Cast of Descendants of the Sun Reunite for Celebratory Drama Party

It seems late for a drama filming wrap party for Descendants of the Sun, which ended its shoot back in December of 2015. But if it’s a cast and crew celebratory party then the timing couldn’t be better, with this shindig hitting all the major newswires at a time when DotS is top of the ratings charts and every little tidbit makes the front page. The recent two episodes 11 and 12 recorded continued increases in ratings albeit not big jumps, with the highest reached now 33% AGB for episode 12. The media thinks the drama is on the march towards 40% which is a possibility I think can only be reached in the last episode 16 if ever at all. The drama will safely average above 20% as a major accomplishment already, and one that Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, and Kim Ji Won along with the hardworking supporting actors can all bask in the success of their collective efforts to bring the narrative to life.


Cast of Descendants of the Sun Reunite for Celebratory Drama Party — 63 Comments

  1. I don’t care about this mediocre drama, but I am interested to see how long SJK and SHG are going to last after all is said and done. They’ve been dating since the drama’s filming so I wonder if they will last.

    • Do you think you will find out if they break up? They seem to be secretive about their love life. And I’m not being snarky, btw.

      • Also, how do you know they have been dating since the filming? I was just curious…

    • Then which K dramas do you consider not mediocre? Let me see your taste. Also I smell a paparazzi and tabloid personality in you through computer screen. LOL…I would never be interested in celebrities’ love life.

    • I don’t care about any dating rumor, but I am interested to see how long the buzz around this awesome drama DotS and SJK are going to last after all is said and done. The ratings have dethroned MLFAS since the first few episodes so I wonder if it will continue to beat The Moon Embracing the Sun.

    • They are not dating. They both have denied it. There is no point double guessing. If they are really in a firm relationship, we will be told in time. Currently, they are just friends as they said.

    • They are dating? How did I miss out on this piece of gossip?

      Or is this mediaplay like how when she did the movie with Kang Dong Won there were news of them dating too.

    • If you don’t care about this drama, then please don’t comment! We don’t need to hear it… But from what I see, you are the first to comment, so I don’t believe you don’t care… And imho, this drama is not mediocre. Why are you so bitter?

  2. SHK and SJK’s chemistry is much more obvious off screen now. I hope they do end up dating. My gash is SHK beautiful. She is the type of beauty that makes you stop whatever you are doing and just admire her beauty. Since the Drama finished awhile ago I hope they have enjoyed their break and all pick up new and good projects soon.

      • Where is the lie? All her costars are on my Korean husband list. Reminds me of those commercials back in the day, gotta catch em all.

    • ….you can’t clap with one hand. if i was working with someone with a face like SHK i’d fall in a matter of hours.

      • what are you talking about? all these oppars are innocent. clearly that sly fox unnir the one “seducing” them /s

    • She doesn’t.

      If those guys were smart they would try to date her. On top of being flawlessly beautiful, she’s a wonderful, warm and loving person.

    • she does not end up dating her costars.Her costars end up falling for her.C’mon,the lady is used as a standard of beauty in Korea.why won’t her co stars fall for her.More like song joong ki fell for her.Not the other way round.

  3. They already had a wrap party last year on Dec 30. This was a just celebration party hosted by SJK and SHK to thank the cast & crew for their collective efforts & hard work behind the ratings success. Many of them are already working on other projects, some of them abroad, and this was pretty much their last chance to get as many people as they could for the bash.

  4. What are you people talking about…. He had better chemistry in IM on screen & off screen with his leading lady. Off screen they were so hot you almost felt like you were third wheel! Lol
    And just because SHK dates all her leading man don’t mean one didn’t.

    • lol exaggeration. And their chemistry ended when the drama did.

      Not saying these two are or aren’t, but they are blatantly obvious about avoiding each other in public despite everyone knowing they hang out in their free time

    • Leading lady in IM & leading lady in DOTS are in far different level of beauty! 99.9% of man choose the beautiful one….lol

      • Yeah. A pity isn’t it that people are that superficial? pretty is just an empty shell without other quality. lol. and have heard about eyes inthe eyes of beholder?

  5. Yep..Song joong ki had chemistry with moon chae won in nice guy but they were not spotted together having drinks at night.
    I don’t know why people are blind..they’re waiting for dispatch for release’s so obvious.
    1.A fan reported she saw them holding hands in new York,remember sjk’s whereabouts was not known at that time.And their agencies came out to say they had a meal in the same new york without addressing the former rumour.
    2.A fan got their autographs last month.Happened she saw them dining together in the middle of the night (costars don’t hang out at night if they don’t feelings for each.whatever happened to sleeping at night.And two of the alpha team members was there with them. it’s like they used them as a cover up.
    3.Song joong ki was interviewed lately and he was asked about the dating rumours.instead of denying it,he said the rumours was as a result of the cast hanging out together.I don’t remember shk hanging out with any of her costars before..not even for drinks.
    4.The awkwardness in the hang out with your costar often but always awkward in the public .They are not supposed to be awkward if they have nothing to hide.
    sorry for intruding on their private lives but this one is so obvious.
    And those gazes sjk gives her in the drama is very obvious.

  6. Love both actors but only seen first episode , it hasn’t hooked me up yet ……started Signal which was mentioned in one of the Dots article and been impressed with the story and acting of everyone. Signal is the best drama so far for the year for me. Hope to go back to Dots to see what everyone is raving about.

    • Totally agree .Signal is the best. Dost is so boring. Don’t understand such success !!! From someone who has seen more than 100 dramas, is european and doesn’t care about celebrities love life.

      • two of you can go watch signal 100 times. I don’t mind. but saying dots is so boring and yet you keep watching is mindblowing. if you dont like it, dont watch it. no need to be a douchebag. just accept that you are one of the minority who dislike dots.

      • @bleh If you like it, you can keep watching it. No need to be a doucbebag to people who have a different opinion.

      • @omg, you also do not need to be a douchebag to other people who douchebagging other people for being a douchebag….gezz. mind your own business

  7. A lot of drama fans rave about Signal. Maybe I should give a shot. Is Signal a thrill? Thrill is not right down my alley as I used to watch a lot of British thrillers and got a bit tired of the genre. (I don’t think any thrillers can beat British production of thrillers in many perspectives. They are the guru in this part of film industry.) DotS is the first K drama that has equivalent production value as decent short drama series in the West such as UK and US. Ppl always differ in preference of drama genres and plots. Some ppl don’t like DotS so much as I not bcos DotS is overrated as some negative comments claim but the plot isn’t for everyone. Still, DotS is a GOOD drama in terms of its production value including directing, camera shots, editing, and acting. If you prefer mysterious storyline to fluffy romance, then you may found DotS cringe worthy.

  8. Signal is a mystery thriller with a love story thrown in between the 3 main actors….romantic love and humanistic love, cried buckets! There are no kisses, lovey dovey parts but you can feel the love and care they have for each other. The supporting actors were able to shine in their parts as well. I will re-start watching Dots, Signal made me make a detour ? And so well worth it!!
    Haha!! Realized the pun ?

  9. The comments on this post are over the top.

    Can you all please stop talking about whether SJK and SHK are dating or not? They have denied it. And honestly I don’t give a damn about people saying “but a fan saw them” or “a fan said that…”” – that’s hearsay. Nothing more.

    I would be okay IF they were dating. Because as long as they’re happy that’s fine by me. And I’m saying this as a normal person, not a shipper. But as long as there is no official confirmation or pictures leaked by some shady paparazzi magazine, please refrain from spreading your (not you, Koala) shipper fantasies as facts.

    Also refrain from insulting former female co-stars of SJK. That’s so low and you should be embarrassed. Thank you!

  10. Wow most of these comments are so disgusting..I can’t even. It is really sad how girls turn against other girls so fast and to such a low degree. Song Hye Kyo and Moon Chae Won respect each other and are acquaintances. MCW supported SHK at the film festival and was touched that SHK invited her to it when she was just starting out. She considers SHK a close sunbaenim. And SHK said that she watch IM for MCW. She said that she was her favorite from the new upcoming actresses. It’s up to you who you ship SJK with. But please refrain from bashing his previous co-star to make your point. There will always be somebody who has a different opinion from you and as an adult you should learn to respect it. There were so many Jo In Sung SHK shippers, but I don’t see anybody attacking Jo In Sung? Why must we always blame the girl? MCW mentioned that she supports SJK as her previous co-star and that’s that. Don’t freaking drag her name in here.

    • Exactly.

      Not to mention, SHK has got enough hate in the past. Fans better remember that and don’t get the current popularity of DotS into their head and think they can write some insulting comments and dragging his previous co-stars into bad lights in other places such as NB, their couple threads and so on in order to show their point. That’s show their insecurities and in the process, they are doing unfavorable thing to their beloved.

  11. I had my suspicions earlier but even without the IP logs, I’d say there’s much trolling and spamming in the thread:

    * re-igniting the SJK-SHK dating rumor even though it’s been put to rest;
    * dragging SJK’s and SHK’s former co-stars’ names into said rumor;
    * injecting Signal(?!) into a non-recap thread b/c apparently some believe if you keep saying Signal good, DotS bad, the ratings will drop, never mind that there’s a good overlap of the Signal/DotS viewerships.

    Dear troll(s), please take some acting lessons or go see a doctor because your multiple personality disorder is painful to watch.

  12. While everyone is on busy with the song song couple I am totally okay with Jin Goo and Kim Ji won dating even though there is a large age gap.

    I ship them so much in DoTS.

  13. Song Hye Kyo can date any guys, as many as she wants it, as according to many, that face is moral to do that.ugly girl immoral. As long as she is not contracted Syphilis or other STD that, ok in their culture.
    Same goes to all Korean stars who pretending single and humble, but slept around.

  14. The comments on this post make me face palm so much. Is every fan of this drama 5? WTH chill a bit will you?

    Oh and Koala, that last photo is not from the party, it’s from weeks ago when Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won met up to watch the drama with friends.

  15. Well it wouldn’t be a DoTS post without Koala being completely wrong about something. ??

    The wrap party was Jan 30, 2015. This is the reunion dinner that SHK & SJK decided to pay for to celebrate the sucess of the drama with the rest of the cast.

    It’s too bad Joongki left early. Would’ve liked to see him in more pics.

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