1st Look Pictorial Turns Teenage Kim So Hyun into Sultry Bombshell

This trend of aging up teen actresses really needs to be stopped. There isn’t a lack of talented actresses in their twenties who would shine when made up to that age group, but the new 1st Look pictorial featuring 16 year old Kim So Hyun with so much makeup she’s veering into sageuk gisaeng territory makes me wince. She’s so pretty this look doesn’t make her unattractive, it’s just so unnecessary since her beauty should be emphasized for it’s youthful clean lines and not spackled on base, eyeliner to the stars, and red ruby lips better suited for club hour. Up next for her is as the titular Let’s Fight, Ghost, playing a high school senior who dies before getting a chance to live a full life and finds herself stuck in the in between world where she develops a bickering flirtation with a teen boy ghost hunter.


1st Look Pictorial Turns Teenage Kim So Hyun into Sultry Bombshell — 27 Comments

  1. I’m really not into the look in the first picture, that makeup and those contacts make her look soulless.

    And this attempt at making her look “sultry” is just giant cringe all around. Does her agency really think releasing pictorials like this will make us forget she is underage i.e. way too young to be paired with some guy 11 years older? wtf.

    • tbh they only seemed to care about making money…also her mom. she’s her manager and lets her daughter pair up with taecyeon… she’s close with her mom so she probably wants to please her but the pairing is soo wrong..

      • why is her mother to blame, Kim So Hyun confirmed the drama first, before a male costar came on board.

        If anyone SHOULD be put on blast it’s Taecyeon, for being this old and knowingly choosing to take a lead role in a romance opposite an underage girl (and she had already confirmed by the time he signed on so it’s not like he signed first and then had a surprise sprung on him).

        talent-wise, the fact that someone like him books lead roles is an insult to every other actor on tvN.

  2. she seriously looks the best with almost no makeup. I swear she has the worst makeup artists I’ve ever seen. They cake her on with too make up that doesn’t match her so that she could promote a make up brand that she endorses (peri peria, which is known for being tacky as hell). And wtf is up with the circle lenses?:/

  3. She looks way better without makeup. Esp in the 1st picture with the contact lenses and the makeup caked on like that – seriously too much makeup on anyone is distracting and it looks fake. Please give me natural with a few flaws anyday.

  4. The positions in which she’s posing in the 1st and 4th pic make me uncomfortable. She’s not doing anything extra, but those positions are used to show sexiness. An underage girl shouldn’t try to look sexy wth?

    • Yep this is the trend nowadays. Look at people lusting after underage Twice and other underage female isols dressed in tacky clothes to lure ahjussis drools…

  5. The first picture is already giving a luring vibe..and the way her hands are placed, it’s as if she’s wearing nothing.I don’t get what her agency is up to,it’s not like she’s not a good actor.She already is in her own league,but what’s the reason of making her look all glammed up and giving this tempting look? I’m starting to have this questionable attitude towards k-industry,and I’m not sure if this impression would stop too soon.

    • ‘it’s as if she’s wearing nothing’

      ???? You can clearly see the ruffles of her top in the first pic.

      The makeup is tacky and really ot appropriate for a teenager at all but let’s not go overboard.

  6. The reason I don’t like this attempt by her company to make her look “sexy” or whatever they are trying to do is (speaking as a teenager myself) I find most of my peers attempt to copy famous actresses no matter which country they are from.
    Most teens feel if her agent (in this case her Mom) and her company find this is ok for a 16 year old then it should be ok for the rest of the 15-16 year olds…..this whole idea of companies making teens look older and sexier is just wrong. Just my opinion…..

  7. Seriously, I didn’t recognize her. With that look, she looks like everyone else the business. Without that have makeup she looks a lot more beautiful and unique.

  8. Well, aside from the first pic, I think she looks great. If she was in the US, this would have happened years ago without a mention. Makeup is a wonderful thing and I wish people didn’t talk about it like they’ve made her into a whore just because of pretty eyes and lips.

    • It’s not like everything in the American culture should be a norm. Personally I cringe at school girls here wearing heavy makeup to classrooms and also revealing clothing. My male friends did confess to me they were easily distracted when seeing girls wearing tight and revealing outfits. LOL

  9. Well.

    Congratulations Korean beauty standards.

    You managed to transform a young, natural beauty into a plastic looking mass clone. I love KSH for her lovely tall cheekbones and expressive eyes. Her face isn’t exactly super “small” by Korean standards, but it’s unique and gives her a tough-as-nails edge to liven up all that beauty. But with those circle lens and heavy makeup, she looks like a copy of what every Korean girl in gangnam is trying to be. I hate the cheap looking makeup job. What wtf would you make her dramatic full lips disappear with that gradient lipstick??

    • what are you talking about? KSH is famous in Korea for having a small face. In all of her related articles everyone always talks about how small her face is. She just has a big forehead but her face size itself is very small.

    • She looks her age here,and that’s why the pictures are so effortlessly pretty.She should stick to the regular minimal makeup really.These forced poses don’t suit her at all.

  10. Her make up is way too heavy! They caked her face and she could have done without the contact lenses. She is pretty enough without the heavy make up

  11. Oh god the 3rd picture makes me think of Nam Gyu-Ri and that’s never a good thing right? D: Why are they turning this beautiful girl into a doll??

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