s bland and monotone as an actress. Pinocchio is her exception. I do wish her very success that’s up to par with her popularity and fame as I said in my comment above. As I said, this new drama may be her breakout project as a real actress. My opinions. So peace! Don’t get worked up.

      • Please!

        I saw you commenting on her articles often.
        Well all your men did, and will working at one point.
        Deal with it!

      • @whatever Yeah same to you and other rabid fans of PSH. I’m familiar with all your names on this website whenever PSH is mentioned and put on spot. Unfortunately it’s unavoidable that her name is exposed often in the quote since as many have mentioned, she co-stared with either talented or really popular actors throughout her career and that’s why.

      • @drama2016, you are funny. PSH isn’t the only k-actress to work with these so called talented or hot guys. Many k-actresses have worked with them too but they aren’t so popular. Why?? You may call us rabid PSH fans or whatever you like. I will just take you as a critic of hers. The thing is PSH is the only k-actress of her age that is good at acting and can draw in audience like no other. You seem to have plenty of favourite k-actors and don’t seem to critic them as much which is so strange because females always have it tougher in the film/drama industry. If you are a female shame on you.

    • I totally agree with you! her roles up until pinocchio havent been that great but given that the script for this drama won an award a few years back im sure itll be her breakthrough performance

    • @Abc. You’re all worked up bcos you feel offended by ppl who don’t appreciate your taste about an actress or acting, to the extent you have to cuss. Watch for your foul mouth. LOL..Your wording just reveal how lunatic a rabid fan like you of PSH could be. Do you really want to compare your fave with other actresses? Park Bo Young, Han Hyo Joo, Mon Chae Won, just name a few K actresses at their 20s. Well, PSH looks extremely boring and pale in most of her dramas compared with these few actresses.

      • @drama2016. A guess you are really following her, eh.? Claiming to know a lot about her fans and her.? Are you sure is because she had worked with All your male bias or she is your bias? Stalker. Park Shin Hye Fighting.

  12. Since i watched her from stairway to heaven, she is my most beloved actress beside Ha Ji Won. I have seen every drama of Park Shin Hye and love her dearly. So fighting Shin Hye.

  13. Yes…talented. Why else would she receive nominations for best actress in almost all her projects and won a few too if not for the experts in the field taking notice of her talent? Her fandom wouldn’t grow to a big number that it is now if not for drama and movie watchers’ heart getting caught with her acting.She isn’t an idol who gets to do varieties in order to promote songs all the time. So for would be fans to notice her and longtime fans to root for her still is because they love her “brand” of acting. Anyway, everyone’s taste is relative.
    That said, I’m excited for this drama. I love all the cast and I hope that the script will be cohesive and coherent till the end. Fighting!

  14. Wow! The girl really can’t catch a break, vilified whether she is partnered with a flower boy or an “older” guy….haha ! People will really be happy if some random guy off the street would star with her! And I bet you, THATguy will get famous too! Having a successful good show is because of everyone’s effort…..PLEASE!! Not just because of the male actor but everyone!

  15. Every time there is an article about PSH, i like to read the comment section.

    For me, PSH can draw a lot viewers esp internationally to watch this drama since she has the star power and solid fan base, which good for popularity of this drama, in which KRW might not have. PSH is a good actress too, but she has a limited acting range, at least until her recent projects. If you say she has wide fanbase due to ppl impress and love her acting, LMH for example is a hallyu star but lets be truth, this guy is not really good in acting. He can act, but not among the best actor. So a huge fanbase doesnt mean this actor /actress is among the best actor/ actress, but it is because he / she has star power. PSH is one of those stars. In this view, actor like KRW who is a fantastic actor but doesn’t have enough star power is needed in a drama. This could be a win-win situation. KRW can gain more popularity due to the success of the drama, and PSH will no doubt can improve her acting especially because she gets to act with better & senior actor.

    • Please Don’t drag other names in non related article with my respect to LMH and his fans but I don’t like mentioning other artists here.

    • whats your problem why dragging LMH name to get attention don’t forget how much she get popular after working with LMH. LMH is far better actor than your plain PSH with same expression. Everybody know how PSH fanbase build by working with hot and famous guys. so back off and KRW is such a great actor how much his drama appreciated in korean i guess you have no idea because you was busy watching plain acting of some over rated actress.

      • fyi. psh popular because her hard working, not because for anybody.she start from 13 years old until now.

      • Park Shin Hye is famous from dramas not because of your Oppa. I agree with this comment, LMH does have limited acting range but he is popular for his looks.

      • lmao PSH has already been big internationally before working with him. Give me a break!
        Heirs brought popularity for all the cast not just because of LMH. He gained as much as her if not more especially in China.
        People act like she is popular because of the guys but it’s the their projects with her that hitting big like YB and Heirs.

        If anything she is the one that makes her costars shine and bring them luck.

      • Your bias LMH will not be happy listen to you address to her dear friend PSH like that. So, watch your mouth and choice of words. PSH name alone makes headline WORLWIDE, that is the reason why YOU here and you know that. You go , Park Shin Hye, Queen of drama and many hearts . Fighting.

    • +1. Well said. And good examples to draw for making your case about acting. As a fan of Lee Min Ho, I like him in Faith and City Hunter thanks to his immense onscreen charisma in action scenes. But I have to honestly admit that he’s not proven himself to be as versatile and nuanced in delivering emotions as other actors such as Song Joong Ki, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jung Soek, Yoo Ah In, Ji Sung, and of course Kim Rae Won, just name a few. Same for PSH. She improved A LOT in Pinocchio. But her past records mehhhhhh. This drama may be her good chance to finally live up to her fame. A really good actor/actress can make characters alive right in front your eyes even scripts are crappy or not so in viewers’ favor. PSH fans want to argue about real acting? Look at Lee Jung Seok in Dr. Stranger and Song Joong Ki in Nice Guy for example. As to young actress, ppl can see how Uee currently slays in the K soap scum cliche Marriage Contract.

      • Actually, I feel Uee isn’t that great in the emotional range. I feel sorry for her character but not from her acting. Like I said before acting is a form of art and it is subjective. Just because you don’t feel her emotions, it doesn’t mean other audiences won’t.

      • oh please DS and NG are pretty much about the male characters and making them shine.
        CES in Heirs had nothing to work on…. Even in the script… there was barely line for her…. All KES made her do is crying.
        So don’t even go there

        No matter how good the actors is they needs the good script/character to shine.
        PSH did well with all her movies, FBND, Pinocchio, YB and even TOH…

      • And I’m sorry but Uee isn’t really that great of acting especially her emotional scene… so I don’t know what are you talking about

        PSH crying in all the dramas are way better. She just cried too much and in every scene in Heirs that made people annoyed

      • @Drama2016 you ditch PSH and you praise uee?? have you seen that snore fest high society?? did you actually watch uee’s acting…wtf of acting was that?
        you admit LMH lack of range and yet admiring him for his look. but you keep dissing on PSH so-called bad acting???. how irony. typical of lmh’s fan

      • Your bias LMH will not be happy listen to you address to her dear friend PSH like that. So, watch your mouth and choice of words. PSH name alone makes headline WORLWIDE, that is the reason why YOU here and you know that. You go , Park Shin Hye, Queen of drama and many hearts . Fighting.

    • I actually like and agree with this comment

      However PSH doesn’t really known for her pretty look like most flower boys.
      She was a child actress and has worked her way to where she is at right now with her acting skill and handwork, some luck and smart choices too.

      She is a lot younger and lacking if you compared with KRW’s acting which makes sense. It’d be wrong if she is better than her seniors.

      But they both bring different things to the table, like you said and benefit from each other. It’s a win-win situation for both

  16. Happy to hear this news, too bad I have to wait until they post it either in dramafever or viki.greeting from queens, new york city ( I saw her in dramafever award, she really pretty, humble n kindness )

  17. There will be many questions for this drama:
    1. Will Park Shin Hye be able to pull off the thuggery role? She has done many roles but I always think there is a cute side to her.
    2. What will the chemistry between KRW and PSH be? Off the charts or unbearable? Both seem to have good chemistry with anyone and everyone.
    3. The script won a prize previously but can the PD and writer transform the story into a good drama onscreen?
    4. Will this drama be the one to bring the daesang to KRW which he wrongly missed last year. Bearing in mind PSH always brings luck to her male co-stars.
    I eagerly await the drama in June!

  18. Love PSH…..will watch/read anything about her,,,,,what I am dying to see that she will have future projects with the oppas,,,,,,,Joo sang work…..lee wan and Kim jihoon…..park had Jin,,,,

  19. Alkalis .! I am so happy, and counting the days for this drama. Park Shin Hye will be acting with a real man. FINALLY. Watch her costar become insane popular in China and WORLWIDE. It is called Park Shin Hye phenomenon. Because? She is love by the world. Fighting Shin Hye.

    • @scar99, can I asking you, where you come from? because I need to know how to watching live from my town (queens, NYC ) or anybody from USA. is any body know? help me please and btw do you see the latest psh news, they really like her and they praise her because she is global star not just in korea ( I don’t know how to copy that’s news but you can check from psh arab fans at fb)

  20. Thanks @ Nilecholate that es exactly what I was going to give @ Liathaiv. Also, you can follow her Instagram and weibo for many news about her. To watch dramas, differently, drama fever and Vikki.
    Koala, do you know you very popular?

      • @scar99 and @nilechocolate thank you for reply me, and I already ask my cable provider to add korean channels, this is the first time I’m going crazy because I want to watch live,lol.

  21. Omg, finally a drama I can watch Kim Rae Won in. I love him tons, but his last 2 or 3 dramas have been tear jerkers and I just don’t do those.

  22. @Liathaiv , you can joint Park Shin Hye international Facebook, and Soompi go to forum then actresses and actors and pick Park Shin Hye the fans there are very active, and interact with each other a lot, and you will have a lot informations about Park Shin Hye, it is a big and warm family, beside the others medias I gave you, weibo, etc. Shin Hye really reads her IG messages and post funny stuffs. Hope to see you there.

  23. Though i find the casting pretty weird… but i feel that thiz is one great drama.. the actors are good, just hoping that the story will not ruin it… even if you team up great actors but if the story doesn’t appeal to people.. then it would be be doomed..

    Have seen all psh drama and they were all a hit and that is why psh is now a known actress world wide..
    If she’s not a great actress people would not really watch her drama nor anticipate it.. yes we may be kinda, not sure if this role fits her but i think this is the time for he to be seen as a matured actress as and also prove that she is not the same romcom chick we use to know.. she is also no longer a child star

    Psh, actually was able to have a good transition from a child star into a teen actress and now an actress in her mid 20’s.. give her a chance to show us more on what she can do..

    Krw is one great actor.. no doubt about it.. and with the sypnosis we’ve read in the drama, i know he will be able to portray the role well..

    it’s just that, he has this older brother feel to Psh than a leading man so i know that’s why people are skeptical with thr paid up.. and casting krw its like he will eat up the other cast due to his strong personality and acting skill..

    Psh would really need to step up and close the gap in terms of actinf with krw and i know she’ll do fine.. she’s psh at all.

    so i am looking forward tp this drama and i am really hoping that the story is likeble and will bring out the best from the actors…

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