K-actress Heo Yi Jae’s Drama Comeback Lined Up with SBS Weekender You are a Gift

I love a good comeback story, especially for the ladies out there who want to keep the faith about second chances career-wise. K-actress Heo Yi Jae may be an unfamiliar name to more recent K-drama converts but in the late 2000s she was a leading lady headlining prime time dramas, most notably in Goong S (where Park Shin Hye was the second female lead) and Single Daddy in Love. Single Daddy was her last drama in 2008 as she got married shortly thereafter and retired from acting.

She officially announced a returned to acting in December of 2015, in connection with news that she was getting a divorce from her husband of four years. Heo Yi Jae made her first acting related event appearance at the 2016 Jeonju International Film Festival last week, and this week comes new that she will be starring in an upcoming SBS weekend drama You are a Gift with Shim Ji Ho. It feels like a lifetime since Heo Yi Jae was on television, but really it’s been 7 years and she’s only 29 years old now so there is still plenty of time for her to slowly comeback. Best of luck to her!


K-actress Heo Yi Jae’s Drama Comeback Lined Up with SBS Weekender You are a Gift — 4 Comments

  1. I think she married a chaebol, and that played a part why she chose to leave the entertainment scene at a young age.

  2. Something thats been egging me for a while-why Korean women retire from their careers (not just acting, any woman in any career) just because they got married. It’s just irritating to me! Why are smart, talented, independent women selling themselves short because of marriage! Its not like they become homemakers right after the wedding!

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