Show Luo and Rainie Yang Reunite at the Music Radio China Top Awards

Fans of Taiwan pop and dramas were in luck this weekend when two heavyweights in the industry reunited even for a brief evening out. Actor-singer Show Luo and actress-singer Rainie Yang, long time friends and drama costars, were in attendance at the Beijing Music Radio China Top Awards and happily hung out. It’s been years since Hi My Sweetheart and the two good friends have actually focused on their music careers more than acting in recent years.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t deliver raging successes when they do, such as Rainie with Drunken to Love You and Show’s recent box office topping success being in Stephen Chow movies such as The Mermaid and Journey to the West. Both have expressed certainty that the TW idol drama days are behind them but appreciate how that helped bolster their careers and recognition in Asia to help them parlay natural talent to even greater acclaim. I hope they collaborate on more music today, the duet “When the King Meets the Queen” remains a fave of mine.

Rainie and Show “When the King Meets the Queen”:


Show Luo and Rainie Yang Reunite at the Music Radio China Top Awards — 8 Comments

  1. YYYAAASSSSSSS!! So many feels. I still remember when my love first started for them in Devil Beside You and The Outsiders 2. Kind of upsetting how hard it is to keep up with their news all the way in Philly.

  2. Rainie brought me into asian dramas! I love her to pieces … Too bad she isnt doing lots of dramas anymore but Im looking forward to her newst project *-*

  3. They chemistry in those youtube video is sooo intense! Every scene made my heart thumping wild, but i cant bear to watch Hi my sweetheart, is it really gud?

    • Yes, Hi My Sweetheart is good. It’s actually one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas. Hi My Sweetheart was Rainie and Show’s first drama together. The music video for “When the King Meets the Queen” features footage from the second drama that they did together, Heartbeat Love, a mini drama filmed in Australia.

  4. I really wish Rainie will do a drama again. She’s my first Taiwanese favorite actress and never misses watching all her dramas after Meteor Garden. I miss her.

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