Eric Sees the Future and Gets Caught Between Seo Hyun Jin and Jeon Hye Bin in Oh Hae Young Again

Cable network tvN is gearing up for the premiere of Oh Hae Young Again (Another Miss Oh) on May 2nd which means I’m gearing up for the return of Eric. I don’t care if he does low-rated dramas as long as it’s a great role and with fantastic chemistry much like in Discovery of Romance where he got a perfect leading lady in Jung Yumi. This time around both his leading ladies are right up my alley in adorkable Seo Hyun Jin and sexy Jeon Hye Bin, armed with charms and impeccable comedic timing. The two ladies share the exact same name but different fates in life, and both cross paths with Eric who gains the ability to see the future, whatever that means for his character’s personal and professional life in the drama. The official poster has Eric picking cards and the new previews show the future seeing ability along with plenty of feminine rivalry.

Previews for Oh Hae Young Again:


Eric Sees the Future and Gets Caught Between Seo Hyun Jin and Jeon Hye Bin in Oh Hae Young Again — 4 Comments

  1. They did press conference for this drama today. Saw quiet many pictures of them on twitter. I swear, Eric looks so good with both of them. It’s different feelings. With Seo Hyun Jin, they make such a cute quirky couple. But with Jeon Hye Bin, they look more mature and hot couple. Why can’t he just choose both and do polygami instead? XD Hopefully we can see tons of skinship and kisses. Sorry my pervy mind XD

  2. They just released a 5 minutes trailer today too and it looks so good. I’m looking forward to this drama especially because of Eric. Hopefully the storyline and the chemistry will be good. Saw some pics of their press conference and I love Eric-SHJ off screen chemistry.

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