Gong Yoo Confirmed for Kim Eun Sook Drama Mr. Sunshine Airing on tvN in November 2016

Yay! *happy dance* I was expecting this casting to go through but the lightning speed does bode well that both sides are super excited. Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook has her next leading man sewn up this week as A-list actor Gong Yoo has accepted her drama offer. The drama is called Mr. Sunshine and will air on cable network tvN in November of 2016. With another six months to go before it airs, I would hazard a guess that the show could be pre-produced much like Kim Eun Sook’s last mega hit Descendants of the Sun. No word yet on producing scheduling but Gong Yoo has met with Kim Eun Sook and accepted the offer after hearing her storyboard on Mr. Sunshine, which is rare as usually the first four scripts are provided for consideration before a top star would even consider agreeing to star. Gong Yoo’s rep confirmed that Gong Yoo was excited after hearing the story from Kim Eun Sook and had faith in her writing hence the optimistic acceptance.

The media is already buzzing about Gong Yoo finally getting to do a Kim Eun Sook drama, especially after he passed on Descendants of the Sun. He’s also getting comparisons to Song Joong Ki insofar as he’s primed to become the next big Kim Eun Sook male lead as all her dramas have elevated the male leads to new popular heights afterwards. Gong Yoo hasn’t had a drama hit in nearly 10 years, not since Coffee Prince in 2007, so my guy is long overdue for a popular drama resurgence. Just please give him a suitable and deserving female lead, Kim Eun Sook!


Gong Yoo Confirmed for Kim Eun Sook Drama Mr. Sunshine Airing on tvN in November 2016 — 73 Comments

  1. This is awkward why is she targetting Park Ji-eun’s deadline. lool talk about being slightly disrespectful towards your competition

  2. Drama Gods, please let his co-star NOT be an idol!! I really really hope it doesn’t end up that way. I would love it if it were him and Yoon Eun Hye or Kim Sun Ah. Both these women make great co-stars and he has awesome chemistry with both!! 😀 But on another note, Gong Yoo is returning to dramaland!!! This right here made my day 😀

    • Kim Sun Ah had no chemistry with Joo Sang Wook in Masked Prosecutor and not much with Hyun Bin either….she is better for drama not romance….Goon Yoo is great at kissing, romance and comedy though

  3. If this drama is going against Park Ji Eun’s , me thinking KES probably will cast someone that at least at Jeon Ji-hyun’s popularity level (if she accepts the role).

  4. I have a bad feeling about this drama, too rushed, and I like Gong yoo, but he doesn’t have the looks or charisma of SJK, LMH or KSH to propel him into Hallyu stardom, he won’t hit home with the younger generation, perhaps only the older ajjumas in Korea.

    • Haha, what? His charisma on Coffee Prince impressed me enough to make me follow his career for almost a decade….he is definitely on par with SJK and leaps better than LMH (who needs to choose better roles if he wants to grow as an actor).

      • @chi really lmh should grow as an actor so he has been playing and having fun all this while wow and that what really make him viewers darling common if u want to comment about favourite do that without bashing other actors

      • “…leaps better than LMH.” Are you referring to action scenes? LMH is pretty cool at action dramas such as City Hunter and Faith. Different people have different tastes for drama genres and acting styles. It’s most likely just your personal preference that you don’t like LMH.

      • @Kalun “lmh is the people’s actor” aah no stop being delulu LMH is not even that popular in Korea. He might be popular overseas but mostly due to the fact that he is considered handsome and people like you who only look at beauty and not talent.

      • What lmh has alot of following in Korea. his everywhere due to his acting. It’s about taste and lmh has been flying and selling his things as best as possible and you just can’t hold that against a guy and say otherwise. all is there to be seen the rest means nothing

    • It seems like it rushed, but it’s not. Remember Descendants of the Sun was pre-produced, so Kim Eun Sook has had a half year to come up with something.

    • …excuse me? He clearly doesn’t hit home with you, but there are plenty of members of the younger generation who would disagree with you. I’m 23 and I’m still just as in love with Gong Yoo as when I watched him in Coffee Prince at 15. I love Song Joong-ki too and think he has the charisma and skills to rival him, but I’d still pick Gong Yoo any day.

    • i got your point. and i slightly have a bad feeling too. bcuz i love all KES dramas except city hall. i just hope, this drama would be in my fave list too, instead accompanying city hall in my meh list. this is my preference, hehe.. no offense to city hall lover.

      i just hope, PD will find a good actress for him. an actress who has a great rating history. cuz, this drama would battle Jun Ji Hyun’s drama.

      i seriously consider ha ji won despite her lackbuster drama with Lee Jin Wook, but she has the history. who else? han hyo joo? aaaahh… as a fan of KES writernim, i hope this drama also be a hit just like her previous.. fighting!

    • “Older ajhumas”, “no looks nor charisma” and Gong Yoo all in the same sentence? WTF..? So random, so rude, so farfetched, so NOT true, so… I’m out of adjectives here.
      You either have very limited experience in K-ent or you’re just trolling. Either way, weird “fangirls” such as yourself are one of the major reasons the rest of us can’t have lots of TV-projects with good acting. Let actors act, fcol!!

  5. You have to bare in mind that Mr.Sunshine will be airing on tvN…. a cable channel the ratings will never be as high as a standard channel. It’ll probably break cable channel viewings but will it be a rival to KBS/SBS/MBC?? I’m not so sure…
    Either way I can’t wait for Gong Yoo to comeback in a drama! I love how word is still going around about actors passing on Yoo Shi Jin role…. I still think Kim Eun Sook tailor wrote it for Song Joong ki

    • It’s true unless the chief producer (CEO of NEW)did not tell the whole story on his interveiw that SJK wasn’t originally considered for the male lead of DotS. It was said that (not verified, however) four actors including Gong Yoo, Won Bin, Jo In Sung, and Kim Woo Bin were offered the role but all of them turned down. Then SJK showed a lot interest in the script and actively pursued the casting opportunity. Therefore KES revised the script to tailor to SJK.

      You can say either SJK was lucky or he’s really talented so that writers liked him a lot to sorta customize their scripts for him. This also happened to Nice Guy writer.

      • Frankly, I think that Gong Yoo, Won Bin or Jo In Sung would have fitted the persona of a hardened Special Forces soldier better than SJK, although he did a charming job of it.

      • Don’t know. Hard to say. Yup! These three veterans looked more masculine by appearance. But SJK has his own charm. DotS may not have ended up a huge hit if another actor had taken his place.

  6. The title of the drama is rumored to be “Demon” and he didn’t accept anything yet. He just met with her. Where do you keep getting this nonsense from?

    And for those babbling about this writer trying to rival Lee Min Ho’s drama, you do realize that major TVN dramas air on Fridays and Saturdays and not the usual M-T, W-T prime time schedule big networks aim at, don’t you? There’s no way those schedules will overlap. And it is possible for the media to talk about more than one successful drama, it doesn’t always have to be just THE ONE.

  7. I’m interested to see how much of the co-writer fixed the mess that is usually in KES dramas and if she goes back to the same crap..especially regarding her female lead. I actually don’t expect a super popular female lead given this is cable and they are paying for Gong Yoo already.

    This will air on Friday/Saturday probably, so I’m not sure why people are acting like it’s going against anything.

      • Thanks for the link. It’s indeed an interesting read. I like this kind of articles.

      • It’s a long read and I can’t believe I did browse through the entire synopsis. But personally I think DotS writer KES knows K drama audience much better than this author who talks like an academic scholar but doesn’t really know how to sell product in the private market.

    • I agree KES made her heroines nonsensical sometimes, specifically Heirs that just arghhhhhh. But I think Dr. MY in DotS was well written. MY is perhaps my favorite heroine in K dramas I’ve watched so far. I have no idea how much of MY’s lines was written by her co-writer though.

      • The author, yes he don’t know how to sell product at cheap market or low taste bud, but KES knows better about it.

  8. Gong Hyo Jin would be a great female lead, or Kim Sun Ah. A reunion with Yoon Eun Hye would be awesome too! So excited he’ll be in another drama, and as long as it’s a better script than Big I’ll have no complaints.

  9. Unni- I object to you calling him “my guy”. He’s so mine. I don’t want to hurt anyone necessarily but he’s worth dying for. That’s all I’m saying.

  10. this probably is the longest of all shots but seriously need yoon eun hye back in dramaland with a hit drama. :(please, drama gods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I would love to see him again! I personally like him more than SJK, even if SJK was amazing in DOTS. I just couldn’t buy him as a captain/major in special forces though. Anyways, please let this be good. He deserves it. I am still trying to forget that big stinker that was a travesty in writing and execution from the usually good Hong Sisters. all that to say, please get a great director!

      • Uhh and who said this was for teenagers or only exclusively for them? tvN sometimes but more mature shows. Who gives a crap about how an actress looks? She is an excellent actress and if age if age is all you care about I feel sorry for you.

  12. Sorry to rant here koala but sheesh hands down you have the most immature readers, and I am sincerely tired of their crap, by that I mean the fact that they only care about looks and not talent.

  13. Shin Min Ah would be great. This is a fantasy theme, right? Shin Min Ah is perfect then. They would look beautiful together. If not then I would love for a reunion with Yoon Eun Hye, she’s been in China for too long, it’s time to come back. Still so iffy about the KES’s work. I can never get into any of her dramas but I do agree that she is indeed a drama hit.

    I’m just happy to know that Gong Yoo is back to dramaland. And to know that Gong Yoo was offered the role in DotS originally makes me wonder if he has taken the role how would DotS be like. I again with some that Gong Yoo would have fit the ‘big boss’ role so much better. I love SJK, but he’s just so pretty that I can’t take his character serious at times.

  14. they let the rapist back into dramaland. so there no reason YEH cant be back too. her scandal is not even as big as that rapist scandal.

    hoping the pd can pair GY/YEH up.or that woman from spy girl movie.

  15. I am DELIGHTED that he’s accepted a drama. More time for him on-screen. He is an intensely charming actor, and I hope he enjoys himself filming this.

  16. Yes Yoon Eun Hye will sweeten the deal however Gong Yoo is the real deal. I can’t wait for the release and neither are all the fans in San Francisco CA!

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