Jin Goo Declines SBS Drama Wanted and Showcases His Fun Playful Side in High Cut

Picky is a good thing when it comes to acting projects because there is simply too much detritus out there. With that said, I’m a tad disappointed to hear that Jin Goo has passed on doing the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Wanted. Maybe the drama isn’t as promising as it sounds, or the role of a dogged detective is too similar to his recent role as a dogged soldier, whatever the reason the wait is still on for Jin Goo to be back on the small screen. For those craving a hit of the extremely talented and effortlessly masculine actor, who has been in the industry doing his thing steadily for thirteen years since his debut in 2003, it’s yet another reminder that his popularity breakthrough this year has been long overdue, and also isn’t a fluke that can’t be backed up with genuine talent. This latest High Cut pictorial captures his playful side complete with hairy legs and a shout out to Spiderman. 


Jin Goo Declines SBS Drama Wanted and Showcases His Fun Playful Side in High Cut — 5 Comments

  1. I was looking forward to his next kdrama, sad that this doesnt work for him.

    Too many declines recently 🙁 Sungjae has officially declined the role in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds too.

  2. I remember reading somewhere that it’s due to schedule conflist, not that Jin Goo is being picky or whatever. Even when the offer went out, his reps already said that it’d be hard to take on the project as Jin Goo already has other schedules/commitments. This drama is so last-minute, scrambling now to find actors on short notice. hope it works out well.

  3. Hi Jin Goo hoping that you can visit Philippines also..you have a lot of fans here especially me.. 🙂
    Stay happy and more power to your career

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