Lee Min Ho Leaves Long Time Agency Starhaus for New Management Company MYM Entertainment

I’ve always expected a star of Lee Min Ho’s popularity to set up shop on his own sooner rather than later, so this news is not surprising other than the direction he chose to take. Lee Min Ho has left his long time agency Starhaus Entertainment is signed with newly formed label MYM Entertainment, with MYM standing for Me And You Making. The new company is jointly managed by Lee Min Ho’s agent from Starhaus Jang Young Hoon and his older sister Lee Yoon Jung. I feel like this is such a smart move for him, going to his own dedicated label but putting those closest to him in personal and professional ways in charge of managing it rather than choosing to play CEO along with being a top Hallyu star.


Lee Min Ho has the Korean-Chinese caper movie Bounty Hunters coming out later this year, and is reportedly going to work with You From Another Star screenwriter Park Ji Eun on her next drama. The first looks like a fun and surefire hit while the second is worth looking forward to seeing how Lee Min Ho can elevate Park Ji Eun’s storytelling and bring it to life.


Lee Min Ho Leaves Long Time Agency Starhaus for New Management Company MYM Entertainment — 11 Comments

  1. All I can say he is the best at what he does!! so I can only expect great things from him!!!!!!!!! So hurry or not but I want to see you already hitting replay on the button of all your dramas makes me miss you more

  2. He is going to the army soon so I think it’s a smart move too. His contract will probably only have a few more years left after he comes back. So if he chooses to start his own agency he can always do that. I just hope he behaves himself and leaves a good impression with everyone then comes back manly. He is making all the smart moves right now, I’m rooting for him!

  3. Trust him enough to think that he’s doing the right thing.. Decisions and moves like these are not done in just a spur of the moment but must be given enough planning.. His career now in on a different level that he needs more creative and focused people around him…but thanks to Starhauz for having built Minho’s career to what it is now…better and greater things ahead ….we love you LMH !!!

  4. Really smart move. A company just for himself run by his sister and his long time friend (his starhaus boss). I hope the drama confirmation comes soon now.

  5. A lot of stars go to their own companies, and sometimes they realize this bussiness is not easy, and go back to their old company or even go to a knew one.

  6. It was an inevitable move. All the money and decisions made by a top Hallyu star will go to himself and his family only.

  7. JYP must be shaking. Suzy’s contract will be up for renewal( ? ) soon. Just on time. Lovely boyfriend . That is true love.

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